Obamarama: Walls separating Muslims, Christians, Jews must be torn down!

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*  Hmm, one particular wall keeps homicidal Pali- bombers out of Israel. Is that the Wall he is talking about?

* Because the Berlin wall is gone for good, Mr Obamessiah…

“Ich bin ein Beginner…”

Obama promises to “tear down walls” between Muslims and the rest of the world

More meaningless chatter that only belies Obama’s ignorance — real or feigned — of Islam. “Walls separating Muslims, Christians, Jews must be torn down,” from Khabrein, July 25, via DW

Obama BERLIN, (KUNA) — Democratic candidate for US Presidency Barack Obama on Thursday underlined the need to support Afghanistan, Iraq, Lebanon and the Palestinians, noting that such thing could be achieved through cooperation and display of confidence.

Nice, high-spirited words — but what exactly do they foreshadow? “Cooperation” perhaps with sharia mandates? “Confidence” by way of looking the other way whenever and wherever jihad rears its head — as if to say, “We trust you, jihadis, and have confidence that you really don’t mean what you say”?

Obama, who is currently on a European tour after his Middle Eastern one, called for “tearing down walls in the world between Muslims, Christians and Jews, as they were destroyed in the Balkans and Berlin.”

To achieve this, you would first have to “tear down” Islam’s books (see the posting below), which have been creating “walls” between Muslims and the rest for 1400 years.

On the Iranian nuclear program, Obama stressed the need to diplomatically-urge Tehran to abandon its uranium enrichment plans

Now there’s an unprecedented idea.


9 thoughts on “Obamarama: Walls separating Muslims, Christians, Jews must be torn down!”

  1. The stuff coming from Oprahma’s mouth would best be used to fertilize a cornfield. His drivel just never ends.

  2. * “tearing down walls in the world between Muslims, Christians and Jews …

    If he does succeed in uniting the “three great Abrahamic faiths” and bringing “peace”,
    I’d be counting his number (not that I believe he meets the job & person description
    for Antichrist).

    He is certainly moving that direction, which seems to be an obsession of all the recent
    US presidents regardless of party, and might be a sock puppet of Antichrist when the
    day arrives …

    1 Thessalonians 5:3
    “When they say, There is peace and no danger, then sudden destruction will come on them, as birth-pains on a woman with child; and they will not be able to get away from it.”

  3. East Germany built the wall in order to hold her citizens inside and not let them escape out from East Germany to freedom.
    Israel built the wall (as a matter of fact 90% is a fence) in order to halt the IslamoFascist suicide bombers from getting into Israel and blow civilians.
    Btw, what about the fence through the Mexican border?

    Abe Bird

  4. Yeah tear down those walls Christians and Jews, the Jihadists are having a harder time targeting you behind them 🙂

  5. The Obamination can’t be that stupid – can he?
    What an idiot.
    Strong walls make good neighbours.
    Sounds like he’s paving the way for an islamist take over, his gaffes are very revealing.

  6. Tearing down walls come from inside and ObiWan cant do it – the muslims want to dominate and destroy that which they cannot understand and cannot have – this frame of mind cannot build bridges between societies.

  7. Speaking of walls, there’s going to be a huge anti-immigration rally at the Democratic National Convention in Denver on the 25th. Be there if you can, especially minorities in order to counter accusations of racism.

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