Al Andaluz: Saudi Arabia builds mosque, doesn't pay workers

MADRID, JULY 16 – The employees of some 15 companies which have funded the mosque built two years ago by Saudi Arabia in Malaga staged a sit-in today in front of the Saudi Arabian Consulate in Andalusiàs city in order to claim the payment of the due arrears. According to trade union sources, citied by the local media, the protest takes place simultaneously with the world conference on inter-religious dialogue, organised by Saudi Arabiàs King and officially opened today in Madrid. The sit-in of the workers in front of the Consulate will stay for a few hours every day until the closure of the conference in Madrid. According to the sources, the total debt contracted by Saudi Arabia with some 15 companies from the plumbing, carpentry, air conditioning and equipment sectors amounts to one million euro, which the workers have claimed for two years, when the works on the mosque were completed at Avenida de Ingeniero de la Torre Acosta, in Malaga. The construction of the temple, for which an investment of 24 million euro was initially envisaged, required six million euro more due to changes during the construction.


Geneva: Hannibal  Gaddafi arrested for beating maids

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In Geneva, converging information broadcast by Radio Suisse Romande reported the arrest of a son of Libyan President Muammar Gaddafi for abuse of  maids.

According to the Geneva office of the RSR, this is Hannibal Gaddafi, the second son of  the Libyan president dictator. He was arrested with his bodyguards yesterday during a police raid in a large hotel in Geneva. He spent last night in the Palace of Justice. The case is linked to ill-treatment of domestic workers.

* How can you give the Gaddafi’s a ‘bad name?’


Qaddafi’s number two son behind bars in Geneva

Geneva, Switzerland (RSR, Fre) – RSR reported Wednesday evening that the second son of Libyan President Qaddafi, Hannibal (real name Mottassim Bilal) was hustled out of the President Hotel in Geneva by police Tuesday night and put behind bars for mistreating domestic help. Geneva police, the Swiss government in Bern, the hotel: all refused to comment, but according to the RSR reporter, it was clear at the Libyan Embassy in Bern that its government was angry. Hannibal Qaddafi has a long record of being in trouble in France, including an incident where he physically abused his pregnant companion in 2005 but the French have never arrested him. The son reportedly does not have diplomatic immunity in Switzerland. Photo of Hannibal Qaddafi: 20 Minutes.

His siblings have also made headlines frequently, his older brother as a football player, a sister who joined the legal defense team of Iraq’s Sadam Hussein, and a younger brother who has also had skirmishes with the law outside Libya.



Hannibal Gaddafi is known for his escapades in France. He was sentenced on May 23, 2005 by a Parisian Court to  a four-month prison sentence for beating his then pregnant concubine. In 2007, he was under investigation by the prosecutor of Nice, following the dismantling of a network of call-girls.

Berne does not comment

The Hotel President, where the son of the Libyan leader resided till yesterday, is keeping  embarrassingly silent.


Al Andaluz update:

February 19, 2009

“They wanted to use the Internet to distribute messages to encourage people in the Muslim world to carry out terrorist attacks in Spain, mixing nostalgic calls for the liberation of Al Andalus with praise of terrorists”

Nostalgic for the good old days. “Spanish soldier arrested over Islamist videos,” from Reuters, February 17 (thanks to all who sent this in):

MADRID (Reuters) – A Spanish soldier and his Russian girlfriend were arrested on Tuesday for posting videos on the Internet calling for Islamist attacks in Spain, the National Police said.Christian Peso Ruiz and Maria Choubina, both 24, were arrested in the city of Granada in Andalusia over the videos, which called for the recovery of territories in Spain — known as Al Andalus — which were under Muslim rule for hundreds of years, the police said in a news release.

“They wanted to use the Internet to distribute messages to encourage people in the Muslim world to carry out terrorist attacks in Spain, mixing nostalgic calls for the liberation of Al Andalus with praise of terrorists,” the police said….

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