Australian Immigration Scandal: Pro-Muslim Bias Created by Corrupt Local Case Officers

* Merkel  in Germany: Only Christians from Iraq, please

Department told ‘bring more Christians’

* The clear subtext here is that Christians will assimilate better than Muslims. Australia should extend its welcoming hand to people who have suffered religious persecution in Islamic countries. In particular, that means the Christians.

The Australian

FORMER immigration minister Kevin Andrews instructed his department to lift the intake of Christian refugees from the Middle East in response to what he saw as a pro-Muslim bias created by corrupt local case officers.


The Weekend Australian says Mr Andrews was so concerned about the extent of corruption in Middle Eastern posts – despite the allegations being investigated and dismissed by his own department – that he wrote to then prime minister John Howard advocating a $200 million plan to replace local employees with Australian staff in 10 “sensitive” countries, including Jordan, Iran and Egypt. 

* Corruption and cronyism in Muhammedan countries is bad enough, but there are also plenty of  Islamic moles and infil-traitors in the Immigration department at home as well

Opposition immigration spokesman Chris Ellison said yesterday this remains Coalition policy. 

“We do not want discrimination or bias occurring … and that’s why I believe it is appropriate that our sensitive overseas posts, such as those in the Middle East, are staffed by Australians,” Senator Ellison said. 

* Slightly overdue, don’t you think..?

A Department of Immigration spokesman said there were no substantiated cases of anti-Christian discrimination in Australian embassies and no plans to replace “Islamic locally engaged staff” with Australian officials. 

An investigation by The Weekend Australian has discovered Mr Andrews was petitioned by the Australian Christian Lobby to address alleged religious discrimination against Iraqis. Before losing office in the November 2007 election, he ordered the number of Christian Iraqi refugees to be increased by 1400 for 2007-08, almost doubling the previous year’s Iraqi total of 1639. 

“Put it this way, it was made very clear to the immigration department that more Christian refugees were wanted,” a Howard government source said. 

In his letter to Mr Howard in August last year, Mr Andrews, a devout Catholic, proposed significant changes to the refugee selection process. 

In the letter, seen by The Weekend Australian, Mr Andrews accused the case workers in Australian embassies of fraud and bribery when processing migration applications. 

Such posts are predominantly staffed by local workers. 

He said this raised “considerable security risks”. 

Mr Andrews named 10 countries – Pakistan, India, United Arab Emirates, China, Iran, Lebanon, Jordan, Kenya, Russia and Egypt – in which the posts should be staffed exclusively with Australian departmental officers. 


The non-Muslim countries named by Mr Andrews are understood to be less riddled by religious discrimination and more so by corruption, a source told The Weekend Australian. 

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  1. Salaam

    Pope was not greeted by Australian Aboriginals, because Church and Australian Establishment were responsibelo for much of the abuse experienced by them. They were being deprived of their culture,faith and languages. They were being forced to convert.

    Muslim community of Australia must learn lesson form Aboriginals, otherwise, their future generations would be lost in the jungle of Australia. They must demand state funded Muslim schools with their bilingual Muslim teachers as role models. There is no place for a non-Muslim teacher or a child in a Muslim school.

    Bilingual muslim children need to learn standard English to follow the National Curriculum and go for higher studies and research to serve humanity. They need to learn Arabic to recite and understand the Holy Quran. They need to learn Urdu and other community languages to keep in touch with their cultural roots and enjoy the beauty of their literature and poetry.

    A Muslim is a citizen of this tiny global village. He/she does not want to become monolingual Australian.

  2. * A Muslim is a citizen of this tiny global village.

    For a limited time only. For a clue to what God has in store for those who follow the
    false prophet “Mohammed”, read Ezekiel 38 and 39. God will set the hook, and draw
    nations such as Iran (Persia) against Israel, and destroy them, and the way Ahmadinejad
    is feeding on the berley, it won’t take much more than a #10 mullet hook to drag Iran
    to its destruction.

