"Steyn wants to be a martyr!" …NOT!

 * We ran this story earlier, but with an unusual format of video player that could not be viewed by everyone. Thanks to Pamela from Atlas we run the whole thing again, here

*  Here are the vid’s now from youtube with Mark Steyn debating the 3  Muslim Sock Puppets acting as spokespersons for Mohammed el-Masry. 

*   Here’s Steyn’s Online report of the Battle

*  Well, we did the TVO show and I doubt it was Must-See TV, even by the standards of Canadian public broadcasting. I succeeded in bouncing the Sock Puppets into agreeing to a face-to-face discussion, though it wasn’t my finest hour or theirs. I believe the final words of the show were me saying, “Do you wanna go to dinner?”, and Khurrum Awan yelling back, “No.”


*  Now: there are 7 parts which you can get if you double-click on the vid above. Get yourself a drink or whatever your poison may be and enjoy!

*  Steyn’s killer close quote ,”The shut down of speech, the criminalizing of opinion, should be embarrassing to as old a settled democracy as Canada. I don’t have as low an opinion  of Canadians as these phony complainants and the Human Rights commission do.”


Mark Steyn vs. the ‘Sock Puppets’

Warming up for his appearance before a human rights tribunal next month, Mark Steyn recently confronted his phony “accusers” on live TV. He got the better of them, but they will have the upper hand in court.

Mark Steyn is in the business of making predictions. The possible consequences of some of those predictions recently led him to make another one: “My career in Canada will be formally ended next month.”

How has it come to this?

On June 2, Steyn and Maclean’smagazine — the nation’s oldest newsweekly — are obliged to defend themselves against charges of “flagrant Islamophobia” at a British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal.

The saga began two years ago, whenMaclean’s published an excerpt of Steyn’s bestselling book, America Alone, which asks how the West’s changing demographic profile — specifically, the difference between Muslim and non-Muslim birthrates — will affect its future.

In December 2007, the Canadian Islamic Congress (CIC) filed Human Rights Commission complaints against Steyn and the magazine in three different jurisdictions, charging them with “exposing Muslims to hatred and contempt” for, among other things, accurately quoting a Norwegian imam who boasted that Muslims were breeding “like mosquitoes.”

The CIC demanded that Maclean’s print five pages of unedited Islamist propaganda in the interest of “fairness” and “balance.” Maclean’s refused. In fact, publisher Ken Whyte’s response to the group — that he would rather see the magazine go bankrupt than bow to their blackmail — outraged the CIC as much as Steyn’s original article.


3 thoughts on “"Steyn wants to be a martyr!" …NOT!”

  1. If you really want to know how corrupt the Canadian Human Rights Commission is check out this link: http://ezralevant.com/2008/05/hola-senor-nicholson-time-to-c.html

    Here is a sample of what passes for justice in Canada:

    After 26 days of hearings — with no more witnesses or cross-examinations left, only final arguments — the CHRC is only now disclosing its case against Lemire.
    They’re still blacking out whatever information they want to do — in violation of the Tribunal’s own disclosure rules.
    And they still haven’t handed over everything they said they would — and that’s assuming they’re not hiding more documents. Until I posted it on this website yesterday, they hadn’t given Lemire a copy of their transcript from the crucial March 25th tribunal hearing.

  2. Michael Shaw”They’re still blacking out whatever information they want to do — in violation of the Tribunal’s own disclosure rules.

    Facts be damned! They’ve already made up our minds for us!

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