Indonesia: Muslims storm Christian school, injuring 265 students

*  Why? Who knows what really happened. According to one news report is was a radical imam in a mosque who incited the violence. Another story says  a Christian was accused of stealing a motorcycle from a Muslim. Here is yet another story:

While trying to chase a mouse into the street, a Christian student threw a slipper against a house owned by a local Muslim. The Muslim homeowner, enraged, kicked and punched the student. A crowd gathered. Rumors flew. “Many students suffered various injuries to the head. Others were burnt by Molotov cocktails.”

Archive photo. It doesn’t take much to set off the brainwashed masses and whip them into the legendary ‘fanatical frenzy which is more dangerous than hydrophobia in a dog’ (Churchill)

“Muslims storm Protestant school in Jakarta, injuring 265 students,” by Benteng Reges for Asia News, July 28 (thanks to DW):

Jakarta (AsiaNews) – Police evacuated the Christian Theological Arastamar Institute (STT SETIA) which is located in an eastern district of the Indonesian capital after it suffered damages during clashes between Christians and Muslims over the week-end. At least 1,500 students were moved to nearby police headquarters and a local Christian-based political party. The situation remains critical and further violence between opposite factions cannot be ruled out….Last night hundreds of residents from the village of Kampung Pulo had taken up arms threatening to storm the school after being instigated by an imam at a local mosque who claimed that a bunch of Christian gangsters were coming to “protect” the school after it was attacked on Saturday by a Muslim mob, causing damage to the building and hurting hundreds.

In an attempt to solve the problem East Jakarta District Chief Murdani held a close door meeting with the warring parties to discuss the issue. At the same time though, he said that police would conduct a thorough investigation and check if the school’s legal status was in order and that it respected all building regulations. In case of violations he would issue orders to demolish the unlawful structures.

At present hundreds of agents are guarding the school and have orders to stop any act of violence and disarm people….

Tensions between Christians and Muslims flared up on Saturday following rumours that a SETIA student had stolen a motorcycle that belonged to a Muslim from a neighbouring village.

Senny Manafe, a spokesperson for the school, rejected the accusation, claiming instead that the attacks were triggered by a trivial incident. In an attempt to chase a mouse in the street, a student threw a slipper against a house owned by a local Muslim. Outraged by the deed, the latter kicked and punched the student as people gathered drawn by the rumour that a Christian student had tried to steal the Muslim’s motorbike.

“Many students suffered various injuries to the head. Others were burnt by Molotov cocktails,” Manafe said.

The violence and charges against SETIA are the work of Risman Hadi, chairman of Muslim Brotherhood Forum of Kampung Pulo Village, who in the past opposed the opening and continued existence of the Christian institute.

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  1. No doubt they were just visiting in order to share a multicultural experience.

  2. Something doesn’t add up about this story.

    Indonesians practice a gentle and tolerant form of Islam.

    Why are these rioters not following the example of their compatriot, President Obama?

    [Yeah, that’s right, “President Obama”‘. I feel it’s an insult to even allow people to vote against him. “To vote is to introduce doubt.”]

    Why doesn’t President Obama make a trip to his old homeland, and bring peace unto them, just as he did in The Holy Land?

    Perhaps “kaw”–with his superior ability in Muslim Linguistics and his vast knowledge of the evil history of Christianity–could be dispatched to Batavia, and find out what these Muslims really mean when they say things like “GEERT WILDERS IS THE CHRISTIAN TERORIS !!!”

    I feel they’ve been misinterpreted.

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