Polygamy Poll Ends Today, New Poll: How Long Before Australia Becomes Islamic?

First the results of our last poll:

* Should Polygamy Be Permitted?

* 45% of our voters voted “Absolutely Not”

* 9% of voters voted for “yes why not”- one would suspect that the increasing numbers of Muhammedan posters on this blog had something to do with it…

* 7% insist that the law should be upheld, and that doesn’t mean shariah…

* 39 % of all voters would like to see all polygamous Muslims deported.

* All in all a satisfactory result. It shows that Australians have no tolerance for Muhammad worshippers who rort the system in order to outbreed us. Unfortunately only 39% of our voters would like to see the polygamous sons of Allah deported.

So the overwhelming majority is not agreed on deportation, not yet. But it looks like our numbers are growing, in fact faster growing than the ‘fastest growing religion’…



New Poll Starts Today:

How long before Australia succumbs to Islam?

* Never

* 10 years

* 20 years

* 30 years

* Curious? Vote Now..!

8 thoughts on “Polygamy Poll Ends Today, New Poll: How Long Before Australia Becomes Islamic?”

  1. An additional option on your poll should have been
    “should all muslims be deported?”
    But if your leaders ever chose that option DON’T send them to the UK

  2. If Kevin Rudd gets his way with his EU style Asian proposal Australia will be inundated with Muslims in short shift. He is talking about OPEN BORDERS. Is he a moron or what?

  3. Never – God will intervene to destroy Islam, which blasphemes against & rejects his Son.

  4. I say 20 years. It’ll take a bit of time to conquer such a vast land. I’d like to say never but Australia, like the rest of the West, is too deep into PC. Unless a tectonic shift in mindset occurs I’d say we’re all doomed regardless of where we live.

  5. Never! Would be my preferred answer but I would doubt whether this will be if one solely relies on the ilk of the likes of Elmer Fudd and his gang of wankers. I think websites like this offer more hope in eventually beating back the onslaught. However, the endemic political correctness needs to be stymied and this is a difficult task indeed given the multitude of multicultural dimwits our education system seems capable of producing. Its amazing how effective the race card is for any minority group to use in obtaining what they want – even if it is ignorance of the truth.

  6. Sure thing, infidela. A very valid point.

    But unfortunately this websites readers are mostly Australians, followed by Americans.

    Either the Euro-dhimmies ignore us or they prefer their local language blogs.

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