OIC: Sada Cumber 'not good enough Muslim' to be American envoy

 * Here we go again: The smiling, ‘moderate’ Muslim, Sada Cucumber, the Bush administrations choice to ‘build bridges with the Islamic world’, is simply not a good enough Muslim. To be taken seriously,  he would have to be a serious headbanger:


WASHINGTON: There are signs of unease in the American Muslim community after the appointment of Sada Cumber as the presidential envoy to the Organisation of Islamic Conference (OIC). Cumbar, a Texas businessman, is an Aga Khani Ismaili and not a mainstream Muslim. Before his surprise appointment, he was an unknown even to Muslims of his area. One community leader, who wished not to be named, said it was odd that from among nearly six million Muslims, the White House could not find even one for a post that aims at reaching out to Islamic nations. khalid hasan

* There are no ‘6 million Muslims’ in the US, the numbers are somewhere around 2.7m. It is an old hat that Muslims notoriously inflate their numbers to intimidate or to give their cause more weight.

 Pakistan Today net


2 thoughts on “OIC: Sada Cumber 'not good enough Muslim' to be American envoy”

  1. When Ali Muhammed Bin Jackass Mafouz al-Shabazz Maliki Hussain is elected President of the United States…..then they can bitch. Until then…..maybe Bush’s decision to appoint this man isn’t such a bad idea if it is pissing the moes off??

    (yes, I just made up that name : ))

  2. OMG, this guy’s name just BEGS a “re-do”!!! “Hey, Iz-zata Cucumber???”
    And something tells me that he’s gonna be about as useful as that venerable vegetable in bridging the gap between civilization and “Pig-Slam” too!

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