No Child Molestation in the Mosques?

* Here is the claim a Muslim poster with the telling moniker “Hitler” made here just yesterday:

At least Islamists don’t molest little boys, like your fellow priests in the sick catholic churches.

Hate all you want, but Islam will be the most powerful religion of the world:)


The reality, however, is quite another one: child abuse in Islamic countries is rampant, out of control. The fact that sex with children is also condoned in the Koran and the hadith doesn’t make it any more acceptable. But when Muslims bring their depravity to the West, they must be subjected to the same laws that apply to all of us.


Janitor charged in sex attack of boy, 13, at mosque

Thursday, July 24th 2008, 6:25 PM

The live-in janitor at a Selden mosque sexually attacked a 13-year-old boy inside the place of worship, police said Thursday.

Suffolk County Police learned of the April assault last month after the boy confided in “someone close to him” while on a trip away from Long Island, said Detective Sgt. Michael Fitzharris.

“The assailant was a fairly large man who basically took this young boy by the hand and forced him into a private room, where he subjected him to sexual contact,” Fitzharris said.

“The boy was at the mosque for some type of instructional classes,” said Fitzharris.

Cops charged Niamatullah Ibrahim, 53, with first-degree sexual abuse and third-degree aggravated sexual abuse following a one-month investigation.

The custodian pleaded not guilty at his arraignment Wednesday in Suffolk County1st District Court in Central Islip. He was ordered held on $100,000 cash bail, or $300,000 bond.

Ibrahim, who travels once a year to Pakistan to visit his wife and young children, has worked and lived at the mosque on Park Hill Drive for eight years, said Mayyer Imam, president of the Islamic Association of Long Island, which operates the Islamic Selden Mosque.

Imam said Ibrahim has been trying to move his family to Long Island from Pakistan.

* The imam is shocked, SHOCKED..!

“I’m in shock. I don’t know what to really say. It is very disturbing news,” Imam said. “I had no idea anything like this could happen with him. We’ll just have to wait and see.”

Imam said the mosque will hire counselors to interview children and parents to check for other possible victims.

Fitzharris said that Ibrahim does not have any prior arrests.

Regarding whether there may be other young victims of abuse at the mosque, Fitzharris added “It’s definitely something that we’re checking into.”

The sergeant asked that anyone with information regarding the alleged sex abuse to call Suffolk County Police’s sixth squad at (631) 854-8652 or Crime Stoppers at (800) 220-TIPS.

8 thoughts on “No Child Molestation in the Mosques?”

  1. I think what is very significant here are the eyes of this gentleman, who has been kind enough to provide us with his police mug-shot. I believe the saying is that a picture paints one thousand words ……………………

    This gent is removed from most of us by more than one millenia (if you’re confused about temporal direction a minus sign is implied).

  2. What a freak.
    He only gets it once a year from his wife back in Pakiland, so he likely feels entitled to take it wherever he can find it here.

  3. Niamatullah Ibrahim

    Why can’t these muzzies get normal names like Larry, Howard, John or Paul?

  4. Mats,

    With the MSM being so determined not to identify perps as immigrants from muslim countries, or followers of islam, sometimes the only way they can be identified is by their wacky names.

  5. As Sir Henty noted, the Pakis are rather problematic, What I cannot understand is why the Western diplomatic missions in Pakistan, India, Middle East seem to have abrogated the responsibility for immigration selection to
    the people from these countries (Pakistan, Middle East). I suspect that a significant number of “refugees” who are allowed in to the west are not refugees at all. Behaps it is about time our diplomatic services were made to explain this decision to the people in the UK or Australia etc. It is also quite interesting to observe the number of people from these regions (Middle East etc) who now hold positions in various western immigration departments.

  6. Re: “What I cannot understand is why the Western diplomatic missions in Pakistan, India, Middle East seem to have abrogated the responsibility for immigration selection to the people from these countries”

    – Because they are run by people like you, who think that Islam is due for its 1300-year reformation (like bringing your wheels in for a check-up?), and who are unaware of what they themselves have inherited and stand for?

  7. I write to two French Muslims who were both molested by their imam, one young man was only 9 years old. They were both too ashamed to say anything.

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