  3. I recall Howard boasting that “We will decide who comes to this country, and the circumstances
    in which they come!” or words to that effect. So many of his “decision people” in my area in
    veils & penguin suits since “9/11”, and Kevin “Blowtorch” Rudd apparently wants more of
    the same. Destruction of Oz from within is a bipartisan undertaking.

  4. * There is no place for a non-Muslim teacher or a child in a Muslim school.

    Likewise, there is no place for a muslim school or muslim child in a non-muslim land.
    Deal, Iftikhar?

  5. Ahmad>>”There is no place for a non-Muslim teacher or a child in a Muslim school.

    There’s no place for non-Muslims in Saudi Arabia either, period! Dude, you stink sooooo bad! Shouldn’t you get your own house in order before you tell someone how to run theirs?

  6. Sheik

    Ifthtikar Achmad is a known troll. He popped up on the Up Pompeii blog in the UK a short while ago. Suggest you stick his comments in the spam box. He’s only saying the same stuff he said there. A very limited repertoir.

    Readers – you know the rules: don’t feed the trolls.

    Anyway – he’s a really sick sexual fantasist – read this from his blog:

    I believe this is an effort to send us off on a tangent that will discredit us in the eyes of our dhimmi-inclined fellow citizens across the Western world. It is such obvious bollux.

  7. Achmad,

    Your emails (including that noted by Sir Henry) have been sent to relevant police authorities. You should hope that the authorities find you first.

    Re: your rubbish about the Aboriginal peoples of Australia. You clearly do not understand, or are incapable of understanding, the very deep spitual nature of the Aboriginal belief systems. In most ways it is highly superior to the violent rubbish you call Islam and the Aboriginal people do not want violent scum like you in their lives. At the present, the Aboriginal people are in crisis, and any threat by a muslim fanatic as regards to the safety of the Aboriginal people will be dealt with very severely. You have made such a threat and it will not go unpunished. Ths is not just a warning – wheels have now been set in motion with the intention of bringing you to justice. Note: any mindless dhimmi-inclined citizens are expected to do some homework re: aborginal societies and belief systems before blindly accepting with this dishonest and stupid muslim thug has written.

    Re Popes visit: The pope’s visit was for the majority catholic population of Australia. He did meet with aboriginal peoples. Incidentally, while the missions did teach catholic beliefs to the Aboriginal people they were never forced to accept the catholic ways. Muslims. who have always shown no respect for other belief systems, did force other cultures to accept their backward religion at the point of a sword. The catholic church and the Australian government aplogised some time ago for the errors that were made by them – there has been no such apology from the muslim world for their decimation of the cultures of central-west africa, south and south-east asia where the muslim poison kills hundred of innocent people on a daily basis. You know nothing about the aboriginal peoples of Australia, and it is insulting for them to be considered as useless and as helpless and incapable of living in the modern world as muslim thugs like you dominstate on a daily basis. Incidentally, sexual abuse by Imans is quite common in the muslim middle east however the muslims, as always, close their eyes and pretend all is okay. The Christian churches are now taking full responsibility for whatever evils have been done by their representatives. It will be quite a while before the cowardly muslims will have the stomach to face up to their own misdeeds.

    Re: poetry and art: Most cultures have made beautiful art or writing beautiful songs. It appears from your email that you do not have the intelectual capacity to ejoy the art of other cultures – therefore it is very doubtful that you can enjoy that of your own culture.

    Finally, you have shown exactly why Muslim schools should never be allowed. I charge you with the detruction of your youth, forcing a narrow minded bigoted and violent interpretation of a narrow minded, violent and biggoted belief system onto these people, thereby ensuring that they will never live in harmony with others and that they will always be third class citizens – narrow minded violent scum like you Achmad are responsible for the fate of your people – and after reading your silly email one can see why. If you were intelligent you would help your people by committing suicide.

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