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* Sorry for the delay in updates, folks. Taking a caravan to Timbuktu can delay the posting of new articles, but it doesn’t prevent them from being posted. Here’s news, and unfortunately its just as bad as yesterday’s and the days before:

First, the bad news:

48 % of Irish have misguided tolerance towards hijab, Bunglawussi jubliant

Pupils’ right to wear hijab is backed by almost half surveyed
CARL O’BRIEN/The Irish Times

ALMOST HALF of people feel the wearing of hijabs or headscarves by Muslim students should be allowed in State schools, according to the latest Irish Times /TNS mrbi poll.


Malaysian Foreign Minister: We must correct Western media’s misperceptions of Islam

* My guess: the beheadings will continue until the West changes its perception of islam.
You want to correct Western perceptions of Islam? Stop blowing things up and cutting off peoples’ heads while shouting, “Allahu akbar.” Turn your energies to stopping the Muslims who are blowing things up and cutting off peoples’ heads while shouting, “Allahu akbar,” rather than to making Western non-Muslims stop noticing.

“We Must Correct Western Media Perception On Islam, Says Rais,” from Bernama via JW

*  Malaysian president Abdullah Badawi calls for British Muslims to live under sharia law

* The hide! The chutzpah, the hubris! This A-sole should be told  to shove his ‘religion’ and fly a kite, but there is not ONE Western ‘leader’ who will say a word. Unreal!

*  How about stoning women for adultery on Trafalgar Square?  How about public flogging for drinking alcohol? How about cutting off hands and feet for stealing? (from other muslims of course, not from the Kuffar!)

* In a sane world this guy would be told to shove it, or better to get his head examined. Unfortunatley we don’t live in a sane world.

Muslim extremism in Britain will grow unless the Government and society learn to understand Islam, Malaysia’s prime minister has warn

Telegraph UK

“We will use your liberal laws against you” sez primary witness in Mark Steyn’s hate speech case

* Anything to shut you up: Muslims told to insist on equal voice in media

*  Laws against promoting hatred called useless

* Khurrum Awan, serial liar

Canuckstian’s nightmare has only just begun: the tiny minority of (muslim) excremists demands ‘equal voice’ in the press. No criticism of Islam allowed folks:

From Canada’s National Post thanx to Sounder

Beheaded … Ken Bigley, and quote from user

UK: AN Islamic website which backs suicide bombers got a £35,000 Government grant – a month before the anniversary of the 7/7 attacks.

* The UK is right on track for the Islamization: to hell in a handbasket

AN Islamic website which backs suicide bombers got a £35,000 Government grant – a month before the anniversary of the 7/7 attacks. carries dozens of rants by fanatics on its “support group” site.

One member wrote of suicide missions: “If you can blow dozens of people up at the same time, great, absolutely great.”


UK:  “Infidels have no right to spy on Muslims”

Muslim leader’s protest at police ‘spy tactics’


* There is only one way to Islam and that’s the way of the Koran & the profit Muhammad:

Indonesian government orders Ahmadiyyas to return to orthodox Islam — or face 5 years in prison for “insulting Islam”

* Now how many times have muslims told us that ‘Islam is not a monolith’, that Islam has many sects and is as colorful as the world? ‘Reformers’ like Irshad Manji would have us believe that every muslim can cook his own little Islam, etc etc. but when it comes to the crunch things look quite different: only the real thing will do:

Indonesian officials warn sect members to return to mainstream Islam,” by Niniek Karmini for AP via DW


*  That’s not all folks. There is always more. So much Jihad and so little time….

To be continued….

Hijab in Ireland continued

While 48 per cent agree with their use in State schools, 39 per cent do not and 13 per cent have no opinion.

A breakdown of the figures show that while a clear majority of younger people agree with the use of hijabs, older people are more likely to be opposed.

Green Party voters are among the most likely to agree (69 per cent), followed by Sinn Féin and Independents (57 per cent) and Fianna Fáil (48 per cent). Labour and Fine Gael voters are split evenly.

Women are more likely to agree (55 per cent) compared with men (42 per cent).

People are also divided on whether the Government should produce guidelines on the wearing of hijabs in State schools. A total of 49 per cent agree that the State should provide guidelines, while 41 per cent feel the State should not get involved in the issue and 10 per cent have no opinion.

