UK Muslims in Taqiyya Frenzy: "Infidels, stop spilling the beans, or else…!"

Poll results finding that 1/3 of Muslims support murder in the name of religion are a result of “vague” and “misleading” questions, which were “willfully misinterpreted,” say Muslims

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Muslims are religiously obligated to protect Islam from the kuffar by lying (taqiyya) by spreading misinformation about Islam like “Islam is a Religion of Peace”,  by engaging in deceit, detraction and deflecting away from the ugly reality of their belief-system. Whenever somebody spills the beans, (apostates like  Wafa Sultan or Ayaan Ali Hirsi   immediately come to mind who must be killed because they are seen as traitors,) you’ll immediately find a whole army of spin-meisters  come crawling out from under their rocks telling   irritated infidels that its all not like that, that we got it all wrong, that Islam is really all peace etc. etc. etc. Unfortunately they (nearly) always find enough suckers to buy it.

Hugh Fitzgerald puts it in perspective:

The questions were “vague” and “misleading”? But the questions were not given, as some reports say, to the uneducated and the illiterate, those who did not know English. The questions were asked of Muslims attending university, and who could reasonably be expected to be the least likely group of Muslims to have misunderstood the questions, to have been misled by them, even if we were to pretend to take seriously such an obviously tendentious charge about the poll that is now being made by Muslims, stung at the way Infidels are reacting, and rightly.

Muslims blame the right wing’s “own tawdry obsession with Islam.” “Muslims under renewed attack in UK”, from Mathaba,

The National Union of Students (NUS) has joined Muslims in criticizing a report on ‘Islam on Campus’, while a new Channel Four television documentary on the Holy Qu’ran has been widely accused of being ‘misleading and defamatory’.

NUS president Wes Streeting said the Islam on Campus report by the Center for Social Cohesion was a ‘reflection of the biases and prejudices of a right wing think tank — not the views of Muslim students across Britain’.

This, of course, is the report that found, among other things, that 1/3 of UK Muslims believe killing in the name of Islam is “justifiable,” and that 40% want sharia implemented in Britain.

“Only 632 Muslim students were asked vague and misleading questions, and their answers were then wilfully misinterpreted in order to fit this organisation’s own tawdry obsession with Islam,” Streeting said.

“This report actually undermines cohesion and the joint efforts of students, institutions and government in tackling violent extremism,” he said.

The Federation of Student Islamic Societies (FOSIS) in the UK and Eire damned the report as an attack on Britain’s two million Muslim community by ‘elements within the academic arena whose only purpose seems to be the undermining of sincere efforts’.

“The report is methodologically weak, it is unrepresentative and above all serves only to undermine the positive work carried out by Islamic Societies across the country,” said FOSIS president Faisal Hanjra.

* Now what would that be? Da’awa?

“Muslim students have had a tough time since the dreadful attacks on 7/7, (blaming the infidels for murdering them??) they have faced numerous challenges with courage and perseverance, it is evident that those challenges have yet to go away,” Hanjra said.

But he warned that ‘the message though to those who seek to cause this mischief is clear, we will not be deterred, our work will continue and the results of our efforts are clear for all to see’. (“mischief in the land” carries severe penalties in the Islamic system…)

The report coincided with a documentary on the Holy Qur’an, (NOT “Holy Koran”- holy to whom? Muslims?) which launched a week of television coverage of Islam, but which was also criticized for making ‘seriously inaccurate statements’.

Cheap wig Abdul Bari

Criticisms that the program was ‘misleading, even defamatory’ led Muhammad Abdul Bari, secretary general of the Muslim Council of Britain, to warn that ‘specific misrepresentations’ could damage cohesion between Muslim communities.

Here we have the questions:

“And how supportive, if at all, would you be of the official introduction of Shari’ah law into British law for Muslims in Britain?”
(40% were “very” or “fairly” supportive)

“And are there parts of Shari’ah law (for example punishments like stoning or lashing etc.) that you think should be modernised for use in Britain?” [actually that is slightly misleading – what would “modernised stoning” consist of? – Y]
(34% said “yes, some parts should be modernised for use in Britain)

How supportive, if at all, would you be of the introduction of a worldwide Caliphate based on Shari’ah law?
(33% were “very” or “fairly” supportive)

“In your understanding, how acceptable is it for men and women to associate freely in Muslim society?”
(40% “not very” or “not at all” acceptable)

“Is it ever justifiable to kill in the name of religion?”
(4% “yes, in order to preserve and promote that religion”, 28% “yes, but only if that religion is under attack”)


On that basis, I’d say there’s very little that was “vague and misleading” about the questions.

10 thoughts on “UK Muslims in Taqiyya Frenzy: "Infidels, stop spilling the beans, or else…!"”

  1. Anything that requires constant lying to defend it must be unworthy of defense. But because apparently Koranic brains are wired differently they cannot fathom this at all.

