Polygamy Poll Results:

83  %  are totally opposed to changing any laws for polygamous Muslims

3  %   said we should consider it “in some cases”

9  %   think the useful idiots and the multiculti-brigades will cave in anyway (whimps!)

6  %  would agree, but only after Australia becomes islamic. In the meantime NO child support…

* Note that Keysar Trad said “in the current climate” we are not pushing to change any laws. Translation: things will change with increasing numbers…

New Poll starts NOW:

Should the death penalty be reinstated, yes/no?

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3 thoughts on “Polygamy Poll Results:”

  1. Better keep an eye on the government, Brown snuck it into the UK years back, we knew nothing of it,
    British men should now practise polygamy claim extra benefits that way it would soon be ended,
    Trials cost too much, and prison places are as rare as an honest politician.

  2. You should introduce selective sharia law. Any divorced muslim woman that gives birth – proof positive of immoral behavior – should be stoned to death. If they then claim they are married and dna proves the father is the ex-husband, charge them with benefits fraud, confiscate their assets to the amount claimed and deport them.

  3. I agree with yorkieclass!

    Allow westerners to start polygamous relationships…“what’s good for the Goose is good for the Gander”, and see how long this lasts.

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