Arabs take slavery to the heart of Europe

*  From Gates of Vienna:

 It is common knowledge that wherever Middle Eastern “royal” families travel, their retinue of slaves unpaid servants accompanies them. This is no secret to Western governments, who regularly tolerate such practices without the least demur.

Now, for some reason, the Brussels authorities have decided to crack down. It’s an intriguing story, more for what it doesn’t say than what it does.

Women ‘enslaved’ by Arab royals


5 thoughts on “Arabs take slavery to the heart of Europe”

  1. Yeah Joe, it is not only deafending – it is sickening. The women who mostly would be speaking up against these atrocities are actually helping the muslims along by standing side by side with them shouting down, rioting, etc against those who do speak out.

    It is just sickening what is happening.

  2. It’s hard to argue against any unsavory practice that is acceptable in Islam because such acts (as in slavery) are only following the guidelines set by the prophet Allah. Child brides and beating of wives are also acceptable under Islam because Allah made it acceptable. Anyone who insists we much accept Islam into western culture is really advocating permission for slavery, polygamy, child exploitation and reducing females to second class citizens. Is that what we want to expose western culture to? Is this the goal of multi-culturalism?

  3. Lexcan is quite correct – any attempt to install muslim values into western society should be repelled. Incidentally, there is a very high liklihood that Madelaine McCann and several other children have been sold to Arabs. Yes, the Arabs do not quite consider that the moral behaviour of the vast majority of the west is quite up to the standards of the Koran. We should be doing a little more in the rape and pillage line, and if Pope Benedict passes a papal bull saying kill all non-believers, then Islam would have found a brother religion. I suggest you folks should read some of the horror stories that are now emerging re: Saudi treatment of maids. One 20 year old Phiilipina was raped by the Arab “men” in the family she worked for, she then fell pregnant, and was then executed by the authorities for having tempted the father and son of the famiily. Her picture and story can be found on the internet, both before and after she was murdered by these arab scum. The absolute and utter contempt that I have for Arab muslims can see realised when you see the anguish on her face after death.

  4. And, BTW, multiculturalism does not work. It has failed in Europe, it has failed in the UK, and it has not one solid success to date.

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