"IRAN READY TO HIT UK"- Better run and take cover!

Daily Express

IRAN is poised to launch terror attacks in Britain if the West presses ahead with military strikes against its nuclear facilities, intelligence experts warned last night.


Iran fires missiles for the glory of  ‘Rasool Allah”  (Muhammad)

Learned analysts insist that the conflicts in the Middle East today are not religious, but purely political. But Islam rejects any distinction between the sacred and secular, and is inherently political as well as religious.

As tensions in the Middle East continued to grow, they warned that the Iranian-backed terrorist group Hezbollah had already established sleeper cells in Britain and mainland Europe tasked with carrying out bloody reprisals.

Likely UK targets include nuclear power stations, military bases, Government buildings and high-profile politicians and members of the Jewish community.

Richard Kemp, former adviser on terrorism to Tony Blair, said the difficulty of attacking Western and Israeli military targets directly meant Iran was likely to use its terror network to retaliate. Hezbollah, formed in Lebanon in the 1980s, has grown to become a major force in the Middle East.

He said: “In my view Iran’s only realistic method of retaliation is through Hezbollah.

“Hezbollah undoubtedly have the capability to carry out attacks against Western targets outside the region. They have people here in the UK and they would aim to carry out attacks if they saw us as being in any way supportive of an attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities.”

Claude Moniquet, director of the European Strategic Intelligence and Security Centre, said: “Intelli-gence services across Europe believe Hezbollah pose a serious threat. They have already put in place a network of operatives and there is some evidence that reconnaisance has been carried out on potential targets.

6 thoughts on “"IRAN READY TO HIT UK"- Better run and take cover!”

  1. I’m sure the British are ready to respond to a Hezb terror attack with the threat of a UKP 800,000 home and lots of welfare for anyone who gets caught.

  2. So what will happen? Will Europe duck and hide or take preemptive action to nip things in the bud? I hope that by now Europe has gone past puberty and has enough testosterone to do the right thing.

  3. Dinnerjacket is an idiot. We’ve had lots of experience with the IRA. I survived commuting into London thro the height of the bombings and it left me with a loathing of terrorists and I don’t care who they are. It also means our intelligence services have lots of experience too.
    I can’t think of any action of Hezbo outside the ME. I somehow doubt that they have the wherewithall to organise a series of bombings, they are used to manipulating Lebanon not the West. The sites they talk about would generally be on high alert anyway. If they try taking on the Army that would be very stupid. More to the point is that us Brits have now had enough of the Islamists. The only thing they would probably do is to finally tip us over the edge to get rid of NuLabour then deal with the problem. I’m sure the SAS still have plans of their embassy LMAO
    Dinnerjacket is always threatening something – thing is, has he ever been able to carry out his threats.

  4. Iran has no intention to attack any nation. All they have ever done is try to act neutrally proud in the face of intense western provocation.
    The western powers-that-be froth at the mouth at the idea of a pre-emptive strike on a peaceful nation.
    Even the “wipe Israel off the map” business was a lie; Ahkmedinejad never said such a thing as proved here: http://prisonplanet.com/articles/january2007/260107offthemap.htm
    My email is jesqueal at gmail dot com, if anyone can find me an example or Iran acting provocatively I swear I will post them a medal.

    PS A bad place to start would be their recent rocket testing. The western press had the audacity to photoshop images. Proof is here:

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