Pallywood Exposed: 'Al Doura Affair' Shows French Journo's Complicit In Cooking The News

Here’s lots of links to ‘Pallywood’ to see how its done…

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An extraordinary piece by Anne-Elisabeth Moutet into what now seems a likely hoax - the alleged shooting by Israelis of 12-year-old Muhammad al-Dura:

The raw footage is here:


Part one:

Part two:


The case against Enderlin’s original report:

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* Melanie Philipps: Faking a Killing

* Were ITN’s concentration camp video from Bosnia faked?

It has been suggested that Enderlin does not dare to admit what he now should admit because the real intimidators have threatened him with death if he dares to begin to tell the truth.

The elite journalists in France are now circling wagons in denial about the lying and professional dishonesty of Enderlin, who has many high contacts and relatives in France. 


The Al Dura hoax is reminiscent of the Dreyfus Affair more than 100 years ago in France. A Jewish army captain was falsely accused and condemned for treason.Years later, due to the intervention of writer and journalist, Emile Zola, the verdict was overturned and he was released from the notorious Devil’s Island. But, the day Dreyfus was publicly relieved of his office, his honors ripped from his uniform, and his sword broken in two, thousands of Frenchmen gathered to chant hysterically in the streets of Paris, “Death to the Jews!” 
Jewish schools and synagogues have been recently firebombed in London, Munich and Paris and rabbis have been stabbed in broad daylight. Dozens of Jewish tombs were damaged in northern France. 
22/06/08 “North African youths” brutally beat Jewish teen in Paris. 
03/05/08 Jewish teen tortured in French town where Ilan Halimi was killed.  
The incident of brutal abuse began at 10 A.M. on February 22. Mathieu Roumi, 19, whose father is Jewish, was strolling through his neighborhood in the Paris suburb of Bagneux, which has been the site of violent riots by immigrants in the past two years. The suburb became notorious as the scene of the 2006 kidnapping/murder of Ilan Halimi (a Jew) whose tortured body was found on wasteland. He was imprisoned and tortured with acid and cigarette burns for more than three weeks in the heart of a council estate. 
More than 30 neighbours in the building knew what was happening but said nothing about the crime, part of a wave of attacks against Jews all over the country. 
The propaganda seems to be working.

Will the world listen? Will a latter day Emile Zola stand up and say again, J’accuse in the face of this massive injustice or have we all fallen into the swamp of EU/BBC/UNHRC/OIC lies and anti-semitic discrimination? Muslims have appropriated the media stage for reasons I cannot comprehend. This deeply conservative right wing sect has ring fenced themselves in a collaboration with the left in the most unlikely coupling in history. The left talks of human rights, feminism, tolerance, equality and never balk at imposing it’s wildest forms of ideology on us all yet look to the Middle East and Pakistan where not one of those stances is believed, never mind acted upon. We have to wake up and realise that taqiya is the modus operandi and basically never believe a word uttered unless proven by outside sources. That is the lesson we should take from this, but will we?



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  1. >>”‘Al Doura Affair’ Shows French Journo’s Complicit In Cooking The News

    A great precedent could be set: relatives of those killed in retaliation should file suit–that’ll make commie editors’ think twice before printing their B.S. Hey, we can also use our system in our favor!

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