UK: "Ethnic" Police Officer Spends Big For Perfume, Drugs, Designer Gear & 6 Mistresses

 Met Commander Dizaei is investigated over £5,000 of designer goods he put on expenses

By Stephen Wright

Last updated at 12:21 AM on 21st June 2008


Ali Dizaei: Recently promoted     

Ali Dizaei: Recently promoted

One of Britain’s most senior ethnic minority police officers is facing an investigation into his expenses, the Mail can reveal.

The probe comes just three months after Ali Dizaei was controversially promoted to a top Scotland Yard job.

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The Met commander, who has infuriated colleagues by repeatedly alleging racism in the force, is alleged to have used his work credit card for a massive spending spree in the United States.

The Iranian-born president of the National Black Police Association is being investigated over claims that he spent nearly £5,000 on perfume, designer clothes, expensive shoes and visits to bars and clubs.

His purchases, which are understood to have been made last summer, came to light shortly after his much-criticised elevation to the rank of commander on a salary of £90,000.

When challenged, the father-ofthree apparently claimed he was unaware of the rules on using his force credit card. He then belatedly wrote a cheque for £4,700 to cover his ‘private expenditure’.

But the move might not be enough to save his job. Three officers have already been charged over alleged misuse of their force credit cards and the cases of a further 17 have been referred to the Independent Police Complaints Commission.

The Dizaei probe  -  which is being monitored by Peter Tickner, director of audit at the Metropolitan Police Authority  -  will embarrass Scotland Yard Commissioner Sir Ian Blair and his deputy Sir Paul Stephenson, who approved his promotion to commander.

A Met official said: ‘Recent history has shown that Mr Dizaei is not averse to playing the race card when he gets in trouble.

‘It will be interesting to see if he is treated as robustly as other officers who have been caught up in the expenses probe.’

Insiders accused Yard chiefs of ‘capitulating’ to political correctness by supporting Mr Dizaei’s promotion to commander despite concerns over his integrity.

Some senior officers feared he would sue for race discrimination if he was denied promotion in March.

He was turned down a year earlier, shortly after a newspaper serialised his damning book about life in the Metropolitan Police.

In the book, Not One Of Us, Mr Dizaei, 46, wrote scathingly about the four-year corruption investigation he faced in the late 1990s.

It included hotly-disputed claims that he was the victim of a vendetta and allegations that officers harassed his supporters.

The married police chief, who had six mistresses, was also was accused of drug abuse, hiring prostitutes, spying for Iran and making a series of threatening phone calls to a former girlfriend.

He allegedly warned her: ‘I will take such revenge from you that, like a dog, you will be sorry.’


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‘Open marriage’: Natalie Dizaei, his glamorous second wife


The ill-fated corruption investigation, codenamed Operation Helios, ended at the Old Bailey in 2003 when Mr Dizaei was cleared of perverting the course of justice and fiddling his expenses. But he still faced nine police disciplinary offences, including claims that he accepted backhanders and interfered in investigations on behalf of friends.

According to a watchdog, several allegations were ‘capable of proof’.

But no action was taken after the Met  -  under pressure from then-Home Secretary David Blunkett  -  came to a controversial deal with Mr Dizaei, brokered by Sir Ian.

He was awarded £60,000 compensation and given a place on a promotion course in return for dropping a racial discrimination claim.

The IPCC said it ‘deplored’ the Met’s move and it accused senior officers of being more interested in having an ‘effective diversity recruitment plan’ than upholding discipline.

Mr Dizaei was among nine officers appointed to the rank of commander in March. In a move which angered colleagues, Sir Ian  -  who would normally have advised the promotion panel  -  was on holiday when the interviews took place.

Instead, his deputy Sir Paul acted as adviser to the selection board.

Sources confirmed that Sir Ian supported the decision to promote Mr Dizaei, who is presently ‘link commander’. ‘It’s his force,’ said a Met insider. ‘He can’t duck criticism over the decision.’

A statement by the Met’s Internal Audit Directorate said: ‘The claims are being examined as part of the review and the fact that a claim is being examined does not imply that the card holder is suspected of misusing the card.’ 


 His many mistresses                                                             

The colourful love life of Ali Dizaei can be traced back to the mid-1980s, when he met his second wife Natalie.

He was already married to one of her colleagues at Ealing Hospital in London. And Natalie Chapman, as she was then, had a boyfriend of her own.

But soon after their first meeting, they began an affair which culminated in Mr Dizaei getting a divorce. His future wife agreed to marry him in 1986 – despite knowing she was not the only woman he had been seeing during his first marriage.

After the early years, they grew apart. But Mrs Dizaei did not realise how far their relationship had deteriorated until one day in 1993 when her husband confessed to having an affair. He had been seeing ‘another woman from London’ for two years and had even taken their three children to meet her.

Rather than divorce, the couple decided on an ‘open’ relationship. Among some of Mr Dizaei’s later lovers were Sima Evans, an estate agent from Buckinghamshire, Nasrin Gamester, who worked for a travel firm and Dr Elham Hashemi, a research fellow at Kingston University.

Mrs Dizaei met all three women and the first two would occasionally drop by the family home in Oxfordshire to pick him up. In all, it is thought that the police chief has had at least ten affairs.

It is understood Mr Dizaei is now in a long-term relationship with another woman. However, there is no record of a divorce.


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  1. Mistresses? More like multiple wives. Typical.
    And it’s impossible to believe that a senior officer was “unaware” of regulations relating to force credit cards. It will be interesting to see what happens to this asshole.

  2. “The Iranian-born president of the National Black Police Association…” Check me if I am wrong but I thought Iranians were Caucasians. Farsi, an Indo-European language not African, is the common language of Iran. So a Caucasian with an Indo-European mother tongue heads a black police association. It is a good thing to be open minded as long as your brains don’t fall out.

  3. If ever there was a perfect opportunity for the people of Britain to protest with threats to NOT paying taxes for this copper and especially that Abu Qatada character, this is it. If enough people stood up and said they will do everything in their power to thwart the revenue going into the government coffers because of this obvious mismanagement of public funds, the sooner the people will regain their country back from the self indulgent scum called the Brittish government…

  4. With Muhammedan swine-snouts so deep in the trough its no wonder that Channel 4 ‘Undercover Mosque’ was investigated by the police, instead of the terrorist swine in the mosques.

    This guy, being Iranian, sees himself as an ‘Arian’ and way above Anglo-Saxon white bread. To put him in charge of the ‘black police association’ is a sick joke, which he uses against the infidels whenever it suits him, and they all back off because they don’t want to be called ‘racist’.


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