Another one bites the dust: unemployed Turk stabs his ex-wife

Translation from Jihad Watch Germany:

The 38-year-old Mihat Ö.  stabbed his ex-wife to death.  Eight years ago he divorced his wife Seckin Ö.  The police found the corpse of the woman at an apartment at Ritter-von-Schuh Platz in Nuremberg. The injuries suffered were fatal. Seckin Ö. worked as a cleaner.

Mihat Ö. did not work and lived in a guesthouse in the southern city of Nuremberg. They had three children together

(Source: Police Bureau Mittelfranken July 9, 2008).


Two women shot dead in Quetta


* An offer you can’t refuse:

QUETTA, July 8: A man killed his sister-in-law and her mother on Tuesday following a marriage dispute.  According to police, the accused Abdul Qayyum wanted to marry the widow of his elder brother, who had been killed in Afghanistan a few months ago.

He asked her mother to let him marry her daughter, but the woman reportedly refused.

The accused again went to her house in Pashtoonabad on Tuesday with the same proposal. When she refused, he opened fire on the women, killing both of them.


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Jordanian boy murders sister for ‘honour’

Times of India

AMMAN: A 16-year-old boy has been charged with murdering his 23-year-old sister in an apparent “honour killing”, a judicial official said. 

The unnamed suspect reportedly stabbed his sister 10 times in the heart on Wednesday in a village in the north-eastern governorate of Mafraq, said the official. 

“He has confessed to murdering his sister because she disappeared from home for a month with a boyfriend,” the official said. It was the seventh reported so-called “honour” killing this year, according to security officials. 

In 2007, Jordanian authorities recorded 17 such murders, slightly up on previous years. 


Killers in such cases, however, often receive light sentences if convicted, as the parliament has twice refused to reform the penal code despite pressure from human rights groups to end the near impunity of the perpetrators.


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  1. No one hates and fears women like islamic males do. I’m sure if they had their way, women would vanish altogether and men would make do with goats, which are no doubt much more compliant.

  2. Apologists will claim these incidents have nothing to do with Koranism. Sure-3 different parts of the world and the Koran is the common denominator. What else explains this-coincidence? Not likely.

  3. IFL, it will be nothing to do with koranism, but I’m sure that Mihat Ö’s fellow residents in the
    “guest house”, as well as the local mosque, will be shocked! shocked! that such a nice muslim
    could do such a thing, and he will have a “history of mental illness”.

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