India: the backlash, that dreaded backlash..!!

Gujarat Muslims hope for no Hindu backlash after bombings

* Gee, its hard to be a Muslim: you do your best to follow your religion and at last you succeed to “strike terror in the hearts in of the unbelievers” and then, oh shocks, horror: these filthy kuffar might just wizen up and do the same to you, unfair, isn’t it? There should be a law against it, sharia law!

Kaleej Times

AHMEDABAD, India – After serial bombings killed dozens of people here Muslim housewife Tahira Bi hopes history will not repeat itself in India’s western state of Gujarat, where memories of Hindu rage are still fresh.

With the city of Ahmedabad hit by blasts claimed by a little-known Islamist group, the spectre of a fresh outbreak of communal violence or revenge attacks on Muslims is at the forefront of concerns.

“I first saw Hindu-Muslim riots when I was 10 years old. Then again in 2002. I have no fear any more,” Bi said at her home in the communally-sensitive Naroda-Patiya residential area, where many Muslims were killed in riots six years ago.

“How long are we going to live scared and running, like cats and dogs? What has to happen will happen, but we have to go on,” said the mother of six who is in her 40s.

The riots in 2002 erupted after 59 Hindu pilgrims died in a train fire first blamed on a Muslim mob but which an inquiry later concluded was accidental.

Several investigations at the state and federal level have alleged police failed to protect Muslims, who accounted for most of the estimated 2,000 people killed in the pogrom.

After Saturday’s bombings, federal authorities have been quick to take preventative action — including the deployment of heavily-armed combat troops in potential flashpoint areas to deter riots.

At least 45 were killed and more than 160 wounded in the blasts, according to official figures.

An army commander said “anger could spread once the bodies are handed back to relatives for cremations” and that the army had been deployed “as a major psychological deterrent to riots.”

Still, many Muslims here were optimistic the city would remain calm — mainly because Gujarat’s right-wing Hindu nationalist chief minister, Narendra Modi, was only re-elected last year so had no need to whip up anti-Muslim sentiment.

Modi, a member of the main national opposition Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), has consistently denied any role in the 2002 violence.

He has also been credited with helping the state economy rebound above the national growth average of eight percent since 2002 by wooing firms such as US-based General Motors.

“This time it is not the same,” said local Muslim businessman Altaf Memon, suggesting that communal tensions have been easing since 2002.

“There is no question of riots, unless the politicians want them. I live in a Hindu area. I have a shop in the Hindu area and I don’t have to fear for anything,” Memon asserted.

A Hindu resident, who asked his name not be used, agreed with that sentiment, saying “Modi has come to power again, so he doesn’t need to divide people any more to get votes.”

“There may be some tension after the blasts, but the riots are unlikely to happen. People are tired of this violence,” said another Hindu resident Vasan Sonawane.


India: Muslim leader insists media should not associate recent bombings with Islam

* the obligatory lies, denial and obscurantism from the Mosqueteers: 8:12-13,17 “it is not ye who slew them; it was Allah…

Ostrich head-in-the-sand behavior or euphemisms will not change the facts about Islam and its “highest summit” — jihad. “Dont’ term perpetrators of blasts as Muslims: IUML,” from the Hindu, July 27:

Tiruchirapalli (PTI): Condemning Friday’s serial blasts in Bangalore, the Indian Union Muslim League has asked the media and public to not to brand the perpetrators of the deed as Muslims. 

“I appeal to the media and the public not to brand the perpetrators of the Bangalore blasts as Muslims,” State president of IUML K M Khader Mohideen told reporters here on Saturday night.

These kind of people are neither Muslims, Hindus or Christians. The Centre and the state government should take steps to nab them quickly,” he said.

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  1. >>”Gujarat Muslims hope for no Hindu backlash after bombings

    Joe Grey>>A backlash would steal the “symbolic victory” from Muslims. That’s all they have. If non-Muslims start reciprocating they’ll have to face the reality that they are **NOTHING**.

  2. Gee, how often have we heard this before after muslims start the violence?! While the so called ‘moderates’ do nothing but worry that they might get their pinkies hurt and say, this is not islam causing these problems…. blah blah blah.

    And if there is violence against them – somehow all the facts will disappear that this was started by muslims and the history will reflect it was the Hindus who started it all. That sounds familiar too. Just insert a different group of people where the word ‘Hindu’ appears in that sentence.

  3. Maybe the Koranists should deal with these fiends just once. Maybe then they wouldn’t have to worry about a “backlash”.

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