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Nigeria: Muslims destroy six churches in protest of police rescue of kidnapped Christian girls

* Kidnapping is older than Muhammedanism itself. But because Muhammad practiced legalized  it won’t go away anytime soon…

Nigerian girls

These girls are usually kidnapped, forcefully converted to Islam, and then married out to other Muslim men against the will of both the girls and their parents.”

And this is nothing new.Nigeria: Rescue of Girls Ignites Islamic Rampage,” via DW

* Muslims storm church in Indonesia: police

This picture shows the inside of one of the torched churches with its victims. Click on image to enlarge:


* Church burning in Indonesia:


Muslims have stormed a church in Indonesia to force it to close down, a resident and police said on Thursday, in the latest incident of religious intolerance in the archipelago nation.

The attack in West Java on Tuesday came after a series of similar incidents targeting churches set up in Muslim areas of the province.

Although the constitution gives all religions equal footing, laws make it difficult for religions other than Islam to establish houses of worship.

* So much for Islamic tolerance…



Bosnia: Al-Qaeda smuggling weapons into Croatia, paper claims

This is a dangerous development:

*  Using the newly founded heroin & jihad republic Kosovo-Bosnia-Albania to take the jihad into mainland EUrabia, where the natives are defenseless…

The alleged Islamist militants “believe that Croatia will soon become a member of the EU,” the paper quoted the Bosnian security document as saying.

This “will create favorable conditions to distribute weapons and explosives for terrorist acts throughout Europe due to the openness of borders,” the document added.

Darko Trifunovic, a Serbian expert on terrorism, says al-Qaeda has been changing tactics. For its operations in Europe, the terror network has increasingly using local white youths or ‘white al-Qaeda’, according to Trifunovic.

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Nuclear plant in Sweden sealed off after man caught with explosive substance

* Just a few firecrackers, nothing to worry about…

* The US is the enemy

STOCKHOLM, Sweden: Swedish police arrested two maintenance workers on suspicion of sabotage after they tried to enter a nuclear plant Wednesday with traces of the explosive used in the London terror bombings in 2005, officials said.

Police experts with bomb-sniffing dogs were dispatched to search the Oskarshamn nuclear power station and examine the substance, believed to be triacetone triperoxide, or TATP, which can be extremely dangerous even in tiny amounts.

“It’s not something you use at home,” Anders Osterberg, a spokesman for plant operator OKG, told The Associated Press. “We’re not dealing with toys here.”

More from Herald Tribune

* Update: Nuclear sabotage suspects released in Sweden


Belgium-based Moroccan behind dismantled “terror network”

A Moroccan national living in Brussels was the mastermind behind a “terrorist network” involving11 people that was dismantled by Moroccan security forces earlier this week, a Moroccan newspaper has reported. 

More from Peoples Daily Online

* Resisting Muhammedanism is extremely unpopular in  multicultural Belgium


EU buildings target of foiled terror plot

European Union buildings and the Sheraton Hotel in the EU’s capital, Brussels, were among the targets of an Islamist terrorist cell broken up in Morocco, Belgian media say.

Belgian TV channel VRT and national daily Le Soir voiced the claims late on Monday (19 May) following reports by Moroccan news agency, MAP, that 11 suspects had been arrested in the towns of Fez and Nador

More from EU Observer


Hard to believe:

Afghan hijacker found working at Heathrow ‘ransacked travel agency in a rage’

* This PoS should be in Gitmo (or shot)


One of the Afghans involved in the Stansted hijacking was back in court yesterday  -  accused of ransacking a travel agency. 

During a violent argument with his landlord, Nazamuddin Mohammidy allegedly hurled a metal chair, smashed a computer and fought with staff until police arrived. 


Mohammidy denies assault and criminal damage and the trial continues. Last week, he was at the centre of what the Conservatives called a devastating breach of security by being allowed to work at Heathrow. 

His job cleaning BA offices did not give him access to planes but he did have a pass for secure areas. The pass has since been taken from him. 

More from Mail Online



Supporters in tears after terror suspect denied bail


Dozens of supporters of Saad Gaya left a Brampton courtroom in tears yesterday after the 20-year-old terrorism suspect was denied bail and sent back to prison to await trial.

Gaya was arrested as part of an alleged “homegrown” terrorism cell that police say was dismantled in June 2006 with the arrest of 14 adults and four youths.

The group plotted to bomb downtown Toronto targets, including the office of Canada’s spy service, as well as a military base north of the city, the allegations state.

*  They’re all innocent, of course. The Canucks just won’t allow them to practice their religion freely, which is oppressive to Muslims…




Quebec’s culture clash

Report tackles the thorny issue of minority accommodation

 In February 2007. A group of Muslim women travelled from Montreal to visit Hérouxville after the small town northeast of Montreal enacted a code of conduct for immigrants.

“Stoning takes place, and some of those people will want to come here. It’s important to be preventive.”

* More on the egregious  Bouchard and Taylor multiculti-madness that cost taxpayers 5 million dollars, which now forces Islam on unsuspecting Canucks…



* Lifted from ZIP:

Resistance in Ireland:

“There must be no place for the hijab in civic life here. Not in banks, hospitals or libraries, not in the guards or civil service and most definitely not in schools…”

I don’t regard the hijab as a harmless expression of religious and cultural diversity. A veiled woman carries regressive connotations.

If we accept it in schools, we open the door to other practices in the Muslim world even more repressive to women, among them arranged marriages and female circumcision.

How can teachers tell girls swathed in scarves they are anyone’s equal? Their male-imposed dress code makes them subordinate before lessons even begin.

It’s unfair and more than a little cowardly to expect individual schools to formulate policies on this. We need clear, strong Department of Education guidelines — ones which forbid the headscarf, and in so doing outlaw apartheid, institutionalised inequality and estrangement between the sexes.

No pupil should be singled out as different.