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Jihad group growing in China

As the learned analysts misinterpret American gains in Iraq as heralding the end of the global jihad movement, news from elsewhere is already showing how wrong they are. “Radical Islam stirs in China’s remote west,” by Ben Blanchard for Reuters, July 6 (thanks to Jihad Watch):

KASHGAR, China (Reuters) – In a backstreet of the old Silk Road city of Kashgar, the Chinese government has been spray-painting signs on dusty mud brick walls to warn against what it says is a new enemy — the Islamic Liberation Party.Better known as Hizb ut-Tahrir, the group says its goal is to establish a pan-national Muslim state, or Caliphate.


Hizb ut-Tahrir is an international jihadist organization.

China says Hizb ut-Tahrir are terrorists, and claim they operate in the far western region of Xinjiang, home to some 8 million Muslim, Turkic-speaking Uighurs, many of whom chafe under Chinese rule.But the group, and some observers, say they do not espouse violence, and they accuse China of playing up the threat as an excuse to further crack down in restive Xinjiang, especially ahead of this summer’s Beijing Olympics.


They don’t espouse violence. They espouse Sharia. Does China want to live under Sharia? Do free people want to live under Sharia? Does it matter that Hizb ut-Tahrir won’t be blowing anyone up on its way to instituting this oppressive system?

“Strike hard against the Islamic Liberation Party” and “The Islamic Liberation Party is a violent terrorist organization” read the signs in Kashgar, written in red in both Chinese and Uighur’s Arabic-based script.Residents passing by appear to give little heed to the notices, accustomed as they are to daily barrages of propaganda from the government denouncing “splittism,” “illegal religious activities” and calling for ethnic unity and harmony.

“I don’t know what that group is,” said one Uighur, who declined to give his name, shaking his head and scurrying away. […]

Beijing accuses militant Uighurs of working with al Qaeda to use terror to bring about an independent state called East Turkestan. It claims to have foiled at least two Xinjiang-based plots this year to launch attacks during the Beijing Games.

But the emergence of Hizb ut-Tahrir is a recent phenomenon in Xinjiang.

“The organization is extremely resilient and its influence, although limited to southern Xinjiang, seems to be growing,” said Nicholas Bequelin of Human Rights Watch.

“The prison authorities are also worried about the influence of Hizbut followers on other inmates,” he added.

But it seems unlikely they represent the threat to Xinjiang that China likes to portray, said Dru Gladney, president of the Pacific Basin Institute at Pomona College, California, and a Uighur expert.

“For most Uighurs who are activists, though some of them are very religious in their Islam, their main goal is sovereignty for Xinjiang. Hizb ut-Tahrir doesn’t support that. They support a worldwide Caliphate, not any one independent region,” he said….


Sure, but one is a step to the other.


BBC: Bleeding hearts and ‘human rights’ for jihadists

Muslim Uighurs

The crackdown is done in the name of counter-terrorism, the report says

China has been accused by two US-based human rights groups of conducting a “crushing campaign of religious repression” against Muslim Uighurs.It is being done in the name of anti-separatism and counter-terrorism, says a joint report by Human Rights Watch and Human Rights in China.

It is said to be taking place in the western Xinjiang region, where more than half the population is Uighur.

China has denied that it suppresses Islam in Xinjiang.

It says it only wants to stop the forces of separatism, terrorism and religious extremism in the region, which Uighur separatists call East Turkestan.

Detentions and executions

The report accuses China of “opportunistically using the post-11 September environment to make the outrageous claim that individuals disseminating peaceful religious and cultural messages in Xinjiang are terrorists who have simply changed tactics”.


Ethnically Turkic Muslims, mainly in Xinjiang
Made bid for independent state in 1940s
Sporadic violence in Xinjiang since 1991
Uighurs worried about Chinese immigration and erosion of traditional culture


The authors of the report say it is based on previously undisclosed Communist Party and Chinese government documents, local regulations, press reports and local interviews.

The report says the systematic repression of religion in Xinjiang was continuing as “a matter of considered state policy”.

Such repression ranges from vetting imams and closing mosques to executions and the detention of thousands of people every year, it claims.

“Religious regulation in Xinjiang is so pervasive that it creates a legal net that can catch just about anyone the authorities want to target,” said Sharon Hom, Executive Director of Human Rights in China.

The report also reveals that almost half the detainees in Xinjiang’s re-education camps are there for engaging in illegal religious activities.

Uighurs make up about eight million of the 19 million people in Xinjiang.

Many of them favour greater autonomy, and China views separatist sentiments as a threat to the state.


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  1. Wow – the two fascist regimes of this world at odds! Let us sit back and see what happens.

    Maybe I should collect bets to see who wins.

    The Chinese commies should worry – islam is pretty insidious.

  2. Not too worry, R_not. The Chinese are ruthless and without mercy.
    I am backing the Chinese, they have no EU human rights, pc police et the middle eastern apologist to hinder their actions.

