Mo Jihad Every Day!

Moe’s Inner Struggle continues:

Collective insanity at the State Department:

What Does ‘Jihad’ Really Mean?

 “Jihad is, when someone wants to better themselves, they embark on a jihad. Whether it’s to quit smoking, pray more, and in some cases, fight off anyone preventing them from practicing their religion.”Just like you wouldn’t call Josef Stalin a hero of the revolution, you don’t want to call Osama bin Laden a jihadist. He loves it,” says Duncan MacInnes, a spokesman for the State Department’s Counterterrorism Communication Center. 

* Gee, how could we get it so wrong?  Read it and weep…


Another ‘Honor Killing’ which has absolutely ‘nothing to do with Islam’

*  New York: Muslim stabs his sister because she was a “bad Muslim girl” from JW

*  Pamela from Atlas Shrugs has a lot more:

 “In my belief, it has nothing to do with Islam,” said Nahas, a practicing Muslim. I know Islam well, and I do not believe it is Islamic. There is nothing in Islam that talks about honor killing.”

Nahas said, however, that many Westerners don’t accept his assertion.

Spit in my face and tell me it’s raining.


“Madrassas do not breed terrorists” sez Musharraf

* its like f*kcing has nothing to do with making babies…

“Madrassas do not breed terrorists”sez Musharraf

ISLAMABAD: There is a need to dispel the western notion that Islamic educational institutions breed extremists and terrorists, President Pervez Musharraf said on Wednesday.

* Yep. Go back to sleep, you dumb kuffars: nothing to see here…


Muslim cabbies in Australia refuse to carry guide dogs (again)

* Ask Yusuf, he knows all about it:  they’re all allergic to dogs…

MELBOURNE: Muslim taxi drivers in Australia are refusing to carry blind and disabled passengers with guide dogs – because their religion tells them the animals are “unclean”.


Thai-Jihad: Hudna coming up! (or maybe not..!)

“Peaceful Inner Struggle” Victim in Thailands ‘restive’ South – Former defence minister Chetta Thanajaro said southern insurgents will stop their operations starting from noon on Thursday in order to restore peace in the southern region.


“Representatives” of Thai Insurgents Declare a Cease Fire. Don’t Hold Your Breath.

The proof is in the pudding. After the televised statement, a convoy of soldiers was ambushed.

By Zachary Abuza

*  Muslim insurgent group claims cease-fire in restive southern Thailand




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  1. >>”Muslim insurgent group claims cease-fire in restive southern Thailand

    Amazing! They know they are lying and they know we know they are lying!

  2. * Duncan MacInnes, a spokesman for the State Department’s Counterterrorism Communication Center …

    … apparently waging a successful jihad to become a complete banker (well, I’m waging a
    jihad trying to find a word that rhymes with banker).

    And what’s wrong with calling Osama bin Laden a muslim, and Joe Stalin a dictator, and
    Duncan MacInnes a fuckwit.

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