Islam's War on the Hindus: Kashmir reverses decision on land transfer…


* Bengali Muslims beat a Hindu to death with sticks who had the misfortune to walk past a mosque after Friday prayers…


Pakistan and its nuclear arsenal catastrophically may fall into the hands of jihadists. But the South Asian version of jihad is a less familiar but no less fearsome variant of the war directed at the Great Satan America, and the Little Satan, Israel.

At one billion people, Hindus, the majority of whom live in the Indian sub-continent, constitute the third largest religion in the world after two billion Christians and 1.5 billion Muslims. Yet, their numbers have not spared Hindus from ongoing, systematic Muslim attacks in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

Indeed, the jihad against India’s non-Muslims has accelerated within the last few decades. The Indian government and international human rights organizations have done little to address human rights violations and have stood idle despite constant attacks on Hindus. Meanwhile, the media rarely mentions the desecration of Hindu religious sites and the constant intimidation of Hindus. While special concessions have been granted for Muslims in India, the governments of Pakistan and Bangladesh have long supported a policy, based on Islamic law, of religious discrimination against non-believers. Hindus in Pakistan and Bangladesh are unable to obtain positions of power, have great difficulty procuring business loans, are subjected to spurious blasphemy claims for defaming the prophet Mohammed and are specifically identified as non-Muslims on their passports.  



India reverses decision on land transfer to Kashmir Hindu shrine after days of Muslim riots, 4 deaths

Rewarding violence, in an update on this story. “Indian Kashmir revokes decision to hand over land to Hindus,” from Agence France-Presse via DW, July 1:

    SRINAGAR, India – Indian Kashmir formally revoked Tuesday a decision to hand over land to Hindu pilgrims after days of violent protests that left four dead and nearly 350 injured in the Muslim region.

 The decision was taken by the state cabinet which met in Srinagar, summer capital of the scenic Himalayan state where a bloody revolt has raged against Indian rule for nearly two decades.

 The government order “is hereby cancelled,” an official statement said.


    The statement said the state government had taken charge of logistics for a major annual Hindu pilgrimage to a mountain grotto, scrapping a move to allocate land to a religious trust so it could build accommodation.

 That decision provoked the riots in and around Srinagar.


    Revocation of the order came as top separatists were placed under house arrest by police in a bid to avert more protests and a strike shut shops, schools, banks and post offices for a ninth day here.

    The entire separatist political leadership was under house arrest, except for hardliner Syed Ali Geelani who managed to evade police, police officer Pervez Ahmed said.

    Among those detained were the region’s leading cleric Umar Farooq, Shabir Shah, known as Kashmir’s Nelson Mandela for the years he has spent in Indian jails and Yasin Malik.

Sloppy journalism and/or bias: By whom is Shah “known as Kashmir’s Nelson Mandela?”

    The protests had continued despite a weekend promise by Chief Minister Ghulam Nabi Azad that his cabinet would scrap the plan to allow a Hindu trust to build accommodation for visitors to a Hindu shrine. […]

    The government’s move last month to provide land to the Hindu trust, the Shri Amarnathji Shrine Board, prompted huge protests and violent clashes across the Kashmir valley.

    The protests have evoked memories of the widespread anti-India protests that swept the region after a separatist insurgency broke out in 1989.

    Separatists charge the land transfer was a ploy to settle Indian Hindus in Kashmir. But officials dismiss the allegations, saying New Delhi has never tried to encourage Hindu migration to the Himalayan region.

    But the government’s decision to revoke the decision to give land to the trust has angered Hindus concentrated in the southern part of the region.

    There were angry clashes on Tuesday between police and demonstrators in the winter capital Jammu where protesters also burnt down a police post.



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  1. A friend of mine in India saw something similar happen near him a few years back. Some Mohammadans were protesting about something – as they do – on a train station near Chennai. A young Hindu guy walked by them to get to a train rather than going the long way around to avoid them altogether. One Mossi asked him his name to which he responded truthfully – silly boy, it was a Hindu name and they hacked him to death on the spot.

  2. Blood thirsty devils. It pains me, as a Hindu, to read this. Hindus are so tolerant towards other religionists that the whole world is literally trampling upon them. It is time we stood up to such atrocities and stopped being pacifists which is, in this age, construed as cowardice.

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