Dutch prosecutor says "FITNA and statements Wilders wrote in Dutch newspapers were hurtful and insulting but not criminal"

* Since when are we supposed to be concerned about  the tender feelings of the Islamo-Nazis, mister Prosecutor?

*  Tell them to stop terrorizing us. Tell them to stop glorifying ‘martyrdom’. Tell them to rip up the Koran, that dirty book.  Tell them to stop indoctrinating children with genocidal Jew-hatred on their TV-stations. Tell them to stop preaching violent jihad in their mosques. Tell them to stop calling us sons of apes & swine who must all be killed…


Wilders will not be charged over Fitna

“A statement Monday by the prosecutor said Wilders made his anti-Muslim remarks in the context of a legitimate debate.”

A victory for free speech and common sense. But there remains the Jordanian effort to use Interpol to secure his arrest and extradition. “No charge in Dutch Muslim incitement,” from theAssociated Press, 

Anti-Islam film Fitna does not break law

* A little bit of sanity in a land of abject cowardice and dhimmitude…

Fitna, the short feature film on Islam and violence put together by MP Geert Wilders does not break the law, the public prosecution department said on Monday, according to news agency ANP.

In addition, a number of statements about Islam made by Wilders over the past few months are also within legal limits, ANP reported Amsterdam’s chief public prosecutor Leo de Wit as saying.

Fitna, a 16-minute compilation of video footage, was released on the internet on March 27. An article in the Volkskrant newspaper in which Wilders called for a ban on the Koran was also investigated.

Some 40 individuals and largely Muslim organisations have accused Wilders of encouraging religious hatred.

According to NOS, no action is being taken against Wilders because he attacks Islam as a religion but not its followers.

While his comments are sometimes offensive, Wilders does not overstep any boundaries, the public prosecution department said.