Italy: Mosques must recognize Israel

* From the totally impartial and unbiased Press-TV

Italy may take its discriminatory practices to a new level, calling for measures to make mosque leaders quit unless they recognize Israel. 

Action must be taken so that mosque supervisors recognize Israel, said European Affairs Minister Andrea Rochi. (pictured)

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We must force those who do not recognize Israel to leave the mosques, he added, according to Italian news agency Il Tempo. 

Criticism has been leveled at Italy as it has failed to end fingerprinting gypsies as part of a census program, despite a European Parliament (EP) recommendation to stop. 

Many Muslims around the world do not recognize Israel, saying the United Nations had no right to allow the establishment of a state in a land that has long belonged to the Palestinians.  (Question: who are the ‘Palistnians?’ What is their historical background? Where there any Palistanians before 1967?)

3 thoughts on “Italy: Mosques must recognize Israel”

  1. Brilliant move – I hope they follow through. As Imams and mullahs have clerical visas, it will effectively force them out f Italy.

  2. Ooooh, Italy doesn’t want to be the same kind of doormat as the rest of Europe, it seems!

    Way to go, guys, and especially European Affairs Minister Andrea Rochi !

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