The poll was conducted last Tuesday and Wednesday among a representative sample of 1,000 voters in face-to-face interviews at 100 sampling points in all 43 constituencies.

Minister for Education Batt O’Keeffe has said that the Government will consider whether to issue guidelines on the wearing of the hijab in schools when it drafts an intercultural education strategy later this year.

Some teachers’ groups and the State’s advisory body on interculturalism have signalled that national guidelines should be avoided and the issue should be dealt with on a case by case basis.

The poll indicates that there is little difference on the issue between rural and urban areas. When broken down by social class, people from better-off backgrounds were more likely to agree with the use of the headscarf or hijab.

© 2008 The Irish Times


Malaysian Foreign Minister:

This problem, the demands, the supremacy is world wide. In Canada the Muslim sock puppet for the Canadian Islamic Congress has an offer we can’t refuse:

“Muslims must ‘demand that right to participate’ in national media, Khurrum Awan, the primary witness in the Maclean’s magazine hate speech hearing, told a weekend conference of the Canadian Arab Federation. … And we have to tell them, you know what, if you’re not going to allow us to do that, there will be consequences. You will be taken to the human rights commission, you will be taken to the press council, and you know what? If you manage to get rid of the human rights code provisions [on hate speech], we will then take you to the civil courts system. And you know what? Some judge out there might just think that perhaps it’s time to have a tort of group defamation, and you might be liable for a few million dollars,”


“Mr. Awan described his increasingly high-profile struggle “against particular elements in media that are misusing and abusing their responsibility” in writing about Islam.”


“He said that the argument for limitless free speech ‘is really a far-right Republican argument that is being imported into this country.’ ”


“So the only practical remedy that is available are the human rights commissions,” he said, calling it ‘the only process in which you as the complainant have control.’ ”

Yep. It’s a plot. Get it dhimmis?

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  1. This pompous moron is badly mistaken if he really believes the Western media projects the wrong image of islam! It’s quite the opposite; the Western media bend over backwards to project a false, misleading, and politically correct image of islam instead of the unbiased truth. Most of the Western media is clueless about islam and consider muslims to be poor, pitiful victims because they are members of a minority group in the West. A 1.5 billion member world community, the umma, doesn’t fit the endangered species criteria and its collective, incessant demands resonate throughout the Western world, hardly a meek voice in the dark. I’m sick of hearing about islam, muslims, and all the bad press islam gets. It doesn’t get nearly enough bad but true press.

    The Western media’s only crime is to report snippets of the daily atrocities committed by rabid muslims because these heinous acts are news, and news is their business. They take great pains to keep these nasty news items short and sweet, omitting many relevant but damning details. Furthermore, intelligent people do not rely on the mainstream media for all of the news and certainly not for reliable information on the meaning of islam or the muslim psyche.

    Millions of concerned people have taken the time to do their own research on islam, after which the news stories they read every day concerning islamic terrorism and the crazed behavior of muslims make perfect sense. The news media cannot stifle news or change public opinion about this insidious death cult, but muslims could stop providing endless fodder for the media’s alleged distorted and inaccurate projections of islam.

    It’s so nice to know that the OIC, UN, and islamic heads of state have joined forces to demand that Western nations abolish free speech and freedom of the press because these cherished, unalienable rights offend muslims and threaten islam. Islam means nothing to most of us beyond the immediate threat to our security posed by muslims, which is real and proven. I can’t wait to see what they demand we relinquish next to bridge the bottomless chasm between them and us. That problem would be solved if muslims removed themselves from our immoral, decadent societies immediately. The utter gall of these self-absorbed, megalomaniacs is beyond belief!
    Posted by: Susanp at June 10, 2008 12:37 AM

  2. One day I would like to wake up and find that Koranism was just a bad dream.

  3. Every day, you hear about more horrible crimes, who have been comitted by this religion of peace.
    When is the West standing up against these Muslims?
    Untill it will become a big blood mess.
    Do the people of the West, have to demand the leaders of their country, to take action, or just sit there and do nothing.
    When will they wake-up? Untill it is too late and we will have a war right here in our own own country.
    Now these people, expect that the West, just give these people up over a cartoon or a video clip. Please don’t you have anything better to do.
    Use your energy to give the people in your country get a better life.

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