Islam is what Muslims do

Hindu man set on fire in East London ‘for dating Muslim girl’

* The assailants were “released on bail”. Just what does one have to do in the UK to get locked up? It is difficult to imagine a more horrific thing to do to someone. If he does not die in agony he is likely to be grossly disfigured and require multiple surgeries.

* In Islamic law, a Muslim man may marry a non-Muslim woman. But a Muslim woman may not marry a non-Muslim man. From the London Paper, June 19 (thanks to DW):

Thursday, 19 June 2008 Police were appealing for witnesses today following the attempted murder of a man who was doused in petrol and set on fire in east London.
The 20-year-old, who is fighting for his life in hospital, was torched as he sat in his car in Forest Gate.

It is believed the Hindi victim, who suffered 65 per cent burns in the attack, was targeted because he was dating a Muslim girlfriend.

He had just parked his car, a green Honda Prelude, in St George’s Road when he was approached by the suspect or suspects and had petrol poured over him before being set alight….

* In other news:

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Big Payouts for Headbangers:  Abul Koyair (left) and Mohammed Abdul Kahar

UK Dhimmi police is eager to avoid ‘backlash’ from Muslims, voluntarily agrees to pay £60,000 jiziyah to terror suspects

Mail Online

THE two brothers at the centre of the bungled Forest Gate anti-terror raid are to receive more than £60,000 in compensation from Scotland Yard, the Mail can reveal.
Following six months of negotiations, Mohammed Abdul Kahar, 25, and Abul Koyair, 23, will get the payout as a ‘goodwill gesture’.

Last night it emerged that although the legal advice to the Yard was that they could fight the action, senior officers have decided to settle to avoid sparking ‘community’ tensions.

A leaked document seen by the Mail admits that police feared a backlash if the case went to court.

Mr Kahar and Mr Koyair, who have made a series of financial demands against the Metropolitan Police, had been seeking a total of £125,000 damages for assault and negligence.

Mr Kahar’s claim was for £85,000, while his brother was demanding £40,000. The brothers were arrested in June 2006 by armed officers looking for a chemical device at their terrace home in Forest Gate, East London.

In the commotion of the £2.2million police operation, which involved more than 250 officers, Mr Kahar was shot in the shoulder.

But no device was found and the men were released without charge after spending a week in custody.

Their home had been ripped apart during the raid.

For two months they and their relatives stayed – at taxpayers’ expense – in a series of luxury hotels. The total bill for hotel and living expenses while their house, in Lansdown Road, was being repaired came to £90,500. But their demands did not end there.

Through their lawyers, they made a number of other claims against the Met, including the cost of putting the family cat in boarding kennels.

Sources revealed they also asked the police to pay the mortgage interest on their home, as well as the bill for installation of a burglar alarm.

They claimed that their clothes were ‘contaminated’ by police searching their home. For this, they demanded £200 each to replace them. Most of the family’s financial demands were rejected by Metropolitan Police lawyers.

But now, following protracted discussions, the Met has agreed to pay more than £60,000 in damages to the brothers. They will also compensate four close relatives and at least two neighbours inconvenienced by the anti-terror raid.

Sources said the deal with the brothers is due to be rubber-stamped in the next two weeks. Scotland Yard said that because of a confidentiality agreement, it could not comment on negotiations with Mr Kahar and Mr Koyair.

It confirmed the Met had reached an agreement with the former occupants of the neighbouring house.

Last year a report by the Independent Police Complaints Commission largely cleared police of blame despite their ‘very aggressive tactics’.

A neighbour of the brothers confirmed the pair still live at the Forest Gate home, the front of which appears newly decorated and features double-glazing inlaid with gold-edged diamond shapes.

Forest Gate Two: By Numbers

£2,211,600 was the total bill for the ill-fated anti-terror raid, excluding damages
£156,900 was spent on equipment for the raid, such as chemical and biological suits and thermal imaging equipment
£1,843,400 was paid in salaries and overtime to officers involved in the operation
£120,800 was the cost of restoring the houses, catering costs and erecting barriers for public safety

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  1. Interesting – while I wouldn’t be surprised if the perpetrators turn out to be Muslims, neither you nor the article nor any news article to date has claimed this.

    So – how do you know?

  2. Dyslexic? Reading comprehension problems?

    “…the Hindi victim, who suffered 65 per cent burns in the attack, was targeted because he was dating a Muslim girlfriend.”

  3. What’s happening in, or should I say to, the UK, formerly a bastion of reason? They are quickly becoming the most ridiculous country in Europe, trying to out-American the Americans in insane political correctness.

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