"There is no humor in Islam" update

* The above quote, as you may be aware, is attributed to the Ayatollah Khomeini who started the Islamic ‘revolution’ in Iran which resulted in the revival and upsurge of the global jihad which is terrorizing us now.

* Today  we have discovered an article in the Pakistan Daily that pulls all the registers of Islamic taqiyya and deceit, without ever addressing the obvious: the 1400 years of jihad against the world. Talk about clichés, here you get it all on a silver platter: involuntary humor, stupidity, denial of the obvious, Tu Coque and brazen lies. And if you ever wondered why Muhammedans always tell you that there are several billion of them who will all be coming to get you if you draw a Muhammad cartoon, they’ll tell you in the same sentence that the ‘terrorists are only a tiny minority of extremists’- so tiny in fact, that you can’t even see them under a microscope, and that all of that has -of course- nothing to do with Islam. What are you, some kind of Islamophobe?

“Do not be fooled by the west’s propaganda on Islam”

Pakistan Daily

“There is an ongoing slander campaign against Islam, claiming that it is a religion that promotes violence and hinting that it seeks world conquest.”

* Really? Who would have thought…?

Winds of Jihad Reality Check:

“The chief weapon in the quiver of all Islamist expansionist movements, is the absolute necessity to keep victims largely unaware of the actual theology plotting their demise. To complete this deception, a large body of ‘moderates’ continue to spew such ridiculous claims as “Islam means Peace” thereby keeping non-Muslims from actually reading the Qur’an, the Sira, the Hadith, or actually looking into the past 1400 years of history. Islamists also deny or dismiss the concept of ‘abrogation’, which is the universal intra-Islamic method of replacing slightly more tolerable aspects of the religion in favor of more violent demands for Muslims to slay and subdue infidels”



Before you buy the malarkey that is being produced by people with their own agendas or prejudices or who are just plain ignoramuses, follow these few suggestions.
* Amazing: were it not for ‘people with their own agendas or prejudices’ we would surely see the light of Islam and no longer be ignoramuses…obviously, Islamic terror has nothing to do with it…

“You do it too..”

Compare the history of Islam with the history of Europe, which for centuries was called Christendom. An objective look will show you that Christendom wins by a landslide when it comes to violence and wars. After all, Europe and its offspring did not come to dominate the world, including the Islamic countries, because they practiced the gentle virtues of Jesus.

* A common Muhammedan claim, but false. Most of the wars in Europe were not faught about or because of Chistianity…

As for the common practice of cherry-picking Scripture from holy writings and presenting it out of context, just check out what Christians call the Old Testament. There you will find God advocating a double standard of morality, condoning slavery, ordering the Israelites to commit genocide and committing infanticide himself on a mass scale. I don’t believe you will find anything comparable in the Quran.

* The Old Testament is at best a historical record. Its about what happened then and there. It is not meant to be taken literally like the Koran, which  commands perpetual warfare against unbelievers until the world is Islamic and genocide on Jews. Slavery?  Islamic countries are the worst offenders in the world today.

*   “Jihad is inner struggle”

The word “jihad,” which is so over-used these days, has, like a lot of words, more than one meaning. It means basically to struggle, but this can be personal or spiritual, or a peaceful political struggle. Only if Islam is attacked are Muslims required to defend it. As for that obnoxious propaganda term “Islamo-fascist,” just recall that fascism is a European invention by nominal Christians. To my knowledge, the only fascist governments ever to exist on this planet were all European and nominally Christian.

* 1400 years of ongoing jihad-warfare against the rest of the world and the global jihad in more than 30 theaters of war around the world are proof that jihad is offensive not defensive warfare. The Islamic scriptures have only one reference re ‘greater jihad’ versus 164 jihad verses in the Koran and uncounted hadiths that make the ‘inner struggle’ apologies a mockery of anyones intelligence.

Another canard is that Islam promotes forced conversion. Not so. Even when the Arab empire was expanding, rarely were any of the conquered people forced to convert. The Quran even forbids it, as I recall. Naturally, once Muslims were in charge, a lot of people decided it was in their own self-interest to convert, but this is just one of the sleazy aspects of human nature.

*  Here is just ONE example of kidnapping and forced conversion, something that’s been going on since the days of Muhammad. More than a million white women were kidnapped from the shores of Europe when the Barbary pirates went on their raids. No Abdullah, you cannot blow smoke our way, we are too well informed to buy into your distortions.

I remember when Florida elected its first Republican governor of the 20th century. I saw plenty of people crawl out from under their rocks and convert to the Republican Party, drawn by the smell of patronage. With some rare exceptions, human beings always act in what they perceive, rightly or wrongly, to be in their self-interest.

* Unreleated to this subject. Stay on topic, Abdulla…

It was Christian Europe that slaughtered the Jews, and nothing remotely resembling the Holocaust is to be found in the history of Islam. In fact, during the past, when Jews were being persecuted by Christian Europe, they frequently fled to and found sanctuary in the Muslim countries. Until Israel was established, practically every Muslim country had sizable Jewish populations dating back centuries. And there are still Jews and Christians in some Muslim countries.

* First of all:  these Jews were mereley ”allowed to live’ as dhimmi’s, in abject poverty and without any rights, there were regular purges and mass-murder on Jews, check Maimonides, etc…and the Mufti of Jerusalem who was such a great friend of Hitler established the Handschar brigades, who wiped out the Jews in the Balkans.

* Genocide on Jews dates back to Muhammad. The  Genocide on other peoples (80 million Hindus under Mughal rule in India) and the genocide on the Christian Armenians and Greeks in Turkey may be denied by Muhammedans, but the evidence is undeniable. The complete annihilation of the Zaroastrians and the Bahai are real and undeniable, as well as the ongoing attacks and oppression of the Christian Copts in Egypt.

