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aic will long live

i know u dogs are trying hard to defame the image of islam and muslims but we will still be here rite up your noses

long live muslims and aic

From Australia: Islamic school on fraud charges, 2008/06/30 at 4:30 AM

One more time from Ahmet Thabet,  <coolniger_007@hotmail.com>

First of all….i like u to know who you are talking to….your website about muslim women and othe rthings that bad for eslam are going o be blocked by the IFT….and you are showing the bad side of islam let me tell u somthing ure name means An asshole!!:D:D:D…and u are a bitch who drinks from a muslim women everyday to sastfiy her cause you cant get a women anyway….and for your information all the shit u said in this website is bullshit cz muhammed didnt say anthing abt this shit…thought jesus isnt tht bad…but i wont be bad to jeues cz i beleive in him too./….u knw what?!?if men treat women that badly ….your women kick ure ass!!:D:D….all u got are bitches and sluts!!!!thought ure one of them !!!!hehe…anyway….ure website is shitty !!!:D:D:D…not cause the subject but beacuse your stupid and an ass!!:D:D:D……gd bye sheik!!!(means in arabiac a muslim )LOL!!!!!ASS!!hehe


Agahan Özyurt <agahan.oezyurt@web.de>


Can I ask you something?

On your site I see many things that your understand wrong the Islam is intrinsically a peaceful religion but some silly persons like Osama Bin Ladin or other bad persons don’t practice the Islam correctly they use the beatiful Islam sadly as a might instrument. And I hope these persons became the fair punishment because their destroy the image of the Islam. But this mail is not a warning or a provocation this mail is a request at you.

You should critisice the real bad persons because not every muslim is a terrorist or bad person!

Thanks for reading and I hope your mind will be change.

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  1. * long live muslims and aic

    For a limited time only – see Ezekiel 38 / 39, Isaiah 17:1 (etc)

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