Asshole of the month: Hazel Blears

* Women should not be Assholes. Under normal circumstances one would frown upon using such a term for any woman. But when a Hazel Blears, UK Communities Secretary, says sidelining of Christianity is ‘common sense’ nothing but the strongest language will do:


It is “common sense” for Christianity to be sidelined at the expense of Islam, a Government minister claimed on Sunday.

Capitulation, rather than defense of their own culture.

Hazel Blears, the Communities Secretary, defended Labour’s policy on religion after a report backed by the Church of England claimed that Muslims receive a disproportionate amount of attention.

She said it was right that more money and effort was spent on Islam than Christianity because of the threat from extremism and home-grown terrorism.

Ms Blears told BBC Radio 4’s Sunday programme: “That’s just common sense. If we’ve got an issue where we have to build resilience of young Muslim men and women to withstand an extremist message.”

She added: “We live in a secular democracy. That’s a precious thing. We don’t live in a theocracy, but we’ve always accepted that hundreds of thousands of people are motivated by faith. We live in a secular democracy but we want to recognise the role of faith.”

* British judge has a big boner for pedophile Islamaniac

The Church of England bishop responsible for the report, the Rt Rev Stephen Lowe, Bishop for Urban Life and Faith, said afterwards: “She said we live in a secular democracy. That comes as news to me – we have an established Church, but the Government can’t deal with Christianity.”

As The Daily Telegraph reported on Saturday, the landmark report commissioned by the Church and written by academics at the Von Hugel Institute accuses ministers of paying only “lip service” to Christianity and marginalising the Anglican and Roman Catholic churches, while focusing “intently” on Islam.

However Malaysia’s Prime Minister warned yesterday that Muslim extremism in Britain will grow unless the Government and society learn to understand Islam.

* ‘Understanding Islam’ of course means to submit to Islam. Nothing else will do.

Abdullah Badawi claimed that the legacy of Britain’s imperial past has hampered its ability to appreciate its Islamic population.

In an interview with The Daily Telegraph, the prime minister urged Gordon Brown to allow the country’s Muslims to live under Islamic law, but also said that they must prove their worth to society.

Mr Abdullah argues that the Government must do more to ensure Muslims do not feel discriminated against if it is to tackle the rise of radicalism.

“The failure to understand Muslims is driving a divide between the communities,” he said.

“Gordon Brown must encourage a better understanding because Britain must appreciate its Muslims.”

*   “Britain must appreciate its Muslims.” Why? Why should Britain have any obligation to ‘appreciate its Muslims?

Mr Abdullah argued that Britain needs to come to terms with being home to immigrants from countries that it used to rule over.

“The British Empire expanded in Asia, everywhere, throughout the Muslim land, through the land of Hindus and the land of Buddhists.

“When they were ruling it was different because they wanted it to be peaceful and to keep it peaceful they had to use diplomacy.”

He said that Muslims in Britain were more likely to be radicalised because they feel ignored rather than due to religious reasons.

“Is it because of poverty, social unrest, deprivation, feeling discriminated against, thinking people don’t care much because of the colour of their skin?”

Mr Abdullah, who was talking on the eve of a landmark summit of world leaders, echoed the calls of the Archbishop of Canterbury earlier this year for Muslims to be able to live under sharia.

The Malaysian Prime Minister also acknowledged that Muslims must also play their part in proving their value as immigrants.

“If they want to be respected then they must do something for the community,” he said.

They must not be a liability. They have to be an asset.”

* If wishes were horses and pigs would fly….

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  1. >>”She said it was right that more money and effort was spent on Islam than Christianity because of the threat from extremism and home-grown terrorism.


  2. Wait til her pets capture the UK-I hope she’ll enjoy the “thanks” these wonderful folks will heap upon her.

  3. “She said it was right that more money and effort was spent on Islam than Christianity because of the threat from extremism and home-grown terrorism.”

    Yes, it’s great to reward the bullies. It will immediately result in Muslims reflecting that bullying is wrong and they must be nicer to the victims.

    While the Malaysian PM said something right about Muslims having to prove their value and doing something for the community, in reality there is no value and they only detract from the community.

    There is only one way they could become useful members of society – LEAVE ISLAM!

  4. My a*shole is offended! I demand an apology, benefits, and govt. funds for more toilets! Westerners misunderstand a*sholes. Don’t believe Zionist propaganda that a*sholes are full of gas and crap…….

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  5. Ahhhh, screw the Brits anyway;
    lyin’, thievin’, murderin’ bastids wif bad teeth………………
    Sharia is too good for ’em…

  6. She is a disgrace, to us, to England and even herself. This crazed, deluded woman should be removed. We are the taxpayers and I dont want to pay some tart who is clearly a complete idiot. Someone even committed suicide because of HER. She is 100% pure asshole!

  7. I think Badawi’s statement explains a lot – if you dont understand islam, islam will terrrorize you. In other words, islamists will not take no for an answer. So, we either loose everything we have worked for or we throw the islamists out.
    I vote for either throwing the islamists out – or termiating them if that is required. On topic Blears is a zero – she should be removed at the next election.

  8. Joe Grey should give Hazel and NullLabor some lessons in understanding human behaviour – because he is right and they are WRONG!!!

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