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(UK) Labour Makes Islam Education Compulsory for State Students…

*  All state pupils may be taught Islamic traditions as part of compulsory citizenship lessons

“We’ll ram Islam down your throats whether you like it or not, we have ways to make you like it”…

Hazel Blears: ‘We won’t dictate on matters of faith’- (but we’ll drum it into you anyway…)

State school pupils are set to be taught Islamic traditions and values in compulsory citizenship lessons.

The move  -  part of a package of initiatives announced by Communities Secretary Hazel Blears yesterday  -  is designed to curb extremism.

Education campaigners warned however against giving Islam a privileged position over other faiths.

Other plans announced by Miss Blears also drew criticism  -  including a state-funded panel of Islamic scholars and theologians to provide community leadership.

Prominent Muslims said this scheme was naive because Government endorsement would erode the credibility of those taking part, especially among the young and disaffected.

Another measure will see Muslim children being taught citizenship lessons by imams in mosque schools  -  in the hope that they will be better equipped to resist extremist messages.

* Imam’s will give them citizenship lesson! Good luck with that…!

Many Muslim youngsters in the UK attend evening classes at madrassah schools attached to mosques, where imams give instruction in the Koran and Islamic history.

Ministers want imams to stress that the Koran places a duty on all Muslims to be good neighbours, carry out voluntary work and play an active part in civic society.

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Pilot schemes will begin in October in London, Leicester, Birmingham, Oldham, Rochdale, and Bradford.

The Department for Communities and Local Government has tasked the Islam & Citizenship Education group with producing the teaching materials for mosques.

The organisation, however, wants to extend its remit to mainstream state schools by ‘teaching Islamic traditions and values in the school citizenship curriculum’.

David Conway, senior research fellow at the Civitas think-tank, said: ‘Some will see this as another sign of a creeping process of Islamisation  -  an insidious process which plays down the Christian basis of our culture and encourages children to learn more and more about Islam’s contribution.

‘Muslims are still a relatively small minority in Britain and, while I have nothing against children in our multi-religious society learning about each other’s faiths, for one particular faith to be privileged in mainstream schools seems to me pointless, and won’t make for greater harmony.

‘I fear it will play into the hands of the small minority who want to see the Islamisation of Europe, and believe they will triumph through sheer numbers.’

Unlike religious education classes, citizenship lessons, which do not cover issues of belief, are compulsory.

Nick Seaton, chairman of the Campaign for Real Education, said: ‘We should not single out one particular faith. Citizenship is supposed to be secular.

‘Children can learn about particular religious values in religious education lessons. That’s why parents have the right to withdraw. It’s a very different matter to promote a particular faith’s values as part of compulsory citizenship lessons.

‘It seems to me dangerous to single out the one faith which is probably linked to the most problems with terrorism at the moment for special treatment.’

Khalid Mahmood, project manager of Islam & Citizenship Education, stressed that the project was at a very early stage.

He said: ‘The material is being developed for the madrassahs but we are putting it together so that people in mainstream schools would also be able to use it.’

Miss Blears announced details of the panel of 20 leading Muslim experts which will have £100,000 in state funding.

Based at Cambridge University, the experts will be expected to compile reports on key issues in the lives of British Muslims, such as the wearing of Islamic veils by women.

Miss Blears insisted the new panel would be independent, adding: ‘It is not for Government to dictate on matters of faith or religious teaching.’

Dr Azzam Tamimi, of the Institute of Islamic Political Thought in London, said the scheme was doomed to failure.

He said: ‘This is a naive initiative. This not how Muslim education or awareness works.

‘When a Muslim individual seeks advice or knowledge he or she would usually go to a person they consider to be credible or an authority, and usually Muslims are suspicious of government-sponsored or organised commissions.’

Dr Tamimi told BBC Radio 4’s Today Programme ministers were trying to dictate to Muslims over religious awareness and education.

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  1. A better use of the money allocated to this insanity would be to issue one way tickets to Koranists to the ummah. No Koranists, no need for this nonsense. Send Witch Hazel to the ummah as well-she may enjoy being treated as a mere object by the good Koranic citizens of the ummah.

  2. “When the reality contradicts with islam, it is not allowed to interpret islam so as to agree with reality, because this would be a distortion of islam; instead the duty requires changing the reality so it conforms to islam.” – Hizb al-Tahrir.

    islam is delusional…

  3. I was talking to a couple of teenagers a few dsys back, trying to introduce them to politics so they might understand why their world was turning to shit (that much they already knew). Don’t you do this at school I asked. No. But I thought you did “Cirizenship” classes at school sez I. Yes. Well what do you learn about at “Citizenship” classes then? Islam.

    I kid you not, that’s EXACTLY how the conversation went, and I didn’t ask a single leading question.

    So in the UK Islam is already taught to our kids … well, the Dhimmi version anyway.

  4. NuLabour are guilty of High Treason. They have spent most of their 11 years in power tying to culturally ob literate the English because they know that they need more Labour voters to stay in power. They have done this in a number of ways including charging extra on our council tax so they could divert money to other areas (no doubt Labour ones), insulted and demonised us, punished us with laws that are applied against the Native Brits rather than to all. They have also done their best to marginalise us Brits and have been tearing down the underlying planks of democracy to try to ensure their grip on power. They have been selling our history and culture off to the EU by blindly applying the EU diktats to us and Brown has now ratified the Lisbon Treaty with no mandate and forced the Queen to countersign it. He has no mandate and WON’T give us our referendum because he knows the NO vote would be high.
    There is a lot more but that will do for a start.
    As far as Hazel Blears is concerned I won’t say what I think of her, I daren’t.
    This proposal is blatant appeasement. The muslims say that if they don’t get this, that or the other then it will only fuel extremism. This is extortion. I wonder if there is any evidence of this. The extremists have been indoctrinating muslims for years – or did NuLabour learn nothing from 7/7. NuLabour then roll over, they are such cowards.
    There will be a big backlash over this. When I was at school we did study religions but only to find out about them. Now kids are being forced to practice Islam and being muslim. Schools should be secular and only basic principles taught or not at all. There is nothing in their curriculum that relates to Britain at all, it’s as if we have disappeared.
    We are not allowed to be proud of our country, we must learn that we are to be ruled by the EU and UN (not bloody likely!) and that we have no place in our own country, we have been replaced by multiculti and diversity irrespective of any merit.
    NuLabour need to be run out of town on a rail. This used to be a great country to live in, they have turned us into a 3rd rate banana republic and aiming for a 5th rate shithole. Don’t they realise that if they hand us over to the Socialist/Marxist EU they are superfuous to requirements. They are insane.

  5. Salaam

    Muslim children do not need citizenship lessons. It is the native children who are indulged in gang culture, incivility, anti-social behaviour, drug addiction, binge drinking, teenage pregnancies and abortion. need lessons in Citizenship education.

    Muslim children need state funded Muslim schools with bilingual Muslim teachers as role models. There is no place for a non-Muslim teacher or a child in a Muslim school. As a matter of fact no non-Muslim parents would send their child to a Muslim school.

  6. Ifthikar,

    “As a matter of fact no non-Muslim parents would send their child to a Muslim school.”

    You’re right about that. Why would a parent want their kid to be treated as a subjugated non-person. Islam doesn’t regard non-Muslims as equal, so you can imagine the sort of treatment the poor infidel kid would get, from both students and teachers.

    Compare Jewish and Christian schools, which treat students of other faiths with respect.
    Plus they actually learn real subjects and the educational standard is generally very high.

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