Dalai-lala-Lama: "Man of Faith" or Fool for the World?

Guru’s of the World, Unite!

* The Darling Guru of the peace & love generation, the Dalai Lama, can do no wrong: like Peanut Khadr, he is seen as a ‘Man of Peace’, or even more so a “Man of Faith’. Hippies, Yuppies and DINKS (double income, no kids) sit beside ferals and peaceniks  from all the nations of the world to listen to his indigestible schmooze as if it was heavenly wisdom. On the one hand, one could feel sorry for him for losing his feudal castle in the sky, on the other hand the Chinese may have more reasons than one for trying to bring Tibet into the modern age. But, as any properly indoctrinated PC-apostle will tell you: who are we to judge? And isn’t bringing a backward people forcibly into the modern age oppression? Yep, nobody should support the Chinese in their brutal tyranny of Tibet, but what can we in the West learn from a man like the Dalai Lama? Especially since he tells us that ‘Islam is a Religion of Peace’ (what would make him do that?)  And if he doesn’t know anything about Islam, wouldn’t it be better for him to keep his mouth shut?


Dalai Lama continues portraying Islam as “religion of peace”

Dhimmi Lama back at it again, reassuring all future Buddha-exploding Taliban and jihadists of his continued dhimmitude: “Dalai Lama defends Islam as peaceful religion,”  AP,


The Dalai Lama said Sunday that “it’s totally wrong, unfair” to call Islam a violent religion.

The Tibetan spiritual leader, appearing at Lehigh University in Pennsylvania, offered a defense of Islam in response to a question about the rise of violent religious fundamentalism. He added that he has made a point of reaching out to Muslims since the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001.

* Dalai Lama condemns Christian, Muslim practice of seeking converts

The Dalai Lama arrived at Lehigh on Thursday for a series of talks on a 600-year-old Buddhist text. He took a break Sunday to lecture on “Generating a Good Heart,” and afterward took questions from Lehigh President Alice P. Gast that had been submitted in advance by the public.

Guru’s Everywhere You Look:

Global Warming Guru

Ham-ass -lickin’ Guru

Dalilalalama Guru worshipper Pelosi

Koran kissing Guru

Chairman Mao with Happy Buddha

Kool Aid Guru         Pedophile Mass-murdering Guru

Control Guru Hitler: “I use emotion for the many and reserve reason for the few.”

Asked why so many Americans are depressed and anxious, he joked: “I’m the wrong person to ask. You should ask Americans.” Then he answered that U.S. society is too competitive and that people always want “something more, something more, something more.”

The Dalai Lama, who attracted a capacity crowd of about 5,000, did not mention next month’s Beijing Olympics. The Chinese government has demanded that the Dalai Lama express support for the Olympics and repudiate efforts to disrupt them as a condition for continued talks.

China has governed Tibet since the 1950s. The Dalai Lama, who fled to India amid a failed uprising in 1959, has said he wants some form of autonomy that would allow Tibetans to freely practice their culture, language and religion.

The Dalai Lama, who turned 73 on July 6, said Sunday that he’s looking forward to “complete retirement.” He joked that he’s now considered a “senior most respected adviser” to Tibet’s government in exile.

He is scheduled to speak at the Kimmel Center in Philadelphia on Wednesday.


*  Fitzgerald comment:


And on what basis does the Dalai Lama presume to say this? On the basis of study? Impressions gathered while meeting various Muslim leaders or others who assure him that Islam is just swell? Meetings with Uighurs who share a common enemy, and who brush aside any hint of the Jihads — the last one was in 1930 (see “The Gobi” by Mildred Cable), and since then successive Chinese governments have kept the “Turkestan” probem manageable.

Perhaps the Dalai Lama suffers from paulingitis. That is a condition, named after Linus Pauling, a Nobel Prize winner in chemistry, who allowed himself to be taken, took himself, for a political sage. The Dalai Lama is a symbol of Tibetan refusal to role over and play dead, and of the very idea of cultural diversity; one wishes a free Tibet, among other reasons, so as to preserve a certain culture and way of life that is rapidly being sinified.

Does the Dalai Lama not know that the greatest force for cultural sameness, for monotonous, for flattening out, for ending diversity in one vast Umma, is Islam itself?

No, of course he doesn’t. He doesn’t have to think about these things. He’s the Dalai Lama. He’s practically a saint. We don’t impose the same demands on him that we do on the rest of us, the tiresome non-saints here below.

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6 thoughts on “Dalai-lala-Lama: "Man of Faith" or Fool for the World?”

  1. It seems that the Dalai Lama has lost all credibility (if he had any to begin with) by his stupid and naive statement about Islam. The world can no longer revere him or his wisdom if he shows himself to be a fool when it comes to worldly matters.

  2. When the crescent moon is in the seventh house, and Jupiter aligns with Mars …

  3. Note to Dalai Lama: Communism is bad, but Islamania is far older and far worse.

  4. I think you folks are quite out of line with this one. Firstly there is no single interpretation of Islam and the Dalai Lama is basically appealing to the better nature of muslims. If muslims are sufficiently intelligent they will listen and learn. I dont quite agree with the Dalai Lama, but you should interpret what he says with an understanding of what his belief system is. While I am quite convinced that the only treatment for islamists is a shotgun to the head, I am also quite convinced that the majority of muslims are normal. I am speaking here about the mostly about the educated folks (and I do not mean a madrassa education!!), not the backwoods apes that believe they have a god-given right to abuse women and non-muslims. The backwoods apes come from the Madrasssas, which is why madrassa educated muslims should never be allowed to run independent schools. They have not yet shown that they can be trusted. The real problem we have is a cultural one – and I believe that rephrasing the religous problem as a cultural problem is quite valid and a step that should be taken so that the misuse of our legal system by muslims can be reduced.

  5. I am a Christian. I will never kill or injure another human being because they do not believe as I believe. I will never fly a plane into a building and kill innocent muslims…..Any religion that encourages or condones the senseless killing in the name of Religion….is without question a “False/Fictional Religion.

    I know some will say, “all muslims are not killers”….and I agree….but many confessing the muslim faith are killing. It is up to good muslims to protect their religion from bad muslims…if it indeed is not their intent or practice to kill everyone who does not believe in Islam.

    My daughter is Catholic…I’m Baptist….it would never enter my mind to kill her for being different. It’s a stupid theory to think the World will turn to one religion….so we innocent will simply have to contend with virgin seeking suiciders….brainwashed radicals until the True Savior returns.

  6. Marvin sez:

    ” It is up to good muslims to protect their religion from bad muslims…”

    So you believe that Islam itself is good and Muslims are bad because they kill in the name of Islam?

    Inform yourself: It is Islam, the Koran, sira & hadith, along with the clerics in the mosques who incite them them to kill. Islam is not a religion, as we regard religions to be something spiritual, benevolent, for the betterment of society.

    Not Islam: It is the GOOD Muslims who kill and terrorize, because that’s what Islam teaches.

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