Malaysia: Rapist father asks for mercy as he 'used condoms'

The Indian Express:

Kuala Lumpur, June 21: : An Indian origin man in Malaysia sentenced to 36 years in jail for repeatedly raping his minor daughter, has appealed for a lighter term on the ground that he had used a condom.

* You got to hand it to those guys: they never run out of excuses…

“Justice should be tempered with mercy. The accused used a condom every time he committed the offence,” The New Strait Timesreported on Saturday quoting the rapist’s lawyer.

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The 49 year-old was sentenced to 36 years in jail by a sessions court in 2004 for raping his daughter between May 2003 and August 2004 while her mother was away at work.

The accused appealed against the sentence because it was his first offence and he was remorseful for his action.

“You mean it is okay to rape using a condom?” judge Tengku Baharudin responded in anger when the rapist’s lawyer, S I Rajah, made the request.

The appellate court said the sentence given by the sessions court was appropriate and it would send a strong message that such an act should not be condoned.

Deputy public prosecutor Aslina Joned told the court that the victim would get USD 1.50 from her father every time he raped her.

The victim’s class teacher had noticed that she was depressed and the girl told her what had happened. The girl’s father was arrested in August 2004 and he pleaded guilty to the charges in the session court.


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  1. this is sad. i bet the girl becomes a prostitute. especially now that she is being told that her her sexuality is worht $1.50 a pop. I mean, even if he raped her every day for the 14 months, that’s 630 dollars. i guess maybe the US dollar is worth more in malaysia? here in the US, that’d buy gas for a couple months or maybe 2/3 of a months rent on a shitty apartment. she can retire now, for this week…

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