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 Denmark: No further studies of Hizb ut-Tahrir

* Deliberately Stoopid:

Danish Justice minister Lene Espersen rejects additional studies of Hizb ut-Tahrir’s international connections and financing.  This, after the prosecutor general concluded in June that there’s no evidence that the organization has illegal objectives.

NYC: Siraj Wahhaj, unindicted co-conspirator in ’93 WTC bombing, to appear in planned pro-Islamic subway ad blitz for Ramadan

UPDATE: Promotional video on YouTube.

* “if only Muslims were clever politically, they could take over the United States and replace its constitutional government with a caliphate.”

As the ads say, you deserve to know. “Train-ing Day for Jihadists: Muslim Subway Ads Have Terror Tie-In,” by Jeremy Olshan for the New York Post, July 21 (thanks to JW):

Allah board!


Rats like company:    

Palestinians complain of Zionist rats

The Palestinian Authority’s official news agency Wafa says Israel is using rats to drive Arab families out of their homes in the Old City of Jerusalem.

They were probably trained by the same crack force that unleashed the Zionist squirrels. You Can’t Make This Stuff Up Alert: “Palestinians: Israel uses rats against J’lem Arabs,” by Khaled Abu Toameh for the Jerusalem Post, July 20 from JW (Unfortunately no Pal’s have fled  as yet…)


How Brainwashing is done: American-born Muslim boys are being indoctrinated to become Islamic Killer-Zombies in Paki-madrassas

“Karachi Kids” Trailer

Pakistan: Madrassa ignores deportation order for female American student

“Yes we have received the deportation orders but we will not hand her over”

How many more “Karachi Kids” are there? “US American girl’s fate hangs in balance in Pakistani madressa,” from Deutsche Presse-Agentur via JW


* Degenerating British Court System  Watch:

Muslims trying to blow up a British plane admit they were “conspiring to commit public nuisance”

In this context, would hate to consider what one has to do to be considered a “public menace.” “Two British Muslims admit conspiring to commit public nuisance,” from the, July 20:

In the UK, two British Muslims accused of plotting to blow up an airliner have admitted conspiring to commit public nuisance. 

They have pleaded guilty to distributing al Qaida-style videos threatening suicide bomb attacks in Britain.

Last week, five of their co-defendants admitted the same charge.

They all deny plotting to smuggle home-made liquid bombs on board passenger jets flying from Heathrow.

 Gay-rights activists decry Iran’s abuses, but reject action, in fear of being labeled “Islamophobes”

Typical liberal indecisiveness. Portray Iran as a great human-rights abuser, but insist on no action. Sometimes it’s hard to have it both ways — to both defend the rights of the oppressed and appear “tolerant” at the same time. That’s where priorities come in. “Gay rights in Iran: walking the fine line between Tehran and Washington,” from Therion, via JW/DW

* Al Andaluz, Target for Islamic Reconquest:

Salafist (Wahabi) mosques growing in Catalonia

‘Tiny minority of extremists’ update:

Topics: Eurabia, Multiculturalism
I’m going to translate a post from my Spanish friend Crispal about Salafists mosques growing in Catalonia:

Following carefully and literally as possible, all of the teachings and laws stablished in the Quram and the Hadiths (sayings and actions from Mohammed) and imitating the way of life of the salaf (ancestors, in Arab), those who accompanied the prophet in the early days of Islam. This is the core of salafism, an ultraorthodox doctrine which has seen its followers multiplied in Catalonia. 

The rapidly increasing numbers of Salafists praying rooms in Catalonia is the best proof of it. In the last four years their number has doubled. In 2004, they had 15, concentrated for the most part in Tarragona, nowadays they control between 27 and 30 mosques and their area of influence has extended itself to Lleida and Girona, according to the authorities. In Barcelona, their presence is still not very important.


Salafists build new mosques or make their way into an already existing one to achieve their expansion goals. Their method is simple. First, they try to convince the imam of letting them organise activities inside the mosque like readings or conferences about Islam. If he is not very favourable to that, they discredit him before the rest of the Muslims accusing him of not knowing correctly Islamic doctrine. They tell the believers that the Quram states the obligation of chaging the imam if he is not the adequate one, because if not, the praying is void.Salafists themselves state that they control much more mosques than 30. “There are more than 50 salafist mosques in Catalonia”, Said Hamduni says. He is the coordinator of the Reus mosque and one of the most active leaders of this “trend” in Catalonia. “I’m Salafist”, he admits with pride and insists that “Salafism is the true Islam”. “We follow literally Mahoma’s teachings. If something is not written in the Quram or in the Hadiths, we don’t consider it as valid”, Hamduni explains.

