We got mail: Abdullah sez we should submit, promises it won't hurt a bit…

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How can they ban the Hijab in schools in Ireland and you say the Muslims are oppressive and they force people to accept the religion and way of life.

But really it is these western governments who are oppressive and force people to accept there way of life in in an Islamic state the shariah [muslim law] does not force people of other faiths to accept there religion or way of life they can practice there own personal laws aslong as they just pay a simple tax [the Jizya] there life, property and religion, places of worship are protected and would not be forced to accept the islamic way of life just as they do here in the west the governments force people of other faiths there values, but unfortuantly there is no Islamic state in the world today non of the Muslims countries implement shariah.

From Irelands opposition calls for hijab ban, Muhammedans go apeshit…, 2008/06/03 at 2:52 PM


Thank you, Abdullah. Paying the jiziya is not a ‘simple tax’, it is an extortion racket.  Trusting Muhammedans with protecting life, property and religion and places of worship of unbelievers is not an option. We won’t be Dhimmi’s and you can take your shariah and rub it, shove it, ram it or take it where the sun don’t shine: it won’t happen, period!


Jordan summons Danish cartoonists on blasphemy charges

* Queen Rania sends her regards! Oprah sees nothing, hears nothing, does nothing…

* Not that Jordan has any jurisdiction  in Denmark. Neither would any of these cartoonists be mad enough to follow this ridiculous ‘invitation’- but the Musulmaniacs will do whatever it takes to keep this thing a’cookin..’



In other news (Update) from Londonistan:

 Policeman who threatened preachers not to enter Muslim area is a Muslim


“You can’t preach the Bible here, this is a Muslim area”


(What a community policeman told two Christians)

Readings from the Koran: Naeem Naguthney

* Mail Online


Two Christian preachers were stopped from handing out Bible extracts by police because they were in a Muslim area, it was claimed yesterday.

They say they were told by a Muslim police community support officer that they could not preach there and that attempting to convert Muslims to Christianity was a hate crime.

* Islamic extremists should get therapy, Home Office tells local councils

* Needs urgent therapy: Jacqui Smith


The community officer is also said to have told the two men: ‘You have been warned. If you come back here and get beat up, well, you have been warned.’

A police constable who was present during the incident in the Alum Rock area of Birmingham is also alleged to have told the preachers not to return to the district.

It comes amid growing concern over the development of Islamic ‘no-go areas’.

The preachers, Americans Arthur Cunningham and Joseph Abraham, are demanding an apology and compensation from West Midlands Police.

They say their treatment breaks the Human Rights Act, which guarantees freedom of religious expression.

The preachers, who have the backing of the Christian Institute pressure group, say they will take the force to court for breaching their human rights if they don’t receive an apology.

They have accused the officer, PCSO Naeem Naguthney, of behaving in an ‘aggressive and threatening’ manner. A complaint by their lawyers said he interrupted as they spoke to Muslim youths about their beliefs.

Mr Abraham, 65, who was born a Muslim in Egypt and is a convert to Christianity, said: ‘He told us we were trying to convert Muslims to Christianity and that that was a hate crime.

‘He was very intimidating and it concerns me that somebody holding his views can become a police officer, albeit at PCSO level.’

Mr Cunningham, 48, a fellow American Baptist missionary, said: ‘He realised we were Americans and then started ranting at us about George Bush and American foreign policy.

‘He said we were in a Muslim area and were not allowed to spread our Christian message. He said he was going to take us to the police station.’

Mr Cunningham added: ‘I am dumfounded that the police seem so nonchalant. They seem content not to make it clear that what we were doing was perfectly legal. This is a free country and to suggest we were guilty of a hate crime for spreading God’s word is outrageous.’


According to a complaint by the men’s lawyers, Mr Naguthney summoned two other officers in support, one of whom, a full constable, is said to have told the men not to return to the area.

Mr Naguthney, 30, was recruited as a community support officer last year after being unemployed for eight months.

Earlier this year, he had a prominent role at a conference to launch the West Midlands branch of the National Association of Muslim Police. He gave a reading from the Koran before the audience heard a recorded contribution from Gordon Brown, a speech from Home Office Minister Tony McNulty, and contributions from several chief constables.

Mr Naguthney declined to discuss the row.

His brother, Nadeem, said: ‘Naeem is a community man, that is why he joined the police.’

The Alum Rock area was at the heart of a terrorism inquiry last year, which ended with the conviction of local resident Parviz Khan for plotting to kidnap and behead a British soldier.

A senior Church of England bishop, the Right Reverend Michael Nazir-Ali, warned recently that it is hard for non-Muslims to live and work in some areas where radicals and clerics are trying to impose an Islamic character.

A West Midlands Police spokesman said an investigation into the complaint had concluded that the PCSO had acted ‘with the best of intentions’ when he ‘intervened to diffuse a heated argument between two groups of men’.

A statement added: ‘Following this investigation, the PCSO has been offered guidance about what constitutes a hate crime and advice on communication style.’