Milan mosque 'to be closed down'

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Roberto Maroni


A controversial mosque in the Italian city of Milan is to be shut down, the country’s right-wing government says.

The Jenner mosque attracts about 4,000 Muslims each week, with Friday prayers often spilling out on to the street.

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Now, after years of complaints from local residents, Italian Interior Minister Roberto Maroni has said he will close the mosque by August.

A leading Roman Catholic has accused Mr Maroni of behaving like a fascist. He has rejected that charge.

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The real extend of the problem (thanks to tnr)

Jenner mosque


The Jenner mosque is based in a converted garage.

Since it opened as an Islamic cultural centre in 1988, it has outgrown its cramped surroundings – much to the alarm of people living in the neighbourhood, says the BBC’s Christian Fraser in Rome.

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It has come under the spotlight several times for alleged links to extremism.

The Muslim cleric, Abu Omar, who was known for his fiery preaching, says he was kidnapped on his way to the mosque in 2003.

He claims he was then transferred to Egypt, where he was tortured.

Twenty-six suspected CIA agents and several Italian intelligence officials are currently on trial in Milan over his alleged rendition.

Most of them are being tried in absentia.


Mr Maroni, who belongs to the anti-immigrant Northern League, has said he will press ahead with plans to close the mosque, and that anybody found praying in the street will be issued with a ticket.

The local Muslim community is being offered the use of a nearby stadium, in which the Beatles once played.

However, the council has said it can only be used four times each week and that each person will be charged on entry.

The president of the mosque, Abdel Hamid Shaari, has said he is happy to pay rent but that its members “won’t be treated like nomads”.

“We are Milanese and we are not going to accept the solution that’s being offered,” he said.

*    “Men of Faith”  stick together: the treason by the churches and the suicidal aiding and abetting of the arch-enemy of Christians and Jews makes your skin crawl:

Catholic support

The Catholic church has come out in support of the Muslim community.

The Roman Catholic priest in charge of inter-faith relations in Milan, Monsignor Gianfranco Bottoni, said that only a fascist or populist government would resort to such dictatorial methods as closing a mosque.

In an interview with the Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera, Mr Maroni said he was addressing residents’ complaints that worship regularly spilled out on to the street.

He said he had faced similar criticism from the UN children’s fund (Unicef), when the Italian government announced that it was fingerprinting all Roma people of gypsies.

However, he had convinced Unicef that the move would help get Roma children into mainstream schools, he said. 




Italy: Proposed fines for Muslims sparks controversy

From Adkronos:

Milan, 7 July (AKI) – The President of the northern Italian city of Milan, Filippo Penati, has triggered widespread debate with a controversial proposal to fine Muslims who pray on the streets outside the city’s mosque.      

According to authorities, the number of people praying on the sidewalk creates traffic and obstacles for pedestrians in the area surrounding the Viale Jenner mosque, a converted garage.

“Article 190 of the law regarding the obstruction of streets should be applied immediately,” said Penati.

“I do not know or understand why the law has not been applied before,” he said. 

The municipality of Milan should apply the law and fine transgressors, not to limit their freedom of worship, which should be guaranteed for all, but prayer carried out on the sidewalk is forbidden by the laws of our country.” 

The Viale Jenner mosque, or cultural Islamic centre, can only hold 4,000 faithful. Those who cannot fit inside bring their Islamic prayer mat and lay it on the street outside the mosque and close to passing cars.

Talks are underway to move the prayer hall to the larger ‘Vigorelli’ stadium and cycle track.


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  3. hey!
    I don’t know if the closing of the mosque is a good thing. As in the past, the reaction can be dangerous. I am living in Poland, so You probably know, that we have a small Muslim
    Community and it is here since ages. Of course we don’t have problem like other west european countries, but still, i dont’ think acts like this in Milan can get Italy and than all Europe to a better, safer future. Great site.

  4. aguirre said:

    I don’t know if the closing of the mosque is a good thing. As in the past, the reaction can be dangerous……i dont’ think acts like this in Milan can get Italy and than all Europe to a better, safer future.

    So what is Europe supposed to do, just lie back and enjoy the rape of European civilization by these barbarians? Fear of muslims’ reaction is strangling Europe with political correctness. If they react with violence, the full weight of the law should come down on them, swift and hard. No more appeasing muslims!

  5. The islamisation of Europe is a disgrace to the men of Europe. I wonder what has happened to the men of Europe. I wonder if there are any men left in Europe…appart from Serbia which we all betrayed, I think the men of Europe are all homosexuals now.
    Fight the filth of islam without any apology. They are disgusting barbaric savages and any who don’t know that by now are fools or traitors.

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  8. Bismillaah ir Rahmaan ir Rahiim. Salaam/Peace. It is surprising that a people that have benefited from the good things that Allah, – All Glory Be To him – has given, would turn their back on HIM, – Blessed Be HE, Forevermore, – and those that accept The Way of Life, that HE, – All Praise Is Due HIM, Alone – has prescribed for HIS, servants. I feel shame for such humanity. Peace. Abdul

  9. I do think closing down the mosque is an infringement on the freedom of religion. Since they pray on the sidewalk, the city should have the decency to pressure wash them regularly, particularly on Fridays.
    Since there are so many Islamophobes out there, the city should also send their female (to make sure the muzzies are not intimidated) canine squad to patrol the front of every prayer group.

  10. Why hasn’t the Vatican kicked them out? That place has to be overrun with all kinds of intelligence agencies. Infidela yes I wonder too…

  11. Adbul, allah has done nothing – he is a figment that you created – and you are so stupid that you believe your own fiction. To the muslims who pretend to be milanese – NO YOU ARE NOT – YOU ARE INVADERS!!

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