Pat Condell: Islam is Not a Victim

*  Something that we have been desperately trying to explain here and other anti-jihad sites:

“But let’s not be too negative here. Occasionally, just occasionally, a small oasis of sanity does emerge from this desert of bollock-brained Islamic appeasement.”

11 thoughts on “Pat Condell: Islam is Not a Victim”

  1. Pat Condell should run for Prime Minister of England. He speaks truth and has a huge following on YouTube.

  2. ImNoDhimmi>>”Pat Condell should run for Prime Minister of England. He speaks truth and has a huge following on YouTube.

    Joe Grey>> I wish we could steal him from you for Prez of the U.S. of A.

  3. I recently said to someone “Pat Condell is cool” in the context of what he says concerning Islam and this person thought they had me in a corner…because me as a professing Christian agreeing with a atheist? I so quickly explained that my religion doesn’t require Pat Condell to convert or become a cowering dhimmi to my beliefs and I would fight to keep the same freedom that allows Condell to reject Christianity that keeps mine to choose Christianity here on planet earth. My bible tells me God Almighty is the judge over humanity, not some human enforced shariah.

    Islam is the enemy of ANYBODY who cherishes free will destiny.

  4. SoteriA,

    I agree. But, it is a shame that he lumps all religions in together, when there is a huge chasm between islam and Christianity.

  5. John, many atheists lump all religions together and replace religion with an almost militant non-belief doctrine which somehow became a replacement theory, another belief=system including militant proselytizing.

    But he is right insofar as he claims he upholds the right to FREEDOM FROM RELIGION.

    There are many like Pat Condell, who don’t care much for history and don’t understand the significance of Israel for the Jews. Jerusalem, the promised land, the holy land, lies at the heart of Judaism and is the central place in the universe for every Jew. In one of his earlier videos Pat Condell derided and ridiculed exactly that and I am one among many who found that quite offensive. I find it equally disheartening and deplorable that the Christians around the world don’t take a resolute stand for the Christians in Bethlehem and Nazareth, which is slowly but surely becoming Christian-rein (as in Juden-rein)

  6. John,
    huge chasm between Islam and Christianity ??? you’d be surpised how fundamentally similar they both are. The Koran is basically a plagiarised version of the old testament.
    Where else do you think the Muslims get stuff like “kill the unbelievers” from ? It’s all from the old testament. Just to make it clear to you atheists despise ALL religions equally. We don’t like to discriminate .

  7. Atheist

    Another atheist here. “All”? Not me sport. I don’t care what beliefs someone holds – Jewish, Hindu, Buddhist (at least that one doesn’t have any sky fairies), spaghetti monster … whatever. I wouldn’t even mind Islam if they weren’t so determined to force it on me, and kept it behind their front doors instead.

    Freedom OF religion is my option, as long as it includes freedom FROM religion. What other people believe is none of my damned business is it. Your freedom to punch ends where my nose begins, just as mine ends where your nose begins. Same for religion. Someone else’s freedom to believe ends where my freedom to believe starts. Cross the boundary and I don’t get offended – I get downright vicious.

    That is my approach to Islam – vicious. Because it crosses the boundary – not because it’s a crock of shi*e. Which it is. As far as I’m concerned all the others are too – but at least their sh*te doesn’t stink.

  8. My point had nothing to do with Atheism or Christianity directly. It was about upholding freedoms that allow people to choose their own beliefs, as long as it doesn’t impose, dictate, enslave others…forcing them to follow my chosen destiny. Of course its silly nonsense to equate Islam on the same level as Christianity like some atheists do, but that is a different issue. Forced conversions and dhimmitude are not a part of Christianity. The Atheist, The Christian, The Jew, The Hindu, The Buddhist etc… all have a common enemy at the moment called Islam.

    Me as a Christian must fight to keep this freedom in place because its a part of my beliefs that humanity must have a choice whom they will serve.

  9. As has been stated, the point is freedom of choice, freedom of belief and respect for others.
    Sadly Mo fails on all points. You might be surprised but there are also an awfull lot of muslims who feel the same way, even though they are immense pressure to follow the muslim masses. However the best way to destroy these idiots is to use our legal systems against them – we really cannot wait for too long or we may stand to loose an awfull lot.

  10. As I have mentioned previoulsy, the current ‘differences’ between islam and other ‘belief’ systems is based on a spiritual battle. Whether those who fight against islam believe in God or not, as far as the islamists are concerned, they are doing the will of their god. Christians generally try to follow Jesus’ example.

    Atheist, “’d be surpised how fundamentally similar they both are…” you are so wrong. Please do some proper research.

    Sir Henry, the freedom you espouse is supported in every nation with a Judeo-Christian heritage. You are correct in that Christians hope for change in peoples hearts, islam looks for the most destructive ways to force submission.

    A nasty and bloody battle is looming……

  11. following up the Atheist – Mo plagarised the Tanakh (Hebrew canon which was adopted as Old Testament) and then added his own perverted sense of justice to the mix in Medina. The Tanakh, written circa 10-2 BC, became known later as the Old Testament, and it is a very harsh document. The New Testament is a much more humanitarian document which evolved from the Old Testament as a consequence of the teaching of Jesus and others. However, the Quran simply appears to have devolved into a document that suppresses any form of free will and any intelligent debate.

    Mo was an uneducated and illterate child rapist and a murderer to boot. Therefore the behaviour of those who follow the Quran should not be of any great surprise.
    But give Mo a break – who has time for schorlarship when there are all these unbelievers to murder and women to rape.

    A fairly honest comparison between Chritianity and Moes mob is given below. I do not agree woth all points noted but the comparison is fair.

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