UN notes that Gaza has world's highest jobless rate, blames Israel

* When you breed generations of zombies and Jew-hating assassins, is it any wonder that such a population is unable to produce anything of value?

* The Abomination of the Desolation


Remember when, during the Gaza pullout, former World Bank President James Wolfenson, Mortimer Zuckerman and others raised $14 million to buy the Gaza greenhouses and give them to the Palestinians? At that time the New York Times reported that his call for money was received enthusiastically by the American Jewish community: “Within 48 hours, Mr. Zuckerman said, he had his $14 million. And the Palestinians had a shot at inheriting relatively intact the greenhouses whose vegetables and flowers have been a major source of Israeli export income, and, not incidentally, about 3,500 desperately needed Palestinian jobs.”

They “had a shot.” And what did they do with that shot? Palestinian jihadists destroyed some of the greenhouses. They looted others. They used some for smuggling tunnels.

But the unemployment rate in Gaza? Israel’s fault, of course!

“U.N. Says Gaza Has World Highest Jobless Rate,” from Israel National News, July 28 (thanks to DW):

(IsraelNN.com) Unemployment in the Gaza region stands at 45 percent, the highest in the world, according to a report issued by the United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration. It noted that nearly all of Gaza’s factories have shut down in the past several years. The unemployment rate in Judea and Samaria was estimated at 25 percent.The report blamed Israel’s closure of the Gaza crossings and restrictions of fuel as causes for the disastrous state of the economy. It did not note that the Gaza economy was flourishing before the Oslo War broke out almost eight years ago.




4 thoughts on “UN notes that Gaza has world's highest jobless rate, blames Israel”

  1. Note to the UN-Israel gave Gaza to the palestinians a couple of years ago, therefore the only people responsible for Gaza are the palestinians. Israel can’t even summon the backbone to say that much.

  2. Throughout history Muslims have proven to be the least productive people to have ever blighted humanity. Mohammad built his criminal empire by allowing his cult members to profit directly from the spoils of war, slavery and taxing the vanquished. This has been the model adopted by his followers to this day. Be it the Palestinian rot in the middle east or the ghettoised hordes in Europe living off welfare who constantly demand that they deserve respect while they plot to destroy the system that sustains them. Why do our politicians put up with this nonsense? Because we let them and the Muslims have the oil and we don’t. For civilization to survive this onslaught we need to develop viable alternate energy sources sooner rather than later. This would allow us to treat Islam with the contempt and irrelevance this cancer deserves.

  3. Israel is not to be blamed for the unemployment of Gaza. It is those fanaticals of Gaza are making big problems as always.

  4. It must be the Greenlanders (living in Denmark) fault ofcourse, it can absolutely not be Islams fault or Hamas fault. Not. The Moon is a cheese, Earth is flat and everything is always Israels fault.

    Israel is THE only democracy in that region, and ofcourse everything is their fault.

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