  3. I was in Xinjiang this summer, after the fighting between the Chinese vigilantes and the Uyghur let’s say separatists. The whole province was cut off from the outside world; no internet, no phone calls and no texting within the province. It had to be hermetically sealed because the Chinese think that the Uyghurs revolted on orders from one Ribyia Kadeer who has been exiled to the US because she spoke out against the rather appalling treatment of Uyghurs ever since the Chinese took over in 1949.
    From day one the Chinese have been suppressing the local population, not because of their religion but because of their “backwardness” and “splittism” (not wanting to be part of China. Funnily enough.)

    The tragic thing is that these muslims were never militant or indeed part of the big muslim anti everything world until Beijing started to use 9 – 11 as an excuse to treat them even more harshly, treating every citizen as a terrorist.
    Uyghurs were moderate sunni muslims. They drank beer, danced in public with the opposite sex , dressed in normal clothes albeit with a distinct “1900” feel and seemed to treat islam (the way I observed it during my four trips there) like most christian Europeans treat christianity – like something they are born into but don’t pay much attention to.
    Now, however, because of the relentless persecution by the Chinese, some Uyghurs have drifted into terrorist cells and their former “only want to live in their own country without Chinese telling them what to do and preaching marxism and Mao Zedong thought in the mosques” have taken on a distinct pan-muslim fundamentalist hue – among some.

    What a pity.
    I abhor the way islam is going all over the world as much as the next thinking and freedom-loving person, but knowing the Chinese like I do, I would say that they treat the Uyghurs even worse than the Tibetans in many ways simply because these Central Asian people look and act so differently from themselves and because they represent The Other which cannot be allowed to exist as it is side by side with the unbridled capitalism and destruction of everything from the past which signifies China today.

    The Chinese are using the threat of terrorism as a way to legitimise what they have wanted to do all along: Exterminating or at least “cino-cising” racially different peoples, just like they’re doing in Tibet, Inner Mongolia and other “provinces” where there are ethnic minorities.

    The terrorism in Xinjiang, (bombing of buses etc,) originally just isolated cases of revolt against an intruder and with no links to world muslim fundamentalism, has now escalated into the thing we see today.

    On the one hand I’m very thankful to live in China where the
    Beardo Brigade will never take over like they’re doing in Europe; on the other I think it’s a pity that the Chinese, had they “given” the indigenous inhabitants of Xinjiang what is clearly stated in the official name of the province, “Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region” just that: autonomy, we would never see these people acting like they do today.

  4. QUOTE “I abhor the way islam is going all over the world as much as the next thinking and freedom-loving person, but knowing the Chinese like I do, I would say that they treat the Uyghurs even worse than the Tibetans in many ways simply because these Central Asian people look and act so differently from themselves and because they represent The Other which cannot be allowed to exist as it is side by side with the unbridled capitalism and destruction of everything from the past which signifies China today” – Pls remember, Cecile, this is the real world, not utopia- one cannot have their cake and eat it too. And lest you think I am targeting yr poor kind soul, rest assured that I am not one of those pompous -prick kinds who only chastise anyone bt themselves…of course you don’t buy that, and I won’t blame you…after all, who believes some annoymous mofo on Internet forums? lol…bt I know in my heart that I mean what I say…may my Maker judge me if otherwise.

    Also, the claim that you live in China surely doesn’t enable one very glaring policy fr escaping yr observant eyes- that the one-child policy, so ruthlessly enforced on the Han Chinese (remember abandoned baby girls and the resulting adoption frenzy fr American families way before Angelina Jolie caught on?) was exempted fr ethnic minorities…incl. Ugyhurs??? A a result of that they are MULTIPLYING at a rate 8x the Han population…naturally that worries the Han people, who are facing the very same problem Europe is facing today???

  5. Turkey, China sign cooperation protocol on religious affairs

    Gormez said China had a unique place in the history of Islam, as Islam had a special place in China’s history.

    Chinese Muslims can attend Islamic schools in Turkey

    Turkey, Chna agreed that Chinese students can attend religious high schools and faculties of Islamic theology in Turkey.


    Atlas Shrugs

    Everywhere Muslims live in non-Muslim countries, there is conflict and agitation, the level of which is determined by their numbers.

    Al BeBeeCeera calls it terrorism

    Once again the sharia compliant media never mention Muslims or Islam. This is a BBC story, and they are the most irresponsible and reckless when prostrating themselves before allah. The Uighurs are Muslims. Different countries use different euphemisms for Muslim. In the UK, “Asian” is used in place of Muslim. In France, “youth” or “immigrant,” or “immigrant youth.” “Moroccan” is big in Southern Europe; “North African,” too.

    In China, it’s the Uighurs.

    The Uighur detainees at Gitmo were released to the pink, sandy beaches of Bermuda; remember that?

    The Uighur Muslims attacked the Chinese embassies in The Netherlands and in Germany after the July 2009 deadly rioting by Chinese Muslim Uighurs.

    Xinjiang police attack was terrorism, China says BBC

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