UK: Islamic 'Revert' suffers burns when his nail bomb goes off in the toilet

* How could he get his new religion so wrong? Was he a misunderstander of Islam?

* Most idiotic line of the day from the Guardian:

“The police could not confirm reports that the blast was a nail bomb attack by an animal rights activist.”

* Notice they used the (forbidden) word ‘Islamic extremist’ in the British media?

*  PM Brown is going to be upset at the use of this word instead of the actually suicide bomber.

Exeter explosion at Giraffe restaurant: man injured is suspected Islamic extremist

* Now wait for the combined ummah of 1.5 gazillion Muslims to come out and tell us that this has nothing to do with Islam…Watch for a new crop of “backlash fear” stories!

* Bunglawussi: are you already writing your dementi?

*  Spencer: Watch also for the Organization of the Islamic Conference and all sorts of Muslim leaders to protest against this ongoing “hijacking” of Islam, and to call on Muslims everywhere to speak out against it — oh, wait…I’m sorry to say they won’t do that about this incident. They’re too busy protesting the Qur’an-shooting, Fitna, Motoons, and the rest. Doing violence in the name of Islam just isn’t important enough to warrant a protest.