Dearbornistan: Money for nothing and the lawsuit for free…

* Do you really believe these broads wanted to flip hamburgers in hijabs? Looks more like a setup to me:

Hijabbed Flip-Flops: Toi Whitfield, left, and Quiana Pugh said they were told they’d have to remove their hijabs in order to work at McDonald’s.

Dearborn: Two Muslim women sue McDonalds for $10 million for not hiring them over Islamic attire

Fast food restaurants have employee dress codes not only for appearances, but for hygiene and safety. With that in mind, this case is sounding a lot like the case of the women wanting to wear Islamic attire in a Midwestern tortilla factory. The local health inspector isn’t going to take kindly to long sleeves potentially brushing perishable food, and/or the grill and fryer oil, to say nothing of guidelines for hand-washing (see also: the debate over short sleeves in British hospitals). Then there is the matter of long attire and the potential need to make a quick exit in the event of a fire or robbery.

There are many functional reasons for demanding standardized attire, but there is also the matter of allowing special treatment for a small part of the work force. And would the uniform issue be the end of the demands for accommodation? For example, would these women refuse to make a burger with bacon?

“Two Muslim women sue McDonald’s, alleging discrimination,” by Gregg Krupa for the Detroit News, July 24, via DW

DEARBORN — Two Muslim women say that a McDonald’s restaurant refused to hire them, and insulted them during job interviews because they wear traditional Islamic dress.

* Actually, that’s BS also: 30 years ago you could travel through most Islamic countries without ever seeing a single female with a hijab. That came with Khomeini’s Islamic ‘revolution..’

Toi Whitfield, 20, of Detroit and Quiana Pugh, 25, of Dearborn sued McDonald’s, the owner of the local franchise and its unidentified manager in Wayne County Circuit Court on Thursday. Their representative said they are considering filing civil rights complaints with the federal and state governments.

“I applied for the McDonald’s position maybe two weeks ago and he simply (told me) I had to make a choice and remove my hijab, or I would not be able to establish employment there,” Pugh said.

“When I walked away, I was definitely hurt by it and disturbed. I was confused that it could happen here in Dearborn, with so many Muslims,” she said.

A man who would not identify himself at the restaurant, on Ford Road near Schaefer, referred all questions to representatives for McDonald’s. “We’re just trying to figure out what is going on,” he said.

The man said the manager in question at the restaurant would not have a comment.

The women are seeking $10 million in a suit.


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  1. Are there any Saudi Arabian travel agencies I can suit for not booking me a trip to Mecca?

  2. A bullet in China costs 2 yen. Buy two bullets, use a projectile weapon to insert the bullets into the heads of the two female muslim dingbats, and save the US several hundred thousand dollars from a pointless legal proceedure that is simply designed to advertise muslim wishes and waste our time.

  3. And once again a clear example of how muslims refuse to integrate into the societies that they have been allowed into.

  4. Good point, Joe. Saudi Airlines, AFAIK, forbids passengers from carrying bibles, which the
    enlightened, interfaith Swordi “government” has outlawed. $10 million would be a nice little
    earner. Eventually, companies such as Maccas will revolt against these “hurt feelings” sheikdowns.

  5. * would these women refuse to make a burger with bacon?

    I’d put them to the test, and then sue for “hurt feelings” if they refused.

  6. Load of crap. The hijab has nothing to do with Iran, all these things started when Feisal, direct descendant of Wahabi took the throne of Sowdi. The ’73 oil crisis started paying for the 1000’s of mosques that have been put up in kaffir lands.

  7. * Two Muslim women sue McDonalds for $10 million

    Hamburgler is alive & well in Dearbornistan …

  8. McDonalds should sue the two ladies(?) for, say, $20 million.

    For applying for the jobs, knowing full-well that a fast food outlet such as McDonalds has employee dress requirements.

    For causing distress and mental anguish to the manager by knowing full-well that he could not employ them and that he would be upset by having to refuse them.

    The parasites.

  9. A lady here in Minneapolis told these Muslim women come to the hair salon she works at for haircuts and they have to go into the bathroom and shut the door to do the haircuts. Its nothing more than forcing us kaffirs to submit to their beliefs by catering to them. If we continue to allow submission in things like this deemed more “innocent”, soon the exercise of
    anything unIslamic will be challenged.

  10. What the owner asked the two women to do was reasonable. Sorry I don’t want their burka’s touching my hamburgers. It’s unsanitary.

  11. Setup! If they’re so devout to the point of dressing in the death shrouds then how could they want to work in a place full of those haram pork by products?

  12. Or maybe some drunk might mistake one of them for Batman and take a swing at one of ’em!

  13. I’m looking forward to the day, when a fully burqad muslima applies for a strippers job in a night club, and then sues for being accepted.

  14. You’re not wrong, Chiccio.

    Indeed, Sowdi Arabia is behind financing the global jihad with weapons and mosques, but the Islamic ‘revolution’ was largely fueled by the overthrow of the Shah and Khomeini. His success and the humiliation of America drives the Koranimals to this very day…

  15. Its unfortunate the twin towers were not filled with the likes of the people posting here

  16. I see the local loony ‘Scalpthewhitethieves’ has logged on do they have computer access in the asylum?

  17. Peter (the) Ferry Says:
    July 27th, 2008 at 1:25 pm
    I see the local loony ‘Scalpthewhitethieves’ has logged on do they have computer access in the asylum?

    I’m not in the asylum, I’m outside your window.

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