Al Reuters calls Genital Mutilation in Norway "Rite of Passage"

* Because all cultures are the same. And anyhow: who are we to judge? Right?

From the Nothing to do with Islam’ department @ Al Reuters

Couple charged in Norway for circumcising 5 girls

* 5 done, only one to go. Moral & cultural relativism is a mental disorder:

Police in Norway have arrested a Gambian-born man and charged him and his wife with subjecting five of their six daughters to genital mutilation, officials said on Friday.

* Charts of FGM

* Here’s video on how its done

The practice, also known as female circumcision, is outlawed in Norway and arouses horror among many people in the West but is a rite of passage for young women in many countries, predominantly in Africa.

The youngest of the five mutilated girls, all born in Norway, is five years old, police officials said. The others are aged seven, 10, 13 and 14 and live in Gambia, national broadcaster NRK reported.

* Perhaps it would be better to concentrate on efforts to have the whole clan happily repatriated and united in Gambia, no?

Police officer Hanne Kristin Rohde, head of the violent crime and vice section of the Oslo police, said on Norwegian commercial television TV 2 that the father — a naturalized Norwegian citizen along with his wife — was taken into custody on Friday.

“Norwegian police have charged this couple of Gambian background for breaking the Norwegian law on genital mutilation — five of their six daughters are circumcised,” Rohde said.

The mother is pregnant with a seventh child and was deemed unfit to be held in jail.

Norwegian authorities have been cracking down on the practice since mid-2007, barring families from traveling abroad if they suspect they plan to have the procedure done outside the country.

The charges are based on the discovery by child protection authorities that the couple’s second youngest daughter, age five, was circumcised, Rohde said. Their youngest, age three, has not been subjected to the procedure, NRK said.

The child protection authorities have taken custody of the two youngest girls, Rohde said, adding that the police would now seek to bring the other four back to Norway in cooperation with the parents and Gambian and other Norwegian authorities.

U.N. agencies say an estimated 100 to 140 million women and girls worldwide have undergone genital mutilation, whose proponents say it promotes chastity before marriage and fidelity afterwards by reducing female sexual desire. Around 3 million a year are believed to be subjected to it.

(Reporting by John Acher, editing by Mark Trevelyan)

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  1. Why do we even allow these hostile primitives to emigrate to the west?

    They contribute nothing of value.

    All they do is lower the moral, intellectual and emotional standards of the culture.

  2. The Gambians are the most moral people in Africa. Their president has recently announced that in order to hold up the country’s high moral standards, they will execute all gays. In case any one wants to know why the 5 girls are living in Gambia, they are parked there on some farm or slum for a dollar a day while daddy is drawing not only the very generous Norwegian child support, but also getting some massive rent assistance.

  3. Conservatives can take advantage of Western feminists’ silence and try to win over Moslem women to our side, who in the near future will, along with all Moslem men, be ex Moslems.

  4. el greco, the picture shows the barbaric after effects of genital mutilation. A little girl’s feet are shown with blood all over the place.

  5. What tripe.
    Every other jewish girl in jersey has had a nose job.
    So nose mutilation is ok but genital mutilation isn’t?
    Says who?
    And why?

  6. I can’t figure out what is going on here at all. I don’t understand the conversation at all. what am I? in a nest of communists?

  7. el Greco, Unlike conservatives who proudly proclaim they are conservatives, communists don’t usually admit they are communists. THAT tells you EVERYTHING.

  8. actually, the red in the picture is the remains of vaporized communists who

    were utterly destroyed by powerful conservative truth……….

  9. The madness has to end with the will of the western people over the insanity of their western liberal left governments. Or it will NEVER end!

    The clock is ticking and the bell will eventually toll. Every day ground is lost to western society, with every baby born and with every landed welfare recipient. Each one becomes a vote in the liberal governments arsenal of power, until the scale’s tip and the balance of power falls firmly into the hands of Islam. Then they, the insane left who cannot envision their own demise will shrug with shock like victims in an accident never knowing what hit them and blaming the other.

    Who cares, by then it’s too late! Are we the victims of their insanity, simply pawns in their game, cannon fodder for the insane ideals of the hippy generation? Possibly we are just suicidal bystanders watching Caesar cut the heads off citizens in a crowd because he can.
    Time to wake up citizens of the free world, let’s start with your respective government as if your life depends on it, instead of burrowing your head in a television or computer all day. Write your respective representatives and your opposition party representatives. E-mail you’re liberal controlled newspapers and other MSM outlets to express your concerns and outrage. We have everything to gain and everything to loose dependant on whether or not we choose to be victims of goat breeding desert nomads or free peoples of the greatest civilizations on earth.

  10. Trey Cruz>>”actually, the red in the picture is the remains of vaporized communists who

    were utterly destroyed by powerful conservative truth……….


  11. Happy to oblige, Joey, ol’ bud……………
    I studied Communist theory and history for many years: It is poisonous, spiritually stultifying, endlessly murderous, economically absurd, hilariously incompetent, politically boring, militarily adventurous and acquisitive, philosophically ridiculous, and historically embarrassing.
    It is the worst of all possible options.
    It is remorselessly French.
    As a result, I really, really, really, really, reeaaaly do not like it.
    On the other hand, conservativism as it is commonly defined is simply non existant.

  12. Oh, and bye the bye Mr Knight: While I accept that you are absolutely sincere and well meaning, your perceptions of political reality are endlessly faulty, and anyway it is entirely too late.
    Get your soda and popcorn and make yourself comfortable for armageddon will soon be arriving.
    Yes, we are victims of other men’s insanity, pawns in their game and cannon fodder for the leftist elite.
    No, we are not “suicidal”: that would grant us too much undeserved dignity.
    “Lazy, self deceiving, sex addicted, drug addled, cowardly fools” would be more accurate.
    But in any event,
    The fat lady has sung.
    It’s over.

    The “main stream media” has long ago moved beyond total control and is now a concrete manifestation of the leftist Hegelian dialectic which is being used to control you and your friends;
    and your deeply aggrieved, totally misderected political maunderings prove it is working brilliantly.
    The media does not care what you think [witness the New York Times]
    The media is not about reporting events.
    The media is about controlling what the masses perceive as reality, thereby controlling the masses in reality.

    “He who controls the present controls the past. He who controls the past controls the future.”

    G. Orwell

  13. Trey Cruz;
    Just ran across this post while searching for something else. I know I’m a year and a half late, and that you’ll never read this, but I want to go on record as having cautioned you that “people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.”
    When you correct someone’s English, you should ensure that you yourself are not committing an even more blatant error; for your information, the word “media” is plural (one medium, two or more media.)

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