Omar craps on the US of A

“I lived in America for a long time. Only 10% of all Americans have a passport. In other words, 90% never left America,” said Sharif. “They don’t know anything.”

* Once upon a time Dr Zhivago

Fitzgerald: Omar Sharif’s condescension

*  Perhaps  Omar Sharif should have told us how many Egyptians have passports. And perhaps he should have mentioned that 97% of Egyptian women have undergone genital mutilation. And finally he could have told us about the scientific achievements of Egypt since the Muhammedan conquest.

Perhaps he will, one day…?

* He speaks ill of American because he can. He’s a coward when speaking about Islam, which he never really practiced.

* Actor Omar Sharif Says Arab Nations Will Never Be Democratized

Egypt MPs vote to outlaw female circumcision/ nudge nudge, wink wink: nothing will happen that stands against the profit & the hadith…

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4 thoughts on “Omar craps on the US of A”

  1. They were indeed dumb enough to stuff your lame acting pockets with enough cash to enjoy a far better lifestyle than any of your “educated” bretheren.

  2. Look why does it bother you what he says about passports? The most important thing is that he is upfront about the fact that Islam and democracy doesn’t mix.

  3. >>”They don’t know anything

    Moslems have nothing to teach us. Especially acting skills.

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