Hamduni’s biography is the one of a succesful immigrant. He arrived in 1993 in Catalonia, after taking in Morocco a bachelor’s degree in Phylosophy. He worked hard to be a businessman. He now has a building company. “I work here, I have my family here, my business and here I pay my taxes. Nobody can tell me I am not integrated”, he defies.

An important number of the leaders of the salafist movement in Catalonia have a similar profile. They are for the most part Moroccans (although there are some Algerians) who arrived in Spain in 1990s and who have been succesful with their businesses. The promotion of religious activity has granted them recognition within the community. A lot of them were dissipated as youths but have lived afterwards a process of religious rebirth.

An expert asked about this phenomenon by this newspaper confirms “the spread of salafism in Catalonia”. But he adds that it is not an organised movement: “It’s a doctrine which adds adepts daily. It does not have a hierarchy or a clear leadership”. Why a so rigorist doctrine is so succesful with the Muslims in Western countries? “Because salafism is fascinating for them”, he says, adding: “It offers simple and literal answers -just looking at what the Quram says- to very complex questions. As it’s based on the texts, it’s very easy to follow. And the fact that there are so clear moral rules, that the people even change their dressing way, produces an spectacular growth in the identity of the converted”.

Just as the Christian ultraorthodox groups (the amish, i.e.) or the Jewish ones, Salafists dress in a very concrete way: to imitate the prophet’s friends they change their looks. They grow beards and they use jellabah or lapped shirts and trousers whose legs cannot go under the ankles. In some cases, imams do not allow people wearing jeans to enter the mosque and have made pressure on the barbers not to shave their clients.

The changes in the used garments also affects the women. “They shouldn’t mark their bodies with their dresses. That’s what the Quram says. They should cover entirely, except the face and the hands”, Hamduni says. But the Salafists have imported the niqab which covers the women entirely, except a little open space by her eyes.

Those changes are a consequence of their aim of underline their differences with the rest of society. In fact, the security forces are alerting of processes in which those religious groups in are trying to shield Muslim communities of the cities where they live. In some places, Imams have asked believers to reduce, as much as possible, their relationship with non-Muslims. Hamduni denies it: “We don’t want to be apart from society. We only want to leave according to our religion”.


This was published in the newspaper El Periódico de Cataluña (Spanish).

There are two things I must add: firstly, they don’t say how the barbers are “convinced” not to shave Muslim clients. And, sceondly, this is the first time I read about a no-go zone in Spain: the shielding of their communities and the “asking” of the believers not to have any relationships with non-Muslims.

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  1. >>”if only Muslims were clever politically, they could take over the United States and replace its constitutional government with a caliphate.”

    Joe Grey>> Don’t flatter yourself! Muslims can’t do anything without help from our leftist traitors.

  2. The Spanish need to be worried. Having been conquered by the moors it took them centuries to expel them. The Islamist now view Spain as theirs, just awaiting their return.
    The Madrid bombings changed the government. The Spaniards might have voted that way anyway but the Islamists now think that all they have to do is bomb Spain and they will get what they want. I hope the Spanish are prepared to fight this infiltration. If not they are going to go down. I would assume they would expect the US and us (because of Gibraltar) to bail them out. That isn’t going to go down well.WAKE UP SPAIN!

  3. The government was going to change and the terrorists had very little influence on the result. The principal reason ws that the Spanish people did not feel that they had been consulted re. involvement in Iraq. Europeans are not too keen on war and so they try to stop conflict, sometimes giving the effect of appeasement. However, these idiot muslims are going to shortly discover that Europe can get very nasty to muslim scum and when that happens the muslim populations in Europe will be very severely depleted in short order. And if an idiot muslim reading this thinks this is just some fools writing, it doesnt understand the nature of Europe and it doesnt understand just how viscous Europeans really can get when pushed. Incidentally, my data suggests that the Islamists are really making a serious play for the UK – the US is not really their priority at present (in the short term).

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