Ending all Muslim immigration is the most important thing that this country can do to protect itself

Fitzgerald: No more Muslim refugees from Muslim misrule

In general, Western countries should not make refugee status available to Muslims who continue to identify themselves as Muslims. If they claim that they are ill-treated under a Muslim system, perhaps because of political despotism, or perhaps because of inshallah-fatalism, or perhaps because of the mistreatment of women that is not only “cultural” but is reinforced by Islam, when it is not entirely caused by it, or perhaps because they just prefer life in the advanced West where there is great legal and social solicitude for the individual, that is all the more reason to make them either openly recognize the Muslim roots of the miserable condition of the countries from which they come, and so abandon Islam, rather than come to the overpopulated, overtaxed, disrupted and far too-tolerant and too-generous societies of the Western world, and bring their troubles to us.

Janjaweed. Literal translation = devils on horseback.

The first thought should always be: what does the admission of such people, who call themselves Muslims, do to perceived Muslim numbers, and therefore to Muslim power? We have example after example of Shi’a Iraqis and Kurdish Iraqis (see Nashville, Tennessee) who claimed to be “refugees” from Saddam Hussein, and who of course are no longer “refugees” and could go right back to Shi’a-controlled parts of Iraq, or Kurdish-controlled parts of Iraq. But they stay. And the evidence suggests that they do not abandon Islam, but are disruptive and hostile and even, and not infrequently, downright dangerous to us — to the Infidels who naively hand out that “refugee status” to all kinds of people.

Peter Faris:

*  We have Islamic terrorism in Australia because it has been brought to Australia by Islamic immigrants.

*  I will be criticised for being racist and anti-Islamic.
*  I do not care as I am speaking the truth.
Our Australian Islamic terrorists, whether home-grown (as in London) or immigrants, are fighting a war that has nothing to do with us.
Let them fight it elsewhere.

*  All immigration of Muslims should cease immediately.
*  No new migrants. No family reunions. No nothing.

When this war is over, we can reconsider our position. (This war will never be over)

*  In the meantime, let us take a bigger quota of migrants who want to settle here, become Australians and, most of all, who want to live peacefully. People such as Asians and Indians come to mind. The Chinese and Indians are not goin to kill us.



Need one point out the effect on such places as Lewiston, Maine, of the Somalis now in our midst? Foundation and government grants intended for “immigrants” have at times been monopolized by Muslims who quickly learn how to manipulate groups intended to support or promote “refugees” for purely Muslim ends. There is the increase in expense for welfare benefits, as the Jizyah is complacently relied on. There is the hostility and disruption in the schools. There are the louche activities of every kind.

What are these Somali “refugees” actually refugees from? They are refugees from the misrule of Islam. Yet they bring their Islam with them. And that spells trouble for all non-Muslims. Why should we admit those who continue to be adherents of and devout believers in a Total Belief-System that inculcates the notion that for us, the Infidels, there can only be, at best, the permanent status of dhimmis under Muslim rule — that is, a status, when Muslims rule, of humiliation, degradation, and physical insecurity.

Why should we do anything at all, in any way, to make that threat larger? It makes no sense.

And do not, for god’s sake, admit any more Somali “refugees” into this country — whether to Minneapolis, where they were recently busy organizing and voting for Ellison, or in Lewiston, where just a few years ago the Mayor was hounded as a monster for daring to suggest that the influx of Somalis was bankrupting the city and depriving native Mainers (Maine is a poor state) of aid that they needed. But he was right. He was, in fact, understating the problem. For those Somali immigrants need a level of support, though they never paid into the system. And with their wives (and sometimes hidden wives) and many children (Somali cabdrivers will boast of how they or their friends can fiddle the system, can hide a wife or two), they tax the system of benefits, local and state, beyond what anyone ever contemplated. Start making policy that is based on a clear understanding that adherents of Islam are bearers of an alien and a hostile creed, and that the more such adherents there are, the more difficult — automatically — life becomes for the indigenous Infidels, and for other, non-Muslim immigrants, as well.

Somali Muslims who settle in the non-Muslim Western world (especially Italy and the United States) inevitably add to the demographic problem, even if they were hard-working blahblahblah. All immigration from Somalia should be barred, permanently. We owe Somalis, Iraqis, and others absolutely nothing. Let them stay in their own countries, or move to other Muslim countries, where since they share the supremely defining feature of Muslims — that is, their belief-system — they may join fellow members of the Umma al-Islamiyya among whom, by the way, are many of the recipients of the most fabulous transfer of wealth in human history. Surely Saudi Arabia and the Gulf statelets, not to mention Iraq and Iran and Libya and Algeria and other members of OPEC, can take in some fellow Muslims. Isn’t that what the whole idea of that single “Umma” is all about?


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  1. >>”They are refugees from the misrule of Islam.

    Joe Grey>> Bingo! Islam is so great that they run from it when born in Islamic countries and don’t go to it when born in non-muslim countries.

  2. Excellent piece Sheik. I’ve sent a link to other anti-jihad sites I frequent. Thanks.

  3. Atom&Yves Says>>”Excellent piece Sheik.

    Joe Grey>> Sheik does great work. I love this site! We should all admire him for his courage in continuing his work even though that retard gave up his name and address.

  4. The Somalis are shockers. They used to send their girls *home* to be chopped up (FGM) and they go for the worst sort. For years in Britain the social services (and possibly the schools as well) have had to keep an eye on them to see if the girls go *missing* from school. I think the latest tg is them bringing in cutters to do it here. I find them totally repellant. The Somali men(who generally seem to be asylum seekers and in a certain age range) go around ranting at us and complaining about our country. They are probably all on the dole. I certainly wouldn’t miss them. They are the product of a foul and vicious country that is all of their own making. However I would love to try to save the girls from their own culture, but I don’t know whether they would leave their families – it would have to be their decision.

  5. Check posts regarding Somalis and Denmark – these folks have significant problems with their new citizens.

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