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you muslim hating assholes will be taught a lesson. There will be more mosques in Australia than churches within the next decade so you should convert now. Assholes !!!

From Cairns Imam gets his Mosque, 2008/06/28 at 12:25 AM

“Mr Smith” must be a Mormon or a Buddhist. A good Muslim wouldn’t be so impolite. Or could it be Mohammed Smith? ….what say you?


In other News:

Islam is real threat to church, says Synod member

Divisions in the Church of England over homosexuality and women bishops are nothing compared with the threat it faces from Islam, a prominent member of its governing body has warned.


UK: Police dogs trained to sniff out terrorists won’t touch Muslims — it offends them

Britain just keeps outdoing itself for nutty manifestations of dhimmitude. In an age when terrorists are most likely to be Muslim, and these dogs are supposed to be helping find terrorists, the dogs won’t touch Muslims. Dogs, after all, are unclean.

“Sniffer Dogs Offend Muslims,” by Tom Whitehead in the Daily Express, 

UPDATE June 27, 9:39AM PDT: It looks as if the dogs will be sniffing around Muslims after all. Muslims objected, but their objections were overruled. See “Muslims will be searched by sniffer dogs despite religious objections, say police,” from the Daily Mail,


Solution: no sniff, no ride!


Police in Bangladesh are using dogs. Muslims in Britain say Infidels should not use dogs to sniff up Muslims?

Dogs vs. Terrorists Around the World

The trial by the British Transport Police (BTP) on all rail passengers travelling through the station prompted complaints from some Muslims who said their religion did not allow direct contact with dogs.
–from the article at the Daily Mail to which a link is given in the “Update” above
Their religion? Do tell.

Yes, do tell the long-suffering Infidels of Great Britain that the reason dogs are regarded with such contempt and hatred is because Muhammad, uswa hasana, al-insan al-kamil, once was reported to have said (check the endlessly tedious solemn rigmarole about the particular isnad-chain in question for yourself — it was good enough, apparently, for al-Bukhari and Muslim) that he wouldn’t enter a house that had either a dog or a statue in it. There go dogs, as domestic pets. And there go Europe’s statuary too, which has already been under Muslim assault as very thinly reported, here and there — you see, as long as the statues are vandalized, and so no longer worthy of respect, they become okay. That’s why, thirty years ago, some Al-Saud princeling at his new estate in Beverly Hills attracted all kinds of attention for having painted the statues he found on the estate, lining the drive, garish colors — bright greens and blues. Oh, it was all very funny, and people mocked his taste, but not a single reporter knew a thing about Islam, so not a single reporter knew that what the Al-Saud princelet had done was simply conform to Islam. How, after all, could he afford — given the source of his wealth — to do otherwise?

No, dogs are verboten.

Well, then, shall we Infidels give up using sniffer dogs, as we have always used before, at a time when the presence of Muslims makes the security situation even more, and increasingly, and permanently, dire in the countries of Western Europe? No and no.

And besides, there is an argument that Muslims themselves make to justify keeping dogs when they are not being used as domestic pets but are being used for guard duty. Look it up yourself, and you’ll find what has been written by Muslim clerics to justify this practice. And of course the dogs in question, the sniffer dogs, are being used precisely in that manner.

Of course, such an argument doesn’t have to be presented. Solicitude for Muslims, even pretend solicitude, doesn’t have to be displayed. But en passant one could say it this way:

1) Yes, we understand why Muslims do not cherish dogs as we in Great Britain do. They do not, but rather hate and fear with them with what many of us would regard as an irrational and primitive hate, because Muhammad, the man whose every word they think must be obeyed, once said he would not enter a house where there were “dogs and statues.” Well, Muslims will have to explain the bit about not entering a house where there are “statues” — would that include museums of art, for example? and if so, would they object to school visits by their children to such museums, or to the study, in school, of art which included the study of such statues? But about the dogs, well we know that in fact Muslims have made exceptions for dogs used for guard duty, for protection not domestic delight, and it is obvious that that is precisely the use of the sniffer dogs here.


