Genital Mutilation in Switzerland

FGM expert Irfan

A question for Yusuf Irfan and the whole posse of Islamic apologists: these people think that genital mutilation has something to do with Islam. Everyone knows that only Islamophobes think that. So now we have the specter of…Muslim Islamophobes.

What say you, Yusuf?

“Perhaps our imams can remind Indonesian Swiss imams that not all vestiges of Switzerlands indigenous pre-Islamic customs are worth holding onto.”

Sounds familiar?

Parents convicted of genital mutilation

From SwissInfo
Two Somali-born parents who had their daughter circumcised in Zurich in 1996 have been handed suspended prison sentences of two years.

              * Here you can watch how its done (if  you can bear it!)

The sentences to the parents of the girl, now aged 14, were read out in a Zurich court on Thursday. The judge’s ruling was in line with what prosecutors had requested and was the first time anyone has been convicted for carrying out genital mutilation in Switzerland.

The parents had claimed they were unaware that female genital mutilation – sometimes referred to as female circumcision – was illegal in Switzerland.

They had been charged with grievous bodily harm, a crime punishable by up to ten years in prison.

The court heard that imprisoning the parents would have broken up the family, which the parents say is now better integrated.

* Seems to be a joke…

The family’s two younger daughters have not been subjected to the practice, something the parents say was part of their Muslim religion.

Earlier in June, a court handed down a six-month suspended prison sentence to a 50-year-old woman who had sent her 13-year-old half-sister to Somalia to be circumcised.

There are around 7,000 girls or women, mainly from Somalia, Ethiopia and Eritrea, living in Switzerland who have been or are at risk of being submitted to genital mutilation.


Dutch mosque: girls must be circumcised

Dhimmitude in Europe advances apace. Hot on the heels of a Swiss court’s reinstating Hani Ramadan to his teaching position despite his advocating stoning for adultery, a mosque in the Netherlands has come out with a pamphlet advocating female genital mutilation. FromExpatica, with thanks to “Allah“:

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  1. I think the Somali father deserves to be circumcised with rusty and blunt blade. As long as the family isn’t disrupted 🙂

  2. Why on earth wouldn’t one want to disrupt such a family? I say ship these disgusting parents back to Slumalia and give the kids a chance to grow up to be human beings.
    I like your suggestion Lexcen: make the incision at the base of the pelvic bone so he won’t be able to spawn any more islamic vermin.

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