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Because Jihad is permanent and relentless:


Top Sunni accuses Hezbollah of ‘invading’ Beirut – Summary


Beirut – Lebanon’s Sunni Muslim Grand Mufti Sheikh Mohammed Rashid Kabbani accused the Iranian-backed Shiite movement late Wendesday Hezbollah of “invading” Beirut. “This is clearly an invasion of the city by an armed group,” Kabbani said in a televised statement, referring to the blocking of main roads leading to the capital by Hezbollah to protest the high cost of living.
“We call on the Arab Muslim countries to immediately stop such actions by Hezbollah, because Lebanon is for Muslims and Christians together,” the Grand Mufti said.
“Hezbollah is today trying to impose its hegemony as a political party on Lebanon, by kidnapping the central of the capiatl and today Beirut International airport is being kidnapped,” he said.


Vile & demented Arab Cartoon for Israel’s 60th Anniversary:


The New York Times spits in Israel’s eye on its 60th


In “After 60 Years, Arabs in Israel Are Outsiders,” by Ethan Bronner, the New Duranty Times via DW laments the plight of the Arabs displaced from Israel in 1948.

Not mentioned, unsurprisingly:

1. The fact that most of the Arabs left because they were told to do so by their leaders, with the promise that they would return soon, after the Arab states had obliterated Israel.

2. The fact that hundreds of thousands of Jews were expelled from Muslim countries at the same time.

3. The fact that refugee problems in Europe and India in the wake of World War II were settled within a few years, but that the Palestinian refugee problem has been artificially kept alive by the Arab states as a stick with which they could beat Israel — no Arab state offered the Palestinians citizenship after 1948 except Jordan.

4. The fact that Jews in an Islamic state ruled by Islamic law would be relegated to second-class dhimmi status.

* Worse. Much worse. Slavelike conditions…

And on and on. Par for the course, really.

* Fitzgerald: Montanelli

1948, Israel and the Palestinians: The True Story Karsh, WSJ

With thanx to Atlas
While The Nakba narrative now dominates, The real “nakba” (catastrophe)  is the barbaric war on the Jews since time imemorial. The real “nakba” is the endless terror suffered by the Jews at the hands of the Arabs and Islamic Jihad. The real “nakba” is the Arab world, enormous Islamic lands, attempting to annihilate the Jewish people. The real “nakba” is the Arab world oppressing the Gazans and forcing them to live and stay in “refugee camps” for decades in order to club the Jews about the head. The real “nakba” is the Arab world’s refusal to give “humanitarian” aid or deliver economic relief to the “pali” Gazans. The real “nakba” is that Israel is responsible for the Gazan’s economy, medicine, and energy.The real “nakba” is the international community’s complicity in the run up to the next Jewish holocaust.


* Top UN official: “financing, aiding and abetting terrorists is not a crime”

Stop U.S. Taxpayers Funding of Terrorist Camps

Peggy Shapiro

United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) previous Commissioner General Peter Hansen said, “I am sure that there are HAMAS members on the UNRWA payroll, and I don’t see that as a crime.”

Should the U.S. taxpayer pay for an organization whose school headmaster is a rocket maker for the Islamic Jihad? (Reuters May 6, 2008). Someone whose school in Beit Hanoun, Gaza is a launching pad for rockets aimed at Israel. Should the U.S. be footing the bill for terrorists on the Hamas payroll, for Palestinians using ambulances to transport terrorists, and an al-Queda cell, which is organizing, training, and plotting attacks against the U.S. from a camp in Lebanon?