Australia: The Age Still Cries Over Haneef

*  Who pays these wankers anyway and what is their agenda?

Govt assumed Haneef had terror link: lawyers

Confidential government documents show the Howard government never considered the possibility that Dr Mohamed Haneef was not involved in terrorism, his lawyers say.

*  Who cares?


* Keep on knocking but you can’t come in:

Palestinians storm Egyptian border crossing, attack troops with rocks

The Associated Press

RAFAH, Gaza Strip: Hundreds of Palestinians stormed the Gaza Strip’s border crossing with Egypt on Wednesday, throwing rocks at Egyptian troops and demanding to cross through, witnesses said.


The dumbest statement yet:

“Britain facing terrorist threat for another three decades”, Lord Stevens warns

*  Why? Because in 30 years the House of Lords will be the House of Mullahs and the black flag of Islam will fly over Downing Street?

* There is no end to the stupidity and ignorance of those who are sworn to protect their citizens from harm…

Telegraph UK


UK: “Terror accused would never commit such an act”, says fiancée

* He would never do a thing like that. Not very original, is it? Try finding a guilty terrorist: you’ll never find one. Because Muslims are always innocent, and infidels are guilty because they reject the religion of Allah…

THE fiancée of a man accused of preparing to be a suicide bomber said yesterday that they were looking forward to the future together. She said: “We made sure every day was special for us. Arafat would make any Valentine’s Day or my birthday special for me. We would go out to bars, restaurants or the student union bar, we used to go out together a lot.”

* Muhammedans are famous for celebrating Valentines day in bars and restaurants (sarc off)


UN envoy wanker whines over Gitmo, says trials unfair

“It would violate international law to execute someone following this kind of proceeding,” he said.

*  So far there are no UN-envoys on the list for execution…


Rapists, Pedo’s, Misogynists, Jihad-Terrorists Find Safe Haven in Britain

*  The judge said he was not recommending deportation because of procedural matters.

Norwich Evening News


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  1. Egypt? What? The Pals brothers in Allah don’t want them either? They have nothing to do with their plight? Where’s Doo-Doo? He’s looking for ‘hatred’ against Muslims and all things perceived as ‘unbecoming’ Islam, is he not? Oh I forgot that’s only amongst the Kafir. (New UN ideals to unite the world, no less.) Guess they never heard the old saying ‘kindness begins at home’, I mean ‘Jordan’. I always wondered what a ‘paradox’ is. Are we living in it?

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