* The ‘tiny minority of extremists’ canard

A final suggestion is that when you hear some individual radical Muslim being quoted, just remember he is one of a billion people and speaks only for himself and his small following. And be wary of the quotations he uses, for they are often deliberately fabricated or distorted.

* Hardly, Abdullah: When there is cartoon-rage or Teddy-Bear rage or Pope or Koran rage we hear from the Muslims everytime that the whole ummah of billions will all come out to get us. You can’t have it both ways and now tell us they are just a ‘tiny minority of extremists’.. that doesn’t wash. We have seen enough.

If Muslims really desired to conquer the world, don’t you think it’s strange that we’ve been living in peace with them for nearly a millennium and a half, except for those times when we attacked them (the Crusades, the European colonial movement and our invasion of Iraq)? Don’t forget either that some of the countries the Bush administration calls allies are themselves Muslim — Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, etc.

* You’ve lost the plot, Abdulla. Who’s been living in peace with whom? Who attacked whom? 

“Go back to sleep..”

You have nothing to fear from Islam. The al-Qaida movement is a tiny percentage of Muslims and wouldn’t be the force it is except for the fact that the Bush administration has gone out of its way to make all of Osama bin Laden’s propaganda become true.

* Al Qaeda, al Schmaeda. Every Muslim who takes his religion seriously is a mortal danger to us and to himself. The Bush administration showed a lack of resolve and knowledge to deal with the Islamic onslaught, but that is only a matter of time now. People are becoming increasingly aware about what’s in store for them if Muhammedan barbarity has its way. We cannot coexist. Islam must be eradicated, destroyed, ridiculed and exposed just like Communism. It will be: it is only a matter of time…




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  1. >>”“Do not be fooled by the west’s propaganda on Islam

    Joe Grey>>Savage, if y’all don’t want cowardly Muslim barbarism reported, all you wackos have to do is (pay real close attention)**NOT MURDER PEOPLE!!!**

  2. Ban Islam for past and present War Crimes

    Muhammed: The Con Man and False Prophet

    As we are against terrorism in the world for the ultimate survival of our society, I’m offering viewpoints to win the battle against Islam’s goal of world domination, which is stated in their writings.

    Muhammed and his sayings, found in the Koran, Hadiths, Sunnahs and Surahs, are the root of Muslim terrorism.

    With truth and reality, we must discredit the founder of Islam, his sayings and the belief system that spawns this terrorism.

    Let the world know that Muhammed, while in Medina, organized raids on camel trains hauling trade goods, and received twenty percent (20%) of the ill gotten loot. The spiritual mechanics of functioning as a Prophet does not mix with being a thief and killing for wealth.

    Let the world know that Muhammed betrothed a six year old (6) child , in her ninth year (9) consummated their marriage sexually. He was in his fifties (50’s) at the time. The inner development of a Prophet does not function with paedophilia. Muhammed was a Paedophile. He claimed that Aisha was his only wife that caused him to experience revelations while under the blanket with her. Muhammeds counsel to others and actions, legitimized paedophilia through Islams ideology. What was the source of Muhammeds revelations as a Paedophile? All this is stated in th Hadiths and Surahs.

    On returning to Medina after taking Mecca, he attacked one of the Jewish tribes, the Qurraysa. After 28 days of siege, the Jews capitulated. Muhammed immediately ignored the terms agreed upon as part of their surrender. He ordered and watched as all males from puberty on were beheaded in a trench. Their families were made to watch this slaughter of the male children and men. Some of the women became hysterical while watching the beheading of their husbands and sons and were also beheaded. During the slaughter, Muhammed spotted a beautiful Jewish girl and selected her for his sex slave. Her name was Rayhannah. She had to watch while her mother and sister were raped. Her sister was traded as a slave for arms which is stated in both the Hadiths and the Surahs. There were three tribal groups of Jewish origin and belief in Medina at that time. Those that weren’t killed or sold into slavery were forced out into the desert to die.
    These atrocities are the actions of a demonic fiend not a Prophet.

    Muhammed also encouraged and rewarded many assassinations in his lifetime. Murder is not an activity of a Prophet.

    The fantasy paradise that Muhammed developed to entice the itinerant, uneducated Arabs to Islam is a personal bordello. This paradise in the hereafter shows a sexual fixation and addiction in the spirit of Muhammed. This is not the development of a spiritual Prophet. This demonic personality is no doubt the most successful con man ever. Muhammed has been more successful than Hitler and the Nazi movement in longevity, size of his organization and hatred of the Jews.

    Compare Muhammed to all former Prophets and founders of great religious movements, East and West, and it easily shows us how debased he was. His organization was developed by tacking spiritual words to robbery, killing, conversions by the sword and terrorism with Fatwas which are all fiendish acts. This activity by his followers is presently seen on television clips with kidnapped, innocent people being beheaded in praise of Allah.

    Last but not least, Allah was one of over two hundred and fifty (250) idols in the Ka’aba. After taking Mecca, Muhammed destroyed all other tribal idols except for the Quraysh tribe’s idol and pronounced Allah the one and only God.

    I believe that, in warfare against terrorism, we must attack the heart and not just the tentacles of Islam with truth. We must not let this perversion of religion spawn numberless adherents to Muhammed’s words to expand their terrorism. We must confront terrorism head on.

    When combating Evil remember: Appeasement is like feeding a steak to a tiger in the hope that it will eventually become a vegetarian.

    International Ban Islam petition:


    Canada’s for debate in the House of Commons:


    Guardians of Democracy site:


    Unfortunately, Muslims in debate or negotiations are forced to LIE to preserve Islam’s integrity. This noble Islamic activity is called “TAKIYA”.

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