Fanatical cartoon frenzy keeps Pakistan a cookin'

“Its all your fault! You made us do it….”

In the Pakistani city of Multan, religious groups protest against the Danish newspapers’ republication of Prophet Muhammad’s cartoons. The demonstration, organized by Jamaat Ahle Sunnat Pakistan, was held on Monday, the day a car bomb targeted the Danish embassy in Islamabad.


Source: Roznama Express, Pakistan, June 3, 2008

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* From the inverted reality department:

* Its our fault, you see: if these blasphemous cartoonists in Denmark did not cause ‘this fanatical frenzy which is worse than hydrophobia in a dog’  (Churchill) all these good Muslims would be peaceful and go about their everyday jihad business. 

* Everyday jihad business like here:  Paki work accident kills 6

Terrorism experts’ and Pakistan’s ambassador in Denmark are linking Monday’s terror bombing to the Mohammed cartoons

Danes need look no further than their own newspapers to find the reason for the car bombing that severely damaged their embassy in Pakistan on Monday, according to Rohan Gunaranta, an international terrorism expert from Pakistan.  

* Another self-styled ‘International terrorism expert’ not worth a grain of salt telling us that freedom of speech has to go….

‘There is still a lot of dissatisfaction here about the cartoons, as well as the fact that the Danish government still has not condemned them or the people that were responsible for them. As long as that hasn’t happened, Denmark will be under the constant threat of militant muslims,’ Gunaranta said.

* Shouldn’t Pakistan do something about those ‘militant Muslims’ rather than accuse a few cartoonist for the bombing of the Danish embassy?

Fauzia Mufti Abbas, Pakistan’s ambassador to Denmark, agreed that the Mohammed cartoons, first published in Jyllands-Posten newspaper in October 2005, had incited Muslim anger and were possibly the motivation for the attack, which killed eight and wounded as many as 30.

‘It isn’t just the people of Pakistan that feel they have been harassed by what your newspaper has begun,’ she said. ‘I’d like to know if your newspaper is satisfied with what it has done and what it has unleashed?’

Abbas said, however, that it would be necessary to await the outcome of the enquiry before drawing any conclusions about who was responsible or their motives.

The matter of the cartoons, she said, was something Danes needed to reflect on.

‘Danes know that they have insulted people around the world by printing and reprinting the Mohammed cartoons, which were done in poor taste.’

Jørn Mikkelsen, Jyllands-Posten’s editor-in-chief, defended his newspaper’s decision to print the cartoons.

‘The decision to do so was in full accordance with Danish law, Danish press ethics and Danish press traditions. That the facts have been twisted in the rest of the world and misused for purposes that are no concern of Jyllands-Posten is something we can and will not take responsibility for.’

* That’s right. Tell ’em to get stuffed. On the double!

The newspaper has previously expressed its surprise that the cartoons resulted in the violent protests in early 2006, but Abbas pointed out that the cartoons had been printed twice. ‘Either this is a conscious provocation or it is a sign of thoughtlessness and irresponsibility.’ (KM)

* Actually, these cartoons and many more like those should be printed every day by every newspaper and magazin in the free world until the cows come home. The fact that the MSM and the polit-props in the West are such sniffeling cowards who refrain from doing their duty encourages the sons of Allah to continue on their path of intimidation.

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  1. It’s been almost 3 friggin’ years. GET THE HELL OVER IT! Tenacious barbarians aren’t they? If there isn’t anything current to piss them off, they go through their “Archives of Shit that Pisses us Off” to dig up old shit and bitch about it. God that is so annoying. We wouldn’t put up with this behavior with our children….why are they getting a pass???

  2. I haven’t been able to view lately. Has their site been hacked?

  3. People blame the West for the Third World being a mess. I think not-look at all these idiots always engaged in silly protests rather than working. If Pakistan ever gave up Islamania and all the stupidity that goes with it the place would be on its way out of the muck and mire.

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