The Swine From The EU: Another Kind of Jihad

The unelected usupers of unprecedented powers in the EU are pushing their luck:

  • Italy, which has long been suffering from massive illegal  migration from Africa, Albania and the Middle East, is getting tough on crime: for too long Italians have been robbed, their houses, cars and apartments broken into and had to watch helplessly as their normally joyful society was transformed forever.
Now, with Berlusconi  firmly back at the helm, measures have been announced to crack down on crime, much of it caused by Romanian Gypsies, who have come in large numbers to take their share of the loot.
But as you can see, before anything is done the unelected mandarins of the EU flex their muscles:  according to the EU stooges  the right to live a life of crime overrides the right of a citizen to live in safety in his own country:

EU Parliament warns Italy over Gypsy fingerprinting

* Whatever it takes to destroy the nation-states of the EU:

STRASBOURG, France (AP) — The European Parliament on Thursday called the fingerprinting of Gypsies in Italy a clear act of racial discrimination and urged the authorities to stop it.

Picture postcard depicting a romantic age that never was….

In a resolution, the EU assembly said the measure is not supported by EU human rights treaties and that EU citizens of Roma, or Gypsy, origin must not be treated differently from others in Italy, who are not required to submit their fingerprints.

The Italian government has begun the Gypsy fingerprinting as part of a wider crackdown on street crime. Italian newspapers have published photographs of gloved officials taking fingerprints from the ink-stained hands of Gypsies living in around Naples, and authorities are expected to move in on camps in other cities in the coming days.

Early examples of the papers filed in Naples showed local authorities also were identifying those fingerprinted according to their religion, ethnicity and education level.

Italian Interior Minister Roberto Maroni said last week the measure was needed to fight crime and identify illegal immigrants for expulsion.

EU lawmakers called on the European Union executive to thoroughly check whether the steps taken by the Italian government violate European law.

They said Italian claims that the presence of Gypsy camps around large cities justifies the government to declare a state of emergency and implement extraordinary measures are disproportionate and inappropriate.

The parliamentary resolution, which is not binding but puts political pressure on Italy to refrain from the fingerprinting, was approved by 336 to 220 votes, with 77 abstentions. Center-left deputies voted “yes,” despite protests from conservatives.

Franco Frattini, the Italian foreign minister and former EU justice commissioner, criticized the motion as politically motivated.

* Is Frattini coming to his senses?

The fingerprinting measure “does not target ethnic groups and is not inspired by racism but by the elementary need to identify anyone who does not have a valid document,” he told the online Repubblica TV.

More than 700 encampments have been built in Italy, mainly around Rome, Milan and Naples, housing tens of thousands of Gypsies in squalid conditions.

* Typical far left BS by the social engineers of the multiculti-brigades:

The EU has no coherent, effective policy to help its 7-9 million Roma, or Gypsies, to integrate into the society. For decades, members of the continent’s largest, poorest and fastest growing minority have been at risk of social exclusion, despite many government programs designed to help them.

* You can only help those who are willing to help themselves. Who said Gypsies have any desire to integrate? Note the idiotic construct of this journo who first claims ” the EU has no coherent, effective policy…” and then contradicts himself with “despite many government programs to help them”…

They often move around in search of seasonal work and live in encampments in squalid conditions with no access to health services, education, basic sanitary facilities or jobs.

AP correspondents Jan Sliva in Belgium and Ariel David in Italy contributed to this report.

4 thoughts on “The Swine From The EU: Another Kind of Jihad”

  1. The EU has rapidly become the spiritual heir to the Third Reich-Hitler didn’t unite all of Europe under one dictatorship for nearly as long as the EU has managed to do. And it comes at a good time for Koranists-an entire continent neatly packaged for delivery in one fell swoop. Beats picking off each country one at a time.

  2. Infidela,

    I do not know where you are located in the world, but as you rightly pointed out Gypsies are not Muslim, but they have a disdain and are hostile to the host countries that they have elected to settle in like the Muslims. They are not interested in contributing to society but, only in taking whether it is in the form of socialised benefits, begging, theft, pick pocketing etc. across southern, central, western Europe.

  3. Its about crime.

    Its about infiltration and the abuse of the welfare system without any intend to ever contribute anything. Its not about ‘having anything against Gypsies’, this is against all illegal migration including Africans, Middle Easterners, illegal Muslim migration AND Gypsies who come in large numbers.

    I thought the article was clear about that.

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