Verona: Illegal Mosque Razed, Muslim Council Whines About 'Backlash'

* Regardless of the fact that they never owned or paid rent for the building they used as a mosque, the Sowdi sponsored Muslim Council keeps howling and whining about property they never owned in the first place: masters of chutzpath & hubris!

*  The best we should do is to recycle their garbage and serve it back to them, with the gravy.  

*   From the mysterious Ibn Misr from the Sons of Apes & Pigs (who doesn’t mince words)


ViVa Italia: The first demolished mosque in Italy, to be “The Oriana Fallaci Parc”

The writing is on the wall, and the bulldozers are out.

Muslim Organizations, their media, their apologists, their fifth columnists, and their dogs are mourning, while looking for revenge, to perfidiously strike back, by using all the tricks of subversions to spread their venom that is always ready at the tip of their tongue.

They started already, with the announcement of this great news, for us, with their trademark of deception, by claiming that the responsibility for that terrorists nest (mosque) cleanup was done by the Italian Rightist party. But let no one swallow the bait and slip into their sewer trap.

The cleanup of those Jihadists infection was done by the government of the Republic of Italy elected lawfully to implement the will of the Italian people. Full stop. Our Civilized laws are not fabricated by Mullahs, Ayatollahs, Hezbollah, or cooked in El Doha -Qatar, under the guardianship of a seventh century turban head, with the patronage of a thug in chief, and an assassin in chief as they did to Lebanon.  

Having said this, I invite all the anti-jihadists sites reporting this news, not to be distracted by the devout deceivers and their use of divisive terminology. It’s nothing new for them. They’re the same people that goes to the Christians telling them, “How you deal with the Jews that killed your Jesus,” and then turn around to tell the Jews, “How can you deal with the Christians that massacred you.” Same old tricks, now they play the rightists – leftists divide, but let them swallow their saliva. The fact is, the Italian people have spoken.  

For 1400 years, muslims made it a habit to destroy, burn, and loot Churches and Synagogues in every country they attacked to steal, that’s how they want to finish up with Israel as well. The ones they couldn’t destroy, they simply turned to mosques. Hagia Sophia, and the Ummayyad mosque in Damascus, just to name two landmark Churches that are still standing today to condemn the religion of thieves and robbers. But they still dare to tell us with a straight face that theirs is the religion that respect and love all other religions. We know their love slogan, “love them, to rob them.”

This is the most posthumous honor to vindicate Oriana Fallaci that was sued visciously on several occasions by muslims before her death. And a sweet revenge for the great lady that sounded the alarm till her last noble breath, of the death that always comes with islam.  As another great lady said it, the fight is not against islamofascism, fundamental islam, political islam, B.S. islam, it’s islam. Mosques, the spearheads acting as the predatory takeover by muslims to conquer and change the European landscape, aiming to erase every symbol of the Judeo – Christian civilization from our cities and even our neighbourhoods.

I can’t help but salute the struggle of another great lady, Brigitte Bardot, for having the courage to speak up against the islamization plague in France.

Last but not least, a very big Viva l’Italia, and a biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig hug to all the the true Italians, without whom this could’ve not been possible. Keep up the good work,  and never forget that you’re the sons and daughters, of the great Garibaldi, and the least you should do is to send whoever called you, “the sons of apes and pigs,” to the garbage where they belong.

One thing for sure, Italians meant business when they went to the polls to elect their new government. And certainly this will be the first salvo to celebrate the crack of the temple of allah, and show the rest of the European populations that the road to follow for the destruction of allah’s terrorist cells, and give back Europe to its people, are in their ballot boxes. We have no doubt, the spirit of Oriana Fallaci, the great European symbol of courage and freedom, will also guide them on the way. The legacy of truth always lives forever.

Today Verona is not just a name of a great Italian city, but a symbol that could be synonymous with the Gates of Vienna.

Only one thing is missing, the mosque rubbles’ screen savers, But there is more to come.  

Italy Raze Verona Mosque to be Oriana Fallaci Parc, the best is yet to come

By  Hadi Yahmid, IOL Correspondent

ROME — Italy’s far-right , anti-immigrant Northern League party has elected government started its (promised) mission with bringing down a mosque in the northern city of Verona. [Emphasis and correction added.] 

“The mosque destruction reinforces Muslim fears (fears is healthy and humbling) of seeing the League in the ruling coalition,” Ali Abu Shwaima, the head of Milan-based Islamic Centre, told on Saturday, May 24. [Emphasis added.]

Bulldozers brought down last week a building housing a Muslim prayer (kafir’s cursing) room in the city. [Emphasis added.]

“I never felt at ease with this mosque,” Elisonder Antonneli, the head of Verona city council, said. [Who can blame you.]

“This place will be turned into a park and a car parking space and will be named after (Italian writer) Oriana Fallaci.” [Should be called: Saint Oriana Fallaci.]

Fallaci, who died in 2006, was notorious for anti-Islam stances. {Free spirits never dies.]

Following the 9/11 attacks, the far-right writer published a book entitled “Rage and Pride” in which she ridiculed the Noble Qur’an. [The Qur’an never needed anyone to ridicule it, it’s embedded in it.]

She has also authored another book “The Force of Reason” in which she warned that Europe was turning into “an Islamic province, an Islamic colony” and that “to believe that a good Islam and a bad Islam exist goes against all reason.” [And against living, even for people that don’t reason.]

The Northern League has four ministers in Silvio Berlusconi’s government, including the portfolio of the Interior.

The League grabbed 8 percent of the vote in last month’s general elections, securing Berlusconi’s right-wing coalition a comfortable majority in the parliament.

The party has nearly doubled its parliamentary strength from 4.5 percent two years ago.

[ Yes, we can see that Italians certainely had something in mind, it was worth it. The best is yet to come]

The Northern League is widely accused of racism with many critics calling it the BNP of Italy, a reference to the British right-wing party.

[ You may call it our Western Shariaa Italiano style, or our Italian Wahabismo, but we don’t cut heads, kill the apostate, kidnap little girls to spread our Wahabismo religion through the little girls vagina, and we don’t rob you muslims with the jeziah, actually we feed you and cure your diseases. 

But Look who’s talking, this is the site of islam Online, co-owned by Saudi Arabia (how many Churches and Synagogues are built there? Hard to count them when they don’t exist. And by sheik al Qaradawi, “World champ for suicide bombing fatwas Guiness book of record.” Both considered beacons of tolerance, yet to be discovered on Al Jazeera turban head idols for allah.]

Its election campaign played on issues such as immigration crime and economic and cultural fears from immigration.

[There couldn’t be better issues. Actually they could be summarized in one issue: islam, which is immigration, crime, economics (cost of muslims and mosques surveillance and siphoning the social benefits), cultural fears (raping girls and women, that the only culture muslims bring with them).]

Hard Time

Abu Shwaima, the Muslim leader, said Italian Muslims will face hard times under the far-right league.

[Abu, maybe it’s time to take a sick leave, and go for some Mecca fresh air to teach those far-right league a lesson. Just stay there and keep stoning the devil till we call you.]

“We believe the life of Italian Muslims will get more complicated,” he said.

[Abu, remember, “Don’t take Jews and Christians as friends.” Beside, they’re unclean, you should trust your book and jump on the boat for Dar el islam, nothing beats the couscous mouton du bled.]  

He said Muslims in the city of Verona used to find spiritual comfort at the razed mosque.

[ Oh Abu, Italians are nice people, I’m sure they wouldn’t mind that every muslim takes a peace of the rock for spiritual comfort with him on the boat. For more comfort, ask for Southern comfort at the bar.]

“The mosque destruction is sign of spiraling Islamophobia in many European countries,” he said.

[Oh Abu, you son of a gun, you took it out of my mouth, you’re no dum, you’re talented .. you’re a mind reader or a good lucky guesser, when you get home buy a lottery ticket. For European, you know what the doctor says: take your country today to keep the muslims away.] 

There are nearly 20,000 Muslims in Verona.

[Abu, you just reminded me, we have 3 to 4 million Christian workers in Saudi Arabia with not one church for their spiritual comfort as you call it, and when there was rumors that there may be a deal to build a church after king Abdullah met with the pope to salvage some islam respectability, the majority of your muslim people were scandalized to allow the “unclean” Christians to have an unclean Church in the holy land of your caravan robber, pedophile prophet. So I feel your pain.]    

“I used to pray in the mosque for years,” an Italian Muslim in Verona told IOL, requesting anonymity.

[You mean you used to curse the kafirs in that mosque for years, and ask your allah that at judgement day he takes your sins heavy as mountains and put them on the heads of those doomed Christians and Jews deserving the wrath of the hell fire. But it seems your allah didn’t find your curses forceful enough, try harder next time. In the meantime, do it as koran 3:28 tells you, keep the rage in your heart and curse them in private, or go meet allah personally where you keep him enclosed in the kaaba stone in Mecca.] 

“But this Friday I went to the mosque for prayers but I could not as it was razed.

[Did you looked under the rubbles, just to make sure that allah, is not buried under. What surprised me is, how that allah didn’t strike the kafirs that bulldozed him and didn’t strike their necks, or put terrors in the heart of the unbelievers as he keeps telling you how to do it ? Honestly, I think the allah of this mosque was a phony counterfeit, made in China]

“We live in a state of anticipation and fear after the mosque was destroyed and we want Arab and Muslim governments to pile pressures on Italy to stop anti-immigrant and anti-Islam policies.”

[Oh Abu, you disappoint me, we thought your allegiance is to Italy, as you keep claiming that you’re part of the Italian people, and now you want to incite your arab and muslim governments rage boy mobs to pile pressure on Italy, and Italians, the people hosting and feeding you and your tribe when you fled the misery of the house of islam to come to the house of war on kafirs. And what you mean by “pile pressures?” Like, boycott the Italian pizza, and parmegiano cheese, with a bon fire of few Italian embassies? Abu, don’t you know brother that this is called sedition, and plotting with the enemy? How come you never called for “pile of pressures,” on Saudi Arabia and your muslim brothers to let Christians and Jews build a church or a Synagogue? You see Abu, the Copts of Egypt, or all the Christians of the Middle east, when you burn and destroy their churches and kill them, they don’t call on the Christian Western countries to “pile pressures,” on the muslim governments, otherwise they would be considered as traitors. So, are you muslim traitors working with external enemies from the inside? Are you undercover agents to foreign countries? Abu, this is called Trojan horses, or blackmail and extortion, at the least. We thought you were part of us, so you tell us. We thought you came to the West so we can have a big multiculturalism feast, as u told us. And if you want Italy to stop anti-islam policies, then there will be no Italy. Better you stop islam, so we can all live peacefully. But if you love islam so much, take it somewhere else. Why you want to impose on us, your infection.]   

Abu Shwaima, the Muslim leader, has a similar message.

“We want to tell the Muslim world that mosques’ construction in Italy is almost a mission impossible.

[Abu, don’t forget, while your at it, tell them that Church construction for Christian natives in their own countries is a mission impossible to, since your muslim mobs stole their countries, beside their systematic destruction of the existing ones. The only place in your islamic world of darkness where they don’t burn, or destroy Churches is Saudi Arabia, you know why.]

“Except for the Milan-based Islamic Center and the Rome mosque, there are no real mosques in Italy.”

[Don’t forget Abu, Allah is in Mecca, and you should be where the real thing is. Don’t go for the imitations. You don’t want allah to reside with the kafirs, do you? 

Last November, former Italian deputy Education Minister and League member Mariella Mazzetto angered Muslims after parading a pig on the site of a planned mosque in the northern city of Padua.

Two months earlier, League senator Roberto Calderoli called for a “Pig Day” protest against the mosque construction in the northern city of Bologna.

In 2006, protesters left a pig’s head at a mosque building site in the central Italian city of Tuscany.

[ Hey Abu, don’t blame us for our love for pigs. Especially in Italy, prosciutto is a big business. maybe that’s why your allah called us the Sons of apes and pigs. But our pigs are clean, they don’t sexually molest little piglets.] 

Italy has a Muslim population of some 1.2 million, including 20,000 reverts, according to unofficial estimates. 

The islamic media since yesterday is at loss, like here on islam online, they’re feeling the heat, and the changing times. All their editorials today aimed at brainwashing us with their garbage. The best we should do is to recycle their garbage and serve it back to them, with the gravy.  

We were told to love our enemy, but we were not told to love evil.



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