Rape Jihad

Bangladesh: Muslim villagers, angry at pastor’s ministry, gang-rape his 13-year-old daughter


* From Bangladesh, the cradle of civilization:

“Besides the religious opposition of some residents, the officer said villagers had no personal or commercial conflicts with the Das family that could serve as a motive for the assault.”

“Bangladesh – Pastor’s 13-year-old daughter gang-raped,” from Compass Direct, via DW

Anti-Dhimmitude in Germany: Muslim girl can’t skip swimming lessons

A Muslim girl in the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia cannot skip co-ed swimming lessons because of religious prohibitions against wearing formfitting clothing, a German court ruled on Wednesday.

The administrative court in Düsseldorf ruled that the state’s responsibility to educate the girl outweighed the potential infringement on her religious freedom.

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Taliban do what they do best:

Taleban return to attacking girls’ schools in Afghanistan

 The gunmen who broke into Miyan Abdul Hakim school in Kandahar city knew what they were looking for.

After they had terrorised the caretaker for doing the work of foreigners, they collected floor mats and desks to light bonfires inside the classrooms. Then they gathered all the dog-eared exercise books and school textbooks that they could find and threw them into the flames.

After a year’s respite the Taleban has returned to attacking schools and intimidating teachers across much of the south and east of the country. Schoolbooks, regarded as a threat to the Taleban’s grip on the minds of young Afghans, are a particular target.

Times Online


Top Expert on Al Qaeda Victim of Budget Cuts

Marc Lynch extols the work of Radio Free Europe analyst Daniel Kimmage “on al-Qaeda’s internet operations, including his definitive study of Iraqi insurgent media (with Kathleen Ridolfo) and his more recent report on al-Qaeda’s internet media production network. There are very few people inside or outside the government who have worked harder or thought more deeply about how jihadists use online media, drawing on the original Arabic sources rather than from second and third-hand conjecture.”

Naturally, then, he’s moving onward an upward? Alas, no, he’s been sacked, along with his whole team.



Meet Britains Muhammedan Police Women:


Police aim for more Muslim staff

From Al Bebeeceera, of course:

Ways of recruiting and retaining Muslim police staff will be discussed at a seminar in Bradford on Tuesday.
It has been organised by the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO).

Spokesman Rob Beckley said the seminar – the first of its kind to be organised by ACPO – was not in response to any specific incident.

“We want to understand the experiences of Muslim police officers and staff in the police service,” he said.

* Sure. “Understanding” as in submission, got it!

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  1. * Police aim for more Muslim staff

    Allah, allah, allah, what’s all this then?

    Bobbies on burcycles two by two
    (Westminster masjid, the minaret of Big Ben)
    (and the fawning dhimmi living in Number Ten)

  2. “Police aim for more Muslim staff”
    === === === === ===

    So give me a clue: who is going to TRUST a Muslim police officer? Other Muslims will think they’ve sold out (working for the filthy kuffar, you know).

    As for the native British, the long-suffering-from-this-Islamic-plague complainant would go to the precinct to report yet another mugging, see the hijabbed officer, give up, turn around and go home, and hang himself…

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