(Dryly) We have used sniffer dogs in the past, and found their work most satisfactory. We shall, of course, continue to use them for police work in any ways that we determine are useful. In the detection of drugs, and now of bombs, which has over the past few years suddenly become a major concern of our security services, as of the security services of all the countries of Western Europe, they have been most useful and we expect their use to continue, and possibly increase, on busses, on trains, at airports, everywhere that we determine that their use is mandated by concerns for the safety of the British public.

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  1. Thank you for Mr. Smith’s email address. I have written him. Heh heh! Please keep up the good work, and Thank You for what you do here.

  2. Atom&Yves, the IP address is more interesting – it resolves to mrpete23.lnk.telstra.net

  3. ML, exposing myself here (no, not that way!). Please, tell me what can be determined by: mrpete23.lnk.telstra.net. Thank you.

  4. A&Y, I’m not an expert at interpreting DNS info, but mrpete23 appears to be a user identifier,
    not an exchange or facility – it may be that “Mr Pete” is a Telstra (or Big Pond) cable or ADSL
    subscriber – someone with the IT skills might know more. The abc@jihad.com is probably
    bogus & your email has probably bounced by now 🙂

  5. ML, thank you. My email was a ‘self destrtuct after one view’ message. I guess I’ll never know if he received it. Oh well….. I’m grateful for your help. Have a GREAT day!

  6. A&Y, I’m not an expert at anything. Most days I’m so stoned I don’t know if I’m coming of going.

  7. ML,
    You should be able to run a trace route on inappropriate messages. This will return a lits of Ip’s that were used in the message delivery. Check internet google on tracert for windows OS and traceroute for linux OS. Once you find the offending server and user id, especially re. threats, you can pass that onto police. Nothing will happen straight away, but they would need the information for futher investigation. Okay, you need to get some IT people on board because I suspect that we are actually training the IT people the bad guys use. My data indicates that some Muslim websites have been discusssing how to get your web site shut down. The interest in the AFP on your website can only be explained as a consequence on muslim activity. So I think you need addiitonal assistance from an IT person. I think your site offers a vauable perpective on what the bad guys are on about and so, as an Australian working in Europe, I will be happy to fill you in on some of the “amusing” things that happen in Europe with our “friends” from the east. I should point out that I consider most muslims good people but that there is significant minority which are extremely dangerous. So keep up the good work, you have my support. And make sure that the people in Cairns take the decision to the courts and fight it if they feel threatened. My conclusion is that their fears are justified in the long term. They should use the example of the development of the Lakemba mosque in Sydney and the role that it played in the Christmas riots of some years ago. The best way to fight these people is to do so through the courts – that means you have to get organised and go to parliment!

    Dr. Keith Weiman

    Goettingen Brisbane
    Germany or Australia


  8. kaw says: My data indicates that some Muslim websites have been discusssing how to get your web site shut down.

    My common sense indicates that you are playing with your yourself. As if anyone gives a shit about a site that rips off Jihad Watch. Why come here is it is easier to read the crap fresh from Spencer’s butt site rather than waiting for someone to predigest it.

    kaw says: The interest in the AFP on your website can only be explained as a consequence on muslim activity.

    It’s more likely that they would want to keep the half wit who runs this site away from airports and railway stations. You get the feeling that such a fruit loop will eventually murder his family in a horrific murder/suicide.

    kaw says: So I think you need addiitonal assistance from an IT person.

    Yeah right, as if the halfwit who runs this site is going to pony up the few bucks to do so. Hey, maybe you could go to the government and ask then if they can spare a few dimes for helping with the war on terror.

    Yusuf, is it you again? Still living with your mother?

  9. Hey Frollicking Mole – I’d be happy to correct your english the next time you decide to blurb here. As for winning the war on terror – well, we’re doing that and we dont really need your help. There are a few surprises in store for you, I think. And by the way Yusuf, we really dont like your attitude in our home. And if the gentleman who runs this site needs some advice on how to murder a family member I am pretty certain he can get good advice from some “believers” in Pakistan, or most Arab countries. However, unlike you, the gent who runs this site seems rather sane so I would have no problems in shareing any mode of public transport with him. With you however, it is a different issue. You folks have a very bad record with regard to respecting others. And we are watching you! We like giving folks a chance, but our tolerance is finite. You can learn to repect our country, or you can leave. The choice is yours …..at present.!!!!!!!

  10. Yusuf,

    Of course we link to JW when its good. It usually is. The ‘crap’, as you call it, from Spencers site irritates you? Because it puts the news in context? Gee, how Muhammedans hate it when infidels got their number!

    Given that you tend towards hysterics and make very little common sense, Yusuf, one would sense that your slime “You get the feeling that such a fruit loop will eventually murder his family in a horrific murder/suicide” sounds very much like what Muhammedan assassins say after the fact, like: ‘he brought it upon himself’-or wasn’t one of his ancestors mad? (Van Gogh) or “the Joozzz did it”- like after 9/11.

    So, if you’re not preparing the groundwork for the attack, what’s the projection all about? When was the last time you whacked your wife and raped your daughter?

  11. Yes, it does appear that if you are a muslim you simply do not have to behave like a responsible adult. So nice to blame ev ery misfortune on others, after all it is the muslim way. And it is the principal reason why these idiots have made no contribution to any society for over 700 years (actually there is one exception – but only one). IN THIS COUNTRY YOU EARN RESPECT BY WORKING FOR THE COMMUNITY (AND OUR COMMUNITY IS MUCH MORE THAN A MOSQUE) – YOU ARE NOT ENTITLED TO IT BECAUSE YOU ARE A MUSLIM – UNDERSTAND THAT!!!!!!!!.

    Once again i think that it is really important for the people in Cairns to take the decision that allows these folks a potential foothold in your community to court. I can understand your fears and I think that, in the current climate, they are justified. This must be fought in the courts, using our laws. Do NOT use violence. However, if the muslims resort to violence, as they did in the Christmas riots of Sydney, and the police cannot protect you, as they didn’t protect the people of Sydney, it is open season.


  12. sheikyermami Says: Yusuf, is it you again? Still living with your mother?
    Strange coming from a man who calls his site “shake your mammy”. Was your relationship with your mother normal? Shake rattle and roll? Josef Fritzl is that you?

    kaw Says:” I’d be happy to correct your english .. “
    You speak English? My mistake, I thought your post was the ranting of a hill billy.

    kaw Says: I would have no problems in shareing any mode of public transport with him.
    I’ll bet Mohammed Atta’s pals said the same thing. I’m sure you would even share the “shake’s” fleshlight. You ass clown it’s spelled sharing not “shareing”. You didn’t finish grade school, did you?

    kaw Says: There are a few surprises in store for you, I think.

    You think? A veiled threat? You and the numbskull that runs this site aren’t about to fly anywhere are you? You and the “shake” should get out and enjoy the summer breeze, I’m sure you would enjoy a trip down the Hershey Highway together.

    sheikyermami Says: “Yusuf,
    Of course we link to JW when its good.

    Just like a dog eating another dog’s poop. Poop in poop out. You really do seem to have a woody for Muslim boys does this Yusuf get you hot under the frock? Do you want to be his bitch? I stand by my words, you should not be let near anywhere that people congregate, especially airports and railway stations. I hope you are on a no fly list.

    sheikyermami Says:When was the last time you whacked your wife..”
    The only whacking being done here is by you to something small, shrivelled, and attached to your crotch. Go to therapy, it will help.


  13. Yusuf, unhinged again? Or still?

    Tell me: why did it take you six months to figure out what ‘sheik yer’mami’ means?

    How did you ever make it through law school?

    Of course Sheik Yer’mami is in your face:

    Anyhow, now that you got it: would you mind to get you get off your mama and move on?

    “Yusuf, of course we link to JW when its good. ”

    We always will. We’re friends, Yusuf.

    No, not you and me: Spencer and I. We are brothers in arms, so to speak. You have a problem with that, Yusuf? Jealous like a bitch? Why?

    Why don’t you engage Spencer in a discussion and prove him wrong, Yusuf? Clear up all the ‘misunderstandings?’ What’d you say, Yusuf, what have you got to lose?

    For the rest I’m not sinking to your level, Yusuf.

    You’re vile, we know that. You really have such a strong need to gross out everyone?

    Seek help!

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