Ahmed Bedier: Me and my Doudou

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Guess who met with Doudou Diène, United Nations Special Rapporteur on contemporary forms of racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related intolerance, in Miami on June 2 at a hearing on Islamophobia and anti-Muslim discrimination.

That’s right: none other than ex-CAIR operative Ahmed Bedier, whose unsavory statements and associations I detailed here recently.

Bedier, according to his own press release on the meeting (thanks to Paul), “relayed how Islamophobia and anti-Muslim rhetoric by officials and pundits are contributing to hate crimes against Muslims across Florida.”

I wonder if Ahmed Bedier could provide even one scrap of evidence for that assertion. Can he provide evidence for an increase of hate crimes against Muslims in Florida? Can he show any causal link between statements by any official or pundit, and any of those hate crimes?

Meanwhile, does he support the attempts to restrict free speech as a way to combat “Islamophobia”?

Spurious charges of “Islamophobia,” and false claims that hate crimes are being committed because of it, are being used to advance an anti-free speech agenda. Americans need to be aware of what’s happening, and resist it.

* A dose of reality:


There have been all kinds of “hate crimes” involving Muslims in the United States.

There was the Muslim from Saudi Arabia who, in a fit of islamitude, slit the throat of his former, and too-trusting, supposed close friend, a Jewish friend, in Houston.

There was the Muslim Egyptian who opened fire, killing two, at an El Al check-in line at LAX.

There was the Muslim Arab (I don’t remember his country of origin, and it hardly matters) who opened fire on a van full of yeshiva students travelling on the Brooklyn Bridge, killing one, and leaving another with brain damage.

There was the Muslim — there were many Muslims –who have attacked rabbis, in Canada and Belgium, in England and in France, yelling about “the Jews” and, in some cases, screaming “allahu Akbar” as they attacked.

Oh, did I leave out the Christians? Did I leave out the little Christian girls attacked and decapitated on their way to school in Indonesia? Did I overlook the Christian farmers who have been killed in the southern Philippines? The Italian monks in Algeria, the ones who came only to practice their vocation of charity, and not to convert anyone, and who were killed, as they lay asleep on their ship in the port, when Muslim fanatics crept aboard in the night and slit the throats of every last one?

Did I forget to mention the Italian lady doctor who had given her life to helping the Muslims in Somalia, and who was murdered there two years ago? Did I forget to mention the Christian priest murdered in Turkey, for the apparent sin of having ministered to a handful, less than half-a-dozen, Christians?

Did I forget to mention the beatings of Anglican clergymen in Great Britain? Did I forget to mention the clear “hate crimes” of the mass gang-rapes of “Aussie” girls, forced by their Arab attackers to learn what real Arabs could make them do, and all the while, in Sydney, they spat a steady stream, an endless sputum of hate, at those they were deliberately, and fiendishly, attempting to degrade, all for the sake of teaching those Infidel Western girls, who deserved no better (unlike those splendid Arab Muslim girls, kept under, in every sense, civilizational lock-and-key)?

Did I forget to mention what happened to the Jewish boy Ilan Halimi, lured into being kidnapped, then held and tortured, slowly, over many weeks, with his half-dozen Muslim captors delighting in calling Halimi’s family to ask for ransom, and allowing them to hear his screams, as he was being tortured in the background — and then, finally, tortured unto death?

Did I forget to talk about what happens to Christians in Pakistan, accused of blasphemy, and sometimes beaten to death not only by ordinary Pakistani Muslims, but with the connivance or collaboration of Pakistani policemen?

Did I forget to mention what happens to Hindus when they happen to walk by an excitable group of Muslims, exiting from Friday Prayers, and without Jews or Christians to kill, are happy to make do with Hindus, who may be beaten to death without fear of punishment in Bangladesh?

Did I forget to mention the killings not of soldiers, but of the most inoffensive Buddhists, monks, and schoolteachers, in southern Thailand, their heads cut off, their bodies sometimes mutilated, by Muslims, all because they were not Muslims themselves, but Infidels?

And because Doudou Diene is from sub-Saharan Africa, does he really need to be told of what Muslims have done, in “hate crimes” on an industrial scale, to Christians in Nigeria (with a little help from Egyptian pilots), to Sudanese black Christians and animists in the southern Sudan, to those who are not Muslims everywhere that Muslims find they can get away with the kind of things they like to get away with, whenever the Infidels prove insufficiently submissive?


Posted by: Hugh [TypeKey Profile Page] at June 11, 2008 1:00 PM


*     Islamophobia” is a term used by Muslims to revert the true blame onto infidels. Projection. Many infidels fall for it. “Islamophobia” really means “someone who knows too much about Islam” and they don’t want you to know that either. Stop blowing things and people up, stop the hate speech and calls for supremesism in the Mosques, assimilate into the western nations as millions of others have, stop trying to silence the people. Over 11000 deadly terrorist attacks since 9/11 doesn’t help either. But I’m sure we will see much more doo-doo instead.


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  1. Every time a Koranist attacks or kills an infidel it’s interpreted as an attack ON the Koranist. This would account for this “rise in islamophobia” that these crackpots are always shrieking about. The Koranist is viewed as the victim because the mere presence of infidels sets them off so surely they view this as “self defense” via pre emptive strike. This insane “logic” is the only thing I can think of that makes them say such patently stupid stuff.

  2. I think dogie doo had better hustle back over to his own country, there has recently been an outcry over the 1000’s of children who are abused in their madrassas and spend most of their childhood in the streets begging, the moolahs chief source of revenue. Perhaps he should also look into the case (in 2006) where a soldier raped a nine year old, was aquited because she was not a virgin. For a fornicating muzzie to be sent to the USA to investigate anything is a deliberate insult.

  3. A den of thieves after our freedom and most importantly…………WEALTH!

    The “United Nations of fucking the west”! UNOFTW.

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