France: Koranimal Forces Catholic Hospital To Take Down Cross


* Nothing new, really. Adel Smith, an Italian ‘revert’ to the cult of headbangers, did this years ago: He came to preeminence in the Italian media when he requested that a crucifix be removed from Ofena’s elementary school, of which his son is an alumnus. He was subsequently a regular guest on Italian media venues, where he vehemently attacked Western civilization and Christianity

From Islam in Europe:

Employees removed a crucifix in a room at the Catholic clinic Saint-Vincent de Paul in Bourgoin-Jallieu after the Muslim father of a patient demanded they do so before treating his daughter.

Marie-Therese Besson, manager of the clinic, says that people who choose to be treated at the clinic know that they are a Catholic establishment.  It says so clearly at the entrance and the nurses wear a Catholic habit.  She adds that there is a small crucifix in every room.  In this incident the nurse did what was necessary to calm down the situation.

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The Saint Vincent de Paul Bourgoin-Jallieu clinic is part of l’Alliance des maternités catholiques. Sister Marie-Mathieu, head of the board of directors for l’Alliance des maternités catholiques, says the issue will be brought up in the next meeting of the ethics committee.  She say that they occasionally face such situations in their institutions, the last time being several months ago when a father broke a crucifix in a clinic in Aix-en-Provence and threw it in the trash.  That incident was not tolerated.


The administration says that they regularly treat Muslim women and respect their wish to be veiled.  Sister Marie-Mathieu says that such incidents go against the basic tenant of mutual respect.

* Read some comments…?

bogsidebunny said…
“Sister Marie-Mathieu says that such incidents go against the basic tenant of mutual respect.”  


Go to Somalia, Yemen or Saudia Arabia and see how much MUTUAL RESPECT you get as a Christian Sister.

What a bunch of naive bozos!

jetabler said…
Yeah, basically. Or go to Egypt where monasteries are ravaged and Copts are kidnapped and murdered every Friday. Or go to Indionesia, where the heads of young Christian girls are left on the doorsteps of churches. Muslims are patently narcissistic people. They get off on desecrating symbols of other religions. They freaking blew up the 1500-year-old Buddha statues carved in the mountainsides of Afghanistan for God’s sake. But draw a stupid cartoon or print the truth about Islam and Muslims riot. Extreme malignat narcissism is the only name for that. Where Muslims live, these kinds of things happen with much regularity. Sister Marie-Mathieu needs a little refresher course on the fate of Christians in Andalusian Spain.  

Lee said…
I wonder what would have happened if the Catholics had refused to help the Muslims?  

Well it would be Islamophobia of course!

But when they demand to remove crosses and other Christian symbols you must duly do it so not to be Islamophobic – but it doesn’t matter that they are Catholophobic!

Andrew said…
The article doesn’t say what the girl was being treated for. If it wasn’t immediately life-threatening, I’d’ve told him to sling his hook and go and find another hospital.
Really, no other group of people would even have the tenacity to do something like go for treatment in a religious institution and then demand that they remove religious symbols central to that religion.


6 thoughts on “France: Koranimal Forces Catholic Hospital To Take Down Cross”

  1. According to Mo and his followers, Jesus Christ was not crucified … people only thought he was; there is no salvation or eternal life for Mo or those who follow him to their doom – the Cross has done its work, and is empty, as is the tomb of the risen Christ, who alone brings salvation to those who believe in Him. The Iron Burka falls down upon the free world, ready for the rise & bloody rule of Antichrist.

  2. And…………..?
    In America the ACLU and the ADL which are Jewish organizations lead the fight against Christianity and the Cross………………………….

  3. This is no longer news as much of Europe has virtually become ummahfied. What is newsworthy is the fact that the Koranist didn’t take the cross down himself and proceed to do something blasphemous with it.

  4. Jetabler got it wrong, it is not a refresher in the imperialtic islamic history of Andalusian Spain that Sister Marie-Mathieu needs a little refresher course in, it is her need to remember the fate of French Christians at Poitiers and the Battle of Tours. More specifically, what the retreating Turks did to their French captives!

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