  2. The usual whining and moaning. What a lot of muslims cannot get their head around is that we in the West are not accepting of an ideology that consists of rigid religion, social and political rules. I’m British and I have seen many demonstrations over the years with placards that are insulting, offensive, provokative and announce direct threats to us Brits and the security of our country. If we had gone out with placards like that we would have been rounded up and arrested, they aren’t. They have NOT had a tough time post 7/7. If we had reacted with hysterical violence as muslims do when they PERCEIVE something they don’t like there would have been blood on the streets, mayhem and destruction. We didn’t but they are still playing the victim card. It’s pathetic. I’ve lost patience with them now. I just want them to go away and leave us in peace. They are not compatible with any democratic country, especially an anglosaxon/european based one.
    If they don’t like it they should go live in an Islamic country where they should be happier. They have no idea that people are close to losing their temper with them (and NuLabour). I think their idea of ruling us through our cowardly politicians is a delusion. The people of Europe are already starting to push back (re the mosques) and if they react with threats I think it could really start off a backlash that might not stop.

  3. Despite the fact that I will stand up for some good muslim friends it gets harder and harder to see the good in this lot as more and more stories roll in. I concur with Spitty Kitty.

  4. I’m getting the muslim brotherhood in abit of a tizzy fit on my blog.
    Uncovering both they and sharia products, twice now in two weeks they leave pathetic messages for me to visit their site, explaining there office is in London [HQ ]
    It’s a load of sweet blarny to shut me up, having deleted their comments as they leave a link to their site, no free ads from me for this nazi organisation.
    They should not even be in the country bloody fascist scum,
    I also followed the court case in the USA re their terrorist links with their baby Hamas.
    These MAB thugs were the very same that during ww2 helped Hitler by killing British Troops in Egypt, and now Westminster traitors employ and help them in islamnisation of our country.
    Their memory fades when muslims come a calling mine will not.
    I had great pleasure leaving my reply to their bullshit in the form of this video.

  5. T-R
    I wrote an email some years ago to one of these idiots after he explained that it was the fault of the Americans that Ken Bigley had been murdered. For those who have forgotten, Mr. Bigley was a Christian aid worker helping in the reconstruction of Iraq. He/they changed a small part of the email text and sued on the grounds of being physically threatened. The care was effectively dismissed with a small fine for wasting the judges time but the message is be extra careful when dealing with these thugs . They are getting more confident and bold.

  6. Kaw-

    This bunch must have some brain power because they come up with new ways to kill infidels all the time (flying planes into buildings, killing Jews with bulldozers, etc.) and to extract plenty of money out of them as well. The problem is their brains must be organically different than infidel ones because they act and think completely opposite of all infidel logic. A study of brains might prove somewhat useful-perhaps a cure for Islamania might result from such research.

  7. Islamforlooers,

    This will sound racist but is simply intended as a clear and honest observation.

    I suspect tht the genetic pool is rather shallow in these regions. Since I know something about the social behaviour of these people I would not be surprised if this was the case. This was hinted at in another post whose author I cannot remember – apologies. But one also has to consider the effects of reinforced learning of hate etc that seems to be something many of their children are put to. I simply dont know enough about genetics, brain structure and psychology to say what the influences of inbreeding and/or long term mass psychological control (i feel that this is what one sees in the rare glimpse that we see of Madrassas) would be.
    All I can say is that I suspect that there is a influence and that it is not insignificant.

    From my point of view it doesn’t take too much intelligence to figure out how to commit mass murder – but what stumps me is that these b.s get away with it because we leave huge open cracks and these are easily identified and exploited. For example several thousand new passports were stolen yesterday enroute from Manchester to the RAF base they were supposed to be flow out from. Approx 100 kgs of Semtex has dissapeared from a french army depot as of ca. two weeks ago. Descriptions suggest Moes friends were behind the first incident, as to the perpetrators of the second .. who knows – the Basque separatists are also canidates. One was to wait and see what is trawled from the relevant investigations,. Point is – why werent these better protected – OK stupid question given that civil servants seem to leave classified sucrity documents in trains these days. As many have said we need to be attentive about who crosses our borders. We have to be successful 100% of the time – this reguirement is relaxed considerable for the terrorist.

    And maybe you are right – a study in this direction might be informative but I simply dont know enough on-topic to say any thing useful about this. . I guess some of you remember the one of the scientists who unravelled DNA was hung out to dry because he suggested that intelligence, what ever that is and it is very hard to define, is also linked to envoronment so that maybe intelligence varies in subtle ways between different social groups that have evolved independently over a long time. This is a direct consequence of evolution. What we see with these folks may also be a consequence of this, but a lot of work and many many years of study would be needed, I think, before anything comes out of it – I just donr know,

  8. T-R, thank you for the link, I’ve passed it on to others. What is your blogsite? I’d like to visit.

  9. Tinkerbell…
    Mooselimbs simply love me. I’ve been on them for years now and they send all sorts of childish threats. One was not so childish, and the creep was deported back to his cesspool country. One down; many